A Civil Action

A Civil Action


Our band has been perfecting our music for over a year, and have recorded a demo. We have a hard rock drive with pasionate vocals. a punishing but silky smooth bass line along with a foundation of double bass drums. all this adds up to an orginal but clasic sound.


Started in October of 2006, A Civil Action came to fruition when Ian Giroux and Harley Fischbach started to work together that previous April. Ian (rhythm guitar and vox) A Veteran of many bands over the years had no intention of starting a new band but when asked to jam with Harley, (drums) neither could deny the obvious potential. Ian then enlisted the talent of Adam Viggiani. (Bass and vox) Three months went by with just the three of them jamming away, but there was still something missing. One day in January, Ian was on his way to practice and in the car next to him at the stop light, was his old band mate Mark Carbonaro (lead guitar and vox) When asked if he wanted to play in another band, he jumped at the opportunity. After the just the first practice they knew that they had all the ingredients for a great band. So now four friends, all from fallen musical endeavors get another chance at their dreams.


Erase the Day!

Written By: A Civil Action

Remember the time,
When the would had a purpose,
And we fought for freedom,
We thought we’d accomplish.
I don’t want to die young,
But I have no say.
All that there’s left to do,
Erase the day

Erase the day
Cuz’ we need a fresh start
Give it a chance
It’s tearing us apart
Erase the day
It’s given me a cold heart
Nothing is changing
Erase the day

The life that we have,
Is chock full of problems
I would give anything
If I could solve ‘em
When we turn that corner
With nothing left to say
All that there’s left to do
Erase the day

Forever you Will Roam

Written By: A Civil Action

In these oppressive days
When young men come f age
Their sent to fight and die
Although they don’t know why
Some graduate from school
And learn the golden rule
Some get pulled from there home
So through the desert they will roam

Through the desert they will roam
They will roam

Fifty weeks of hell
Some never live to tell
They teach you how to kill
So body bags you fill
Sent off to foreign lands
Brought home in body bags

All for You

Written By: A Civil Action

I hear your voice
Scream out loud
In the darkness till your lungs give out
You come to me
In dead of night
Cuz’ I'm the only one who makes it alright

Its all for you
Everything I do
Its all for you

A bead of sweat
A flash of light
Your forty-five caliber rips through the night
A hint of paint
A mist of red
For an instant you believed I was dead


The DEMO Sessions 2007, its streaming at www.Myspace.com/acivilactionnj.com

Set List

Our Set list consists of 6 to 10 songs depending on the show. our originals...
Forever you will Roam
All For You
Erase the day!
Boken Glass
The heartache that Kills
Gone are The Days
Autum in NJ
Laughing in my Face
Beat It
Celeberity Skin