Acorn Project

Acorn Project

 Bellingham, Washington, USA

“Classic jam bands are a dime a dozen; indie rock jam bands are slightly more expensive. Acorn Project gives listeners their money’s worth with funky epics that rock enough to make a good Christmas present for your Deadhead uncle but are jazzy enough to play for your hipster friends.."


Having released their second full-length album entitled "We'll Be Fine," Acorn Project's music is rapidly spreading around the nation. The album has seen charting as high as #5 on the national index, and #4 on local CMJ charts throughout the country. (Austin, TX) rated it one of the top 12 albums of the year, and great reviews have flooded in from all parts of the U.S. and Europe. Acorn Project is poised to begin national touring in 2009, while continuing to sell-out their acclaimed performances in the Northwest.

As a six-piece ensemble featuring saxophone, guitar, slide, keyboards, bass, drums, and percussion, Acorn Project produces an irresistibly unique sound. The band's funk-infused progressive rock draws an audience into their performance, infecting each individual with their ability to blend seemingly limitless musical styles into their own character. Formed in 2004, the Bellingham, WA based sextet boasts an impressive resume. Having shared bills with seasoned professional acts such as Widespread Panic, Tea Leaf Green, EOTO, RAQ, Zilla, The Bridge, Bump, Flowmotion, and The Living Daylights, high profile performances are common for Acorn Project. Acorn Project will lift crowds to ecstatic dance at every show.


Funny Pair of Pants

Written By: Andy Pritiken

Using the playground slide
Or finding a good place to hide
Were my goals those days

Up in the big oak tree
Is where I wanted to be
And where I would stay
Day after day.

Twenty-four might be the age
Of counting sheep but staying awake
Cause the constant cost
Of knowing what's at stake
Means the more we give the more they take.

Twenty-four might be the age
Of counting sheep but staying awake Could a tie and a funny pair of pants really make me
Forget about the money-driven path and break?
I hope it's not to late.

You say that talk is cheap
It seems expensive to me when it sounds that way
And now you're feeling fine
After a big glass of wine helps you fly away
Day after day.

You say that talk is cheap. It seems expensive to me when it sounds that way.


Written By: Acorn Project

I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground
It's kind of hard when you're up in
The sky looking down
Don't ask me questions you now the answers to
And I won't tell you no lies

It's like a dream where you're running
But you don't really move
the same feeling I get towards progress with you
I'll keep on trying, but there's a beast at my back
Trying to eat me alive

Just walking around with my hands in my pockets
I'm thinking about what I'm gonna do
Cause if I just up and run with the feelings I have
Then these feelings will make me feel like a fool
So I act up, try to put on a show
Put on a mask and find a new friend or two
But I never speak up, cause I know if I do
That I'm gonna have to follow it through

I'm trying to keep my head in the clouds
The only way that I can feel up when I'm feeling so down
So I keep it in and breathe it out
But I know you won't be mine

Gringo Starr

Written By: Acorn Project

I'm on the road again thinking about
Where it started, how far it's gone
I'm sitting on a plane
Looking at the cars down below
That's when I realize that this is what I need to be free
Free from anxiety that society brings down on me

And I don't know what's waiting
Around the bend, but I'll keep on pushing forward 'til I
Think it's about to end
Then I'll take another step and work day after day
I'll keep on pushing forward 'til
Forward pushes me away

Little chicken paranoid about her fate
Where she'll be in awhile
Then farmer man walks in
And grabs that chicken's wing with a smile
He takes her out the door to meet a most unnatural fate
'Til that little chicken hen escapes his grasp
Flutters away


Odd His Sleepy Soar
Independent Release
Acorn Productions, Inc. 2006

Blues Twang (Track 2) - radio airplay
Xavier Sla (Track 6) - radio airplay

"We'll Be Fine"
Independent Release
Acorn Productions, 2008

Powderfinger Promotions (Independent Radio Promotions)
Boston, MA

Gringo Starr (Track 04) - radio/airplay
Reboot (Track 02) - radio/airplay
Hello Neumann (Track 03) - radio/airplay
Funny Pair of Pants (Track 01) - radio/airplay
Wellness (Track 06) - radio/airplay
Crystal Myth (Track 05) - radio/airplay
Stomp (Track 07) - radio/airplay
Werner, Terner (Track 08) - radio/airplay
McGuffin (Track 09) - radio/airplay

Set List

Set times: 2.5 hours (sometimes with set break)

Blues Twang
Xavier Sla
My Nose Knows
Crystal Myth
Gringo Starr
Tineus Olsen
Funny Pair of Pants
Werner, Terner
Hello Neumann
Why the West Was Burning

Cover Repertoire:
Imitation Leather Shoes (Widespread Panic)
The Weight (The Band)
Where Is My Mind (The Pixies)
Do It Again (Steely Dan)
Ghostbuster's Theme Song
James Bond Theme Song
Buena (Morphine)
Boston (Drop Kick Murphey's)
Buckingham Green (Ween)
Spinal Meningitis (Ween)
Tear the Roof Off (Parliament)
Unbelievable (EMF)
Celebration (Kool and the Gang)