A Compass For Rose

A Compass For Rose


We are an Hard Rock / Alternative band composed of 4 classically trained individuals. We have a multitude of original songs, and are trying to promote our brand new album. We are not afraid to play covers if that is what is needed! The show must go on! Check out our myspace for our Songs!


All 4 members are in college, and listen to a variety of different styles. Some of us prefer hardcore, while some folk acoustic. We try and merge all of our favorite styles, and come somewhere in between.

We try to use a strong melody, instead of just playing 4 chords, and have an actual direction to our music. We know where we are going, and we bring the crowd along for the ride. We are no strangers to showing the crowd a good time though, and give everything we have for every show.

Some Venues We've Played:
The Local
The Scene
3 Bears Cafe
Prospector Hall
The Warehouse
The Hanger

Studios We've Worked With:
Virtuo Sound Studios
Red Room 104 Studios

On Air Performances & Play:
"Out of the Garage" KISS 102.7
TV Spot - Hanks Garage


We have one album, "Tragedies form Memories".
It has 5 original serious songs, and a comic hidden track. We went for quality, not quantity it really shows in our opinion.
We have been on some local radio stations and had a TV Spot.
Check out our Myspace!

Set List

1) Eicho
2) Power Rangers
2) Leading to Sin
3) Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
4) Life by the Sword
5) Say it Aint So - Weezer
6) So Far Away
7) She Walks Away
8) Fire Scene
9) 6 Hours