A Common Kind

A Common Kind


We are a mix a ambient and rock music that incorporates a "unique" violin sound that is something to must be heard and experienced in a live setting! Our music can evoke emotion as well has get your body moving.


We are comprise of 6 member with each of us having our own unique background. Each of us have our own particular obstacle to go through, trying to balance our lives so that we may fit our goal to one day make a living through performing and writing music.

Whether its because we're in the midst of pursuing a Bachelors or Masters degree while trying to make rent or finding a job with a completed music degree from Berklee, we are all motivated to work together to create music and put on a performance that people will enjoy. We each have our own influences from across all genres which is what makes gives us the sound of "A Common Kind". What sets us apart is the way we use and balance our instrumentation. Although our live shows are the best way to experience our music, we have released our first EP and hope to release more so that you may experience us at home!


The Overflow - EP 2009
We played a live radio show (KUCI)

Set List

Set list last 40 minutes
Silence, Bone Dry, Cave Dwellers, Lovelorn, Stone, Far From Home, Sunshine, Grey Eyes, King of Hearts, We Are