A Coastline Ending

A Coastline Ending


"A Coastline Ending is the answer to your prayers especially with sweet, cavity causing songs like "Made By Machine" and "Breakdown" which feature harmony, melody, singability and all the things record labels wish their bands would learn how to do more of in order to sell records." -Outburn Magazine


With Soaring Vocals that are both emotional and deep, A Coastline Ending have a distinct take on pop-tinged rock. Hailing from Connecticut, this five piece has shared the stage with such bands as Relient K, Ludo, This Providence, and has toured nationally since forming in early 2008.

Their Debut release title "In The Name Of Progression" was prodcued by Chris Badami (The Early November, Midtown, The Starting Line) and is out via Not Alone Records.


In The Name Of Progression- 2008

Set List

Support Setlist-

1. "Face The Music"
2. "Breakdown"
3. "Subconscious Walls"
4. "First Impressions"
5. "Made By Machine"

Headlining Setlist-

1. "Face The Music"
2. "Acrobat"
3. "Breakdown"
4. "Subconscious Walls"
5. "First Impressions"
6. "In The Name Of Progression.."
7. "Brave The Tide"
8. "On Sacred Wings"
9. "Made By Machine"