A Contradiction

A Contradiction


A Contradiction provides an intense yet exciting show incorporating theatrics and movies alongside their technically demanding music. Their primary focus: to share the love of Jesus on and off stage. AC's music is passionate, driven, and melodic. Hear it now at: www.myspace.com/acontradictionband


Driven by bands like Dream Theater, Muse and August Burns Red, A Contradiction presents an intense yet epic journey through melodic music. From face crushing breakdowns to glorious themes, A Contradiction will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.
What sets us apart from other bands is our focus on sharing the Gospel and incorporating different aspects of the arts. We include correlating outfits, slide shows, video's, choreography, stage props, etc...
God calls you and me to be set apart and transparent. We are called to live "in the world, and not of the world." We are called to love people as Christ loved us, and to reveal his grace in everything we do no matter the circumstance. We want to meet the audience where they are in life, no matter where that may be. We plan on doing this by investing in the lives of people we encounter through our music, media, and relationships.
We are called to be A Contradiction.


- 9 minute demo recorded at Orangehouse Records.
- EP recorded at Heart Core Studios.

Set List

1. Video intro
2. Music intro
3. Empty Feelings of Accomplishment
4. A Hot Debate
5. Video & words
6. Fear
7. Push

Our entire set runs about 40 minutes and we do all original songs.