A Cold Trip Nowhere

A Cold Trip Nowhere

 Chanute, Kansas, USA

A Cold Trip Nowhere is back with the original founding line-up. THIS is the way the band is supposed to be.

ACTN will release their forthcoming EP "E Pluribus Unum" in June 2014.

"E Pluribus Unum" will be available on iTunes, Amazon.com and your favorite streaming stations.


A Cold Trip Nowhere began as the vision of brothers Christian & Lennon Nichols that started to materialize in late 2009.  Avidly writing music together, they ventured out to find members that would bring their own flavor to the band, and soon recruited friend Zach Busby on vocals.  Zach would leave the band shortly after high school graduation in 2010.  After working with other musicians, including a new vocalist, A Cold Trip Nowhere released their debut EP, "Coordinates" in 2012.  After a short stint touring, the two brothers found themselves parting with the new members they had recruited.  This was exactly what they needed in order to return as a new and improved outfit with the original line-up. 

In May of 2013 Christian and Lennon once again joined forces with co-founding member Zach Busby and touring bassist Corey Keller.

ACTN will release their forthcoming EP in spring of 2014.

Get ready...and welcome aboard to the adventure that lies ahead...We have only just begun.

Zach "The Messenger" Busby - Vocals/Vocals
Christian "The Visionary" Nichols - Guitar/Vocals
Lennon "The Alarm" Nichols - Drums/Vocals
Corey "The Compass" Keller - Bass


Coordinates (EP) - 2012

U Pluribus Unum (EP) - due spring 2014

Set List



Hold Steady

The Last Dance

Make Amends Meet

The Ender (Autobiography)

World Trade Center