Ac.Money & the A Plus Ladies

Ac.Money & the A Plus Ladies

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Greatness in the making...


AcMONEY RECORD$ (Ability To Create Million$) is an independent label founded in 2005 by Ac.Money who got his inspiration to create it from his daughter. He recently added a few arti$ts from Virginia named Bad Gal Shawnte, GangstaNe, & Sexxy Jade. They all are in the group named the A Plus Ladies, and are solo artists as well. The group highly anticipated album is set to release in the summer 2012. AcMoney Records al$o work$ with L. Razor from $traighthit$ Record$ and the veteran DJ Penny Irie that would be featured on Ac.Money's album $et to relea$e 2012.

The$e $ong$ will be all for the ladie$ with production$ from the veteran producer Marlon Pirano Cooke. He has produced many of $hocking Vibe$ beats and also Beenie Man'$ & $ean Paul's bigge$t hit$. Another producer we work with i$ Geeflow who ha$ produced a couple of track$ $oon to be released on Ac.Money'$ upcoming album.

The A Plus Ladies is featured on a few tracks by Ac.Money like 'BREAK MY BACK' ft. Bad Gal Shawnte & Sexxy Jade, an yes please look out for the remake of Ac.Money first single COME WORK MY BODY ft. the A plus Ladies

Bad Gal Shawnte letting all her haters have it in her single called 'HOT LIKE ME' and her brand new single 'SO SEDUCTIVE' ft. Ac.Money. She is also featured in COME WORK MY BODY, BREAK MY BACK and more songs soon to be released. Find her in Ac.Money's new hot video 'THE GIRLS DEM/SHORTY GOT BACK'.

GangstaNe has a single soon to be released in 2012 and she is featured on Ac.Money's song HATERS set to be released soon.

Sexxy Jade is one of the newest members of the team and she will be in your ears soon on the single & music video 'BREAK MY BACK'. She is working on some singles of her own with new hot tracks set to be released soon.

Our music has many diverse styles of reggae/dancehall, hip hop, r&b, and rock as well. AcMoney Records is the new generation, bringing you lots of different sounds and a new swag to the industry. The company is welcome to new models, dancers, back up singers, and new artists so if you are interested don't forget to leave your contact information at

If you were looking to work with us we have a varitety of modern beats and can provide studio time and hooks if needed. We also do many forms of digital distribution for anyone who would like to advertise through AcMoney Records. You can find our music in stores such as, iTunes, Napster, Emusic, Amazon, and all major digital stores worldwide.

"An Dem Fi Know It's a Take Ova Go Hard or Go HOME!"