ACOUSTICA is Kim Bomba and Darren Ivil. Their strong acoustic guitar playing reinforces Kim's serenade, yet powerful vocals. ACOUSTICA's debut EP, "Second Guessing", is compiled of songs that are unique in their own way; a few folkish, a few rockish, and a tad of pop.


It all began in 8th grade band, with Darren Ivil on bass, and Kim Bomba on saxophone. Kim had been writing songs since childhood, and Darren was seeking a band. One thing led to another, and in 2003, the two began co-writing songs; Kim on rhythm, and vocals, and Darren on lead. Since then, over 20 songs have been collectively composed by Acoustica, and their very first 5-song EP will be released July 21,2006.

"For a little person, I'm blown away by the intensity in your voice!" Fans have told Kim. Her powerful vocals and strong guitar accompanying skills lend themselves beautifully to her melodic mastery, which mesh seamlessly with Darren's intricate finger-style picking.

High-energy live shows captivate audiences in the greater Boston area, and charisma is a team quality for these two unique musicians. Their songs are derived from real-life experiences: turning points, obstacles, and triumphs of their lives. "That song made me cry, it is exactly how I have been feeling." Listeners have told Acoustica, and given time, many more will be moved by their alluring sound. The chemistry is obvious between Darren and Kim, as instead of separate musical entities, they are more of a cohesive unit.

Bio Facts:
-Both Darren and Kim have been playing music for 11 years
-Darren and Kim attended Berklee College of Music
-Kim is a Berklee 2006 graduate
-ACOUSTICA is influenced by Melissa Etheridge Anne Heaton, Jack Johnson, Regina Spektor and Coldplay.
-Darren and Kim are highly experienced in studio recording, promotion, and live performances.


"Second Guessing", 5-song EP- July 2006

Set List

Length of a typical set is 35 minutes to 60 minutes. Opening acts sets (if any) are usually 30 minutes.

Set length and number of sets is flexible.

A sampling of what songs might be included in a typical set:

-One of Those Days
-Dear John
-Running Scared
-Usual Reply
-Miss Misery