A Corpse Vanishes

A Corpse Vanishes


Fast horror punk rock with surf and jazz overtones!


Adopting their name from the 1942 film "The Corpse Vanishes", the Austin, Texas based horror punk/surf band, A Corpse Vanishes drives utter terror into the daring, at no expense to the band's humor. Their unique fusion of punk, surf, and experimentation are suggestive of groups like "Dead Kennedys", "The Meteors", and "The Cramps". Reformed in the vibrant Austin punk scene in November 2007, ACV presents a world seen through the band's imagination with personal experience of loss and heartbreak (although clicked up a notch in a " psychotic" direction) and themed by horror movies of old.

In March of 2009, the band went to Sweatbox Studios in Austin, TX to record the "Murder" EP. The album was engineered by mastermind Mike Vasquez. Mike's clientele of recorded bands include- The Damnations, The Fleshtones, The Cynics, Knife in the Water, Riverboat Gamblers, The Crackpipes, and hundreds more. A Corpse Vanishes were also featured on the "Blood Drive" compilation, organized by Ben Mclaughlin of "The Belgraves" and "Winter Dance Party".

With a manic and unpredictable, crowd-pleasing stage show, songs that combine quirky yet poignant, clever yet emotion-drenched lyrics with blasting harmonies, wicked guitar riffs, and fun, catchy melodies.


"Murder" EP.

"The Blood Drive" Horror Compilation featuring bands from all over the world.

Set List

A Corpse Vanishes' sets usually last 30 to 45 minutes. A Corpse Vanishes' songs are not known to be short.
Most used set list;

The Corpse Vanishes
Off with is Head
They Awaken
Shallow Grave
Vampire Bat
Fight or Flight
Monster Maker

Phantom of the Opera