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A Course Of Action @ Abbie Normalz

Morganton, North Carolina, USA

Morganton, North Carolina, USA

A Course Of Action @ Ham's Emporium

Morganton, North Carolina, USA

Morganton, North Carolina, USA

A Course Of Action @ Windy City Sundries

Hickory, North Carolina, USA

Hickory, North Carolina, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



By Brianne E. Boykin
The News Herald

The sounds of rock and roll emanated from Legends Wings and Things last Friday as it was filled with the edgy guitar riffs and punchy rhythms of Hybrid.

A regional band, Hybrid was formed in 2000 by guitarist, Jon Byrd, and bassist, Tony Hawkins. After being signed as part of a southern rock band with Mercury Records in the 1990s, Byrd and Hawkins were ready for a complex new rock sound. Drummer Okey Parsons next joined the band, which was topped off in 2003 by lead singer John Culberson.

In late 2004, the band released their self-titled, debut album consisting of eight original songs. Though the band claims to be shades of Nickelback, Sevendust and Tool, the group demonstrates great diversity while still staying in the genre of hard rock. The album ranges from the rhythmic "Broken Pieces," to the sorrowful rock ballad "Over Now," to the gritty sound of "Torn."

Since the release of the album, Hybrid has moved into the limelight quickly. The band has become a favorite of several Hickory and Morganton bars. "I can't believe these guys aren't signed yet," said Frosty Throneburg, owner of Windy City Sundries in Hickory. "John Culberson is the best vocalist I've ever heard in a local band." After playing at Legend's three times, Brian Waters, bar manager has already booked the group for future performances. "They're a good energetic band, the music is always upbeat and flows real well," Waters said. "Their set breaks are minimal and Sheree Burns of Spire Records is a pleasure to work with." The band signed with the indie label this year and has since been actively making plans for the future.

On an upcoming Sunday, two Hybrid songs will be entered into regular rotation on 106.5 The End's 90 Minutes with Divikar. The band has also registered for the Zippo Hot Tour. The competition will take place online and on stage and the winners will be decided through online voting. The winner will receive a $55,000 equipment package from ESP Guitars, Peavey, Tama Drums, Pro-Mark Drum Sticks, PureVolume and DiscFarm; a trip to Hollywood to perform a showcase for A&R Executives at Capitol Records; and will perform as the opening band for the Zippo Hot Tour beginning in November 2005.

Listen to Hybrid's "Won't Be Long" on our Web site at www.morganton.com. Click on the bands and musicians link.

Hybrid will be performing:
* Mar 26 at 10 p.m.
Iron Thunder Saloon, Hickory, NC
* Mar 27 at 10 p.m.
Hickory Tavern, Hickory, NC
* Apr 15 at 10:00 p.m.
Legends, Morganton, NC

For bookings, CDs or more information about Hybrid, visit their Web site at www.thehybridband.com.

BRIANNE E. BOYKIN can be reached by calling (828) 437-2161, Ext. 36 and by e-mail at bboykin@morganton.com. Please read news updates throughout the day at www.morganton.com.

Brianne E. Boykin
Staff Writer
The News Herald
(828) 437-2161 ext. 36
bboykin@morganton.com - Morganton News Herald

"Guys, "Now You See" is a massive song. It has gotten everything right from the first sound to the last.... this song is truly something that will break through. "

"It's hard to be critical of something this good. You guys obviously know what you're doing. These songs are extremely well-written, the recordings sound completely professional, the performances are tight and exciting, the vocal delivery is expressive and executed with obvious passion. The whole package is really solid....incredibly solid performances, excellent songwriting, and a cohesive overall visual aesthetic." (Submission was forwarded.)

“The aspect of this project that I felt stuck out most positively was the lead vocals….There was always good contrast, which is necessary in this style of music. Some good raw potential here I think for the future.”

"...the songs feature good musical and melodic parts, good riffs and grooves. The musicianship is very solid and tight. The strong vocal delivery suits the material very well. The production sounds very good. This is a very professional work. "

"Cool mix of heavy, aggressive grooves with some strongly melodic vocals. "

Mike Borgia, LuvBomb Records, "The first time I heard Hybrid I was taken back by how polished the recording and the songwriting had been for a first release. These guys have all the elements for commercial appeal yet still manage to attract the indie audience with their crushing sound and their ability to work harder than the people behind them.
The rest of 2005 looks promising. If you like good solid hard rock then Hybrid is the band to keep written on the back of your hand when out at a club."

Frosty Throneburg, Owner of Windy City Sundries in Hickory, North Carolina, comments that, “I can’t believe these guys aren’t signed yet…John Culberson is the best vocalist I’ve ever heard in a local band.”

From website for Hickory Underground, a rock club in Hickory, North Carolina, “This band is phenomenal. Come check em' out! You'll have a great time and get to listen to one of the rising stars in the area.”

Also from Hickory Underground: "Come out and listen to one of the best bands in the Southeast! Anyone who was at the last show will tell you, this is a band who is going to make it big. So come see them while you still can!"

From Strangevibes.com: “I must stay I’m impressed.”

- Many Sources

CHARLOTTE - Area rock band Hybrid will perform aspart of the 2005 Zippo Hot Tour at Amos' Southend bar in Charlotte.

The Tour features 80 bands across the U.S. competing to showcase their talent in Los Angeles and open for The All-American Rejects on their 11-city tour this fall. Fans can support their local music scene by voting for the bands they want to see representing their city.

Hybrid's music is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, Chevelle and Tool. Their sound is a combination of melodic progressions, tight rhythms, layered guitars and powerful vocals.

The show is for ages 18 and up. Cover charge is $6. Amos' Southend is at 1423 S. Tryon Street in Charlotte. - Hickory Daily Record

On Saturday, July 5, 2003, at Sgt. Pepper's in Hickory, my proverbial "rock 'n roll lifeline" was given a jolt. With every band these days playing top 40 covers or '80's tunes (which is fine by the way), I've been looking for a good band that would remind me why I like to go out...well, I found it that night. The band is called Hybrid.

Hybrid is new to the local scene, but they owned it that night. Comprised of John Culberson on lead vocals/guitar, Jon Byrd on lead guitar, Tony Hawkins on bass, and Okey Parsons on drums, this band has raised the bar of band standards for this area. Best of all, not only do they play all your favorite rock music (yeah, the stuff you hear on 93.3 or 106.5), but they also play original music with a modern hard-edged sound and melodic guitars and vocals.

On this night, the crowd was packed as word of mouth had spread through three counties that this phenomenon would take place at Sgt. Pepper's. The band took the stage and from their opening song of "Looking for Love" by King's X, they commanded the audience's attention as is not often seen in these parts anymore. None of this milling around, talking to friends stuff....I'm talking rushing to the front of the stage to check out the band. The band played such hits by current bands as Cog, Audioslave, Fuel, Three Doors Down, The Foo Fighters and Creed. They also played the ones you never hear from a local band; favorites such as Stone Temple Pilots, Big Wreck, Bush and King's X. But the real treat was their original music, which was highlighted in each set to prove these guys could flex their hard rock muscle with the big boys. I'm telling you rock fans, take it from a veteran rock chick....these guys are a force to be reckoned with. Arena class rock and roll at a local bar price. Check them out this Saturday, August 10, at Sgt. Pepper's on Hwy. 127 in Hickory. - Operation: Dinner Out Magazine - Local Band Spotlight

Not the first band called HYBRID I review, but they are probably the first North Carolina based band called HYBRID I receive a promo from. The band sent me a 4-track CD, which musically is as modern American Rock as you can get. Huge groovy distorted guitar riffs are mixed with crystal clear clean melodic vocals and catchy chorus, not very far away from DISTURBED, HINDER, HOOBASTANK, SEVENDUST, KUTLESS, ALL AMERICAN REJECTS, etc, but a bit cleaner I guess. In fact, HYBRID has a truly great lead singer called John Culberson (who also plays rhythm guitar) and some of their songs are very strong and major label ready (listen to the fantastic opener "Now you see" or the uptempo melodic rocker "Pointless"). Can't wait for a full-length CD of this HYBRID, be sure to check 'em out at: http://www.thehybridband.com.

(Points: 8.3 out of 10)
- Strutter'zine Magazine - The Netherlands


Debut Release - Hybrid, November 2004
Second Release - Now You See, 2006

2007 Accomplishments:
Toured overseas on AFE Tour for US Military entertaining troops.

2006 Accomplishments:
Completed second album.
Semi-finalists in Zippo Hot Tour competition.
Picked up by two international radio stations.
Picked for "Rockers For Life" CD complilation by Illumina Records.
Picked up by Direct TV for "The 101" television show.
Picked up by Wolf Radio for internet show showcasing unsigned talent.
Picked up 24 new distribution avenues and 62,000 more hits.

**Signed two deals for film/tv placement.
**Recently scored a track for the soundtrack for an upcoming comic book.
***Selected to showcase at 2005 Mid-Atlantic Music Conference.
*#2 most listened to song on Altsounds.com's Hard Rock charts for the year 2004.
*5 #1 Hits on Altsounds.com’s Hard Rock Charts in 2005 along with over 48,000 listens.
*Album’s current release is being distributed digitally through 36 outlets as well as through four major online distributors.
*Recently forwarded by TAXI for live TV show showcasing emerging talent.
*106.5 WEND (Charlotte, NC), Divakar's Local Show, in rotation beginning 2/25/05
*99.3 WLRC in rotation beginning 01/20/05
*96.1 WBBI (Raleigh, NC), For Locals Only Show, in rotation beginning 4/24/05
*Indie Artists Radio - in rotation as of 4/22/05
*Recently accepted through Sonicbids for IPOD distribution through Podcasting.
*Recently accepted through Sonicbids for The Record Pool for distribution nationwide to subscribers.
*Accepted by The Indie Limelight Radio Show for play, promotion and interview.
*Selected for BandRadio Streaming Radio Live starting 5/3/05.



"If you like good solid hard rock then Hybrid is the band to keep written on the back of your hand when out at a club." (Mike Borgia, LuvBomb Records) After three years of working the regional market, the band, Hybrid, decided that some changes needed to be made. Given the overwhelming need for internet presence, developing the name Hybrid had become too difficult given the popularity of the word in today’s marketing campaigns. The band decided that if change was to be made, then they were going to make lots of them, so, it was a lineup change and then a name change. The renewed unit became A Course Of Action in 2006.

A Course Of Action consists of Jonathan Byrd on lead guitar, John Culberson on vocals and rhythm guitar, Tony Hawkins on bass guitar and the newest member, Greg Lucy on drums. All having been veterans of national and local acts, these guys are seasoned to make a huge mark on the hard rock market of today. With 150,000+hits on national and international websites, and 62 locations to buy their music all over the world, they are a commercially viable unit with solid vocals, melodic “radio-friendly” hard rock music and a great look to woo the ladies.