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A Close Second

New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review"

December 12, 2011

A Close Second is 2nd to None

A Close Second combines catchy melodies with equally as catch lyrics! They intertwine strong locals with real musical talent, "Summer Romantics" is a great example! The complexity of the strong was highlighted by lead singers Nick O'Loughlins vocals.
However, my personal favorite was Gone...It was not only a fun "jam out" song, but with lyrics behind it that made me think! The band also throws a couple "breakup songs" that will help you mourn or get over that most recent ex. The acoustic version of "say it at sunrise" showed the versatility they present as band. This up-and-coming band has potential to gain a strong following on the Pittsburgh Punk scene.

After listening to their music, this review can't wait to see A Close Second and see if they bring as much energy to their live show as they do on their album! I recommend you go checkout their music and you won't be disappointed!

3.8 out of 5 - Rob K

"A Close Second - Debut Full Length 2011"

Hailing from New Castle, PA the four piece pop punk band is releasing their debut full length album this July. They've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with genre giants such as Sparks the Rescue, Rookie of the Year, School Boy Humor, Set It Off, Runner Runner, The Dangerous Summer, The Bigger Lights, City Lights, and Just Surrender just to name a few. Like them on facebook and come out to a show.

Summer Romantics EP

1.Summer Romantics
2.In Regret, You Won't Find Me
3.Say It At Sunrise (Acoustic)

The Day You Left Home (Full Length)

2.In Regret, You Won't Find Me
3.Summer Romantics
4.November Sky
6.On The Way To Sudden Change
7.The Best Things
8.Follow Dreams
9.Maybe In Another Life
11.All Ends Of The World
12.The Two Words That Changed Your Life
13.Until It Gets To You

download their debut album through their bandcamp page with the link below, Enjoy :)
- Andhy Pamenta of This Time Easycore

"Feature Artist: A Close Second!"

The LIST: How'd you get into Music?
A Close Second: I got into music really hardcore when i was in Jr. High and my best friend made me listen to blink 182's Self Titled record and i immediately bought all their records. I grabbed the guitar sitting in my house that no one ever used and started learning Adam's Song and just went from there until i pretty had the blink 182 discography down. I got into a band in 9th grade and was in it all through high school until things fell apart which led me right here to A Close Second. We are from the same city which is New Castle a very small town in Pennsylvania.

The LIST: Who are some of your influences?
Nick: I have a core of influences musically i always come back to which consists of A LOT of random bands but hey i can't help the diversity in my likeness; blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind, Incubus, Modest Mouse, Oasis, The Starting Line, and Coheed and Cambria which would probably be my biggest influence to date. My biggest influence as a person is definitely Tom DeLonge. He's not so much of a big influence in what i do now but i gotta bring it back to the roots and remember the reason i started playing an instrument and writing music in the first place so i always credit him as the most influential person in my life. I'm sure i am speaking for Tyler on this one too haha. Yes, just another kid in another pop punk band who's biggest influence is Tom DeLonge, i said it. As of right now and the past few years, Brandon Boyd is my biggest influence, especially as a singer. I've never been so inspired to improve my voice until i really got into Incubus and started getting really into Brandon Boyd. He's awesome and he can write like no other.

Greg: I would have to say I really don't have a specific influence. I love so much music that i take everything i can out of all of it. From movie soundtracks to Chris Brown it doesn't matter what it is i will probably like it and be influenced by it in some way. I try not to hate on any music and take positives out of it to make what i do as a musician better. Actually as i am answering this question Nick is singing Justin Bieber!!! We just take all of our influences and try to come out with something new and original that everyone can enjoy no matter who they are. That is the one thing i love about our music is that i think the idea that we pull influence from so much stuff is that is really appeals to all of these genres as well. No matter what you like i feel that there is a song or two on there for everyone and i hope nobody hesitates to see what we have to offer and escapes in the idea of our music and our band and what we are here to do.
The LIST: What have you been up to recently?
A Close Second: We are currently in the works of our first official release. We recorded back in mid February and are in the process of getting everything mixed, artwork developed, and pressing the CD's. We really want to hype this release up because this album means so much to us and we just want to get this into people's hands and really put on the table what we have to offer musically as a band. I know for myself i want nothing more than to do this. The album will be titled The Day You Left Home and will consist of 14 tracks. I really can't put a genuine tag on what we sound like so let's hope others can do that for us. As for shows, we have a number of them lined up for the next couple months throughout PA, we haven't played shows too far away yet haha but we are definitely working our area as hard as possible.

The LIST: What do you bring to the industry?
Nick: I mean it's hard to answer why exactly we are different without sounding too conceited but i feel that we are definitely trying to stay away from the route most bands i hear take. We strongly feel we are bringing something, not so much new, but fresh, to the table. There are a lot of talented bands out there that pick a sound and really can do it right, but the problem i feel with the industry or the scene is that people are scared to branch away from the sound that is popular at the moment. So in all honesty we bring, once again, a fresh approach to the genre we classify ourselves or others classify us. I mean this with all seriousness i know i sound like just about every other musician out there but i guess you'll have to see for yourself.

Greg: What i feel we bring to the table as a band are high energy shows from the first song to the last. We try to put on the best shows as possible by practicing as hard as we can when we do get the chance to practice around all of our jobs. We get the crowd involved as much as possible to make it a memorable moment for them at the shows and make them want to come hang with us again and for us to let them know that we are definitely not rock stars we are just normal dudes.... trying to be rock stars!
The LIST: What's next for A Close Second?
A Close Second: Well we plan on buying a HUGE tour bus and a semi truck to carry our infinite amount of equipment on so we can tour across the country to all of our awesome fans that will barely fit into arena's Bon Jovi can only wish to sell out. Haha no not really but we plan on getting as many shows as possible this Summer, and as of right now it is looking good for us. The warped tour Ernie Ball battle of the bands is something we are pushing for right now. We think it will definitely be an awesome chance to be exposed to the Warped tour atmosphere and exactly what bands get to do every single day of that tour all summer long, even if we play a small stage to ten people it is a little taste of it. But then again what local band wouldn't want to be able to say they played on a stage at Warped Tour shoulder to shoulder with bigger, influential bands. We are also pushing to get at least a 2 week tour in our schedule and branch out around the region a little bit and play for some new faces and show them our album so they can determine whether we are worth the trip to the next show in their area or not. Only time will tell i guess.

Nick O'Loughlin - Guitar/Vox
Greg Boston - Guitar
Tyler Kale - Bass
Zack Farrell - Drums

- Miles Shumilak of The List Magazine


- Summer 2010 Demo:
A free 2-song demo written and recorded quickly in the early stages of the ACS.

- The Summer Romantics EP:
A free 3-song EP with early mixes of two songs off of TDYLH and an acoustic song.

- The Day You Left Home:
The debut full-length CD with 13 tracks, released as a physical CD and as a digital download on most digital distributors.



A Close Second is a 4-piece "pop-punk" band from Pittsburgh, PA that started in March of 2010. Although they are considered a pop-punk band, their music has aspects of many different genres, due to the wide variety of music listened to by different band members. This makes their music sound more unique and refreshing to people sick of the same sounding music that's being released by other pop-punk bands. ACS's members have been ambitious since day one, wanting nothing more than to play music everyday. Only being a band for a few months, ACS wrote a few songs and decided to record 2 for a demo that would be released as a free download. At that point they were happy with these songs but knew they could make better songs and started writing songs for a full-length CD. Come August, 2010 they had studio dates booked for November and December that year to record their full-length and ACS started pre-production for the songs they had written.

After a while of trying to make their songs be the best they could, they realized they were only happy with about half of them and decided to cancel studio dates, write new songs and keep working on the ones they kept. In January, ACS went into the studio to record two of the songs off of their full-length ("Summer Romantics" and "In Regret, You Won't Find Me") to release them as a free EP to give fans something until the CD was completely done. In February, ACS went back into the studio for 2 weekends and recorded the rest of the songs written for the CD. After doing some post-production and mixing, they scheduled the album, finally receiving the name "The Day You Left Home", to be released on July 19th, 2011. They then put up pre-orders and got it ready to go on sites such as iTunes and In the first 3 months, between digital downloads and physical CD sales, ACS has sold 500+ copies.

Since then, ACS has been playing shows, gaining fans via social networking sites, buying better equipment and preparing to start touring. They stay in touch with their fans everyday on twitter and have been growing and maintaining a solid fan-base consisting of people from all over the world who want to see them live as soon as possible.