Acoustic BJ

Acoustic BJ


A melting pot of influences help to give this acoustic duo it's large yet unique sound.


ACOUSTIC BJ is a band of two individuals who have grown as friends and musicians. The band started meerly as an opportunity to jam. Starting out they played open mic nights at the local pub and abroad. Brian Dolan's departure for Army boot camp, haulted things shortly but upon his return it was apparent that this band was here to stay and do great things. The first major gig came at Tammany Hall in Worcester, MA in the summer of 2007. Since that night Acoustic BJ has played at venues across Massachusetts and into Rhode Island and New York.

July 12th 2008 brought another great accomplishment to this duo with their fundraising event Friends of the Forces. Bringing together Local Heroes Inc, a non-profit group that sends care packages to the troops overseas, five local bands, and a community of support, Friends of the Forces was an event that helped bring supplies and monetary support for Local Heroes Inc. For Brian who is in the Army National Guard this event held a meaning close to home.

Acoustic BJ has been making moves within the local music community with performances on local radio, Rhode Island local access tv, and articles in newspapers and on online music publications. The LP "Before I Go" was recorded in the Spring of 2008 and is available online and along with countless other home studio recordings.

Brian and Jon (BJ) bring together a whole mix of styles to make a truly dynamic sound never seen through acoustic bands. The naturally effortless vocal abilities of Brian Dolan and the rhythmic blues solos of Jon Galuffo make their songs something to be remembered. Influences from blues, rock, pop, and yes even metal have melded this band and it's music into an extremely strong acoustic duo.

With the addition of the Babin Brothers on drums and bass this group has grown into truest form of Rock N' Roll you can find in Massachusetts. Acoustic B.J. and the Babin Brothers will rock socks where ever they play!


The Windsor Street Sessions - 7 song LP
Before I Go (EP) - Online Album
Live From the Fallout Shelter - Online Album

Set List

What Have I Become
Junkie's Lament
Take You There
Cow Patty Blues
Cocaine Rage
Lack of Understanding
Lingering Thoughts

The above is our list of original songs which is growing. On top of that we also have a large repetoire of cover songs as well ranging from artists like Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, The Animals, Neil Young, Tom Petty, The Beatles, and many others.

We can book a night at your club/bar/party for a performance to bring a certain vibe with a special arrangment of songs of your choosing as well. Time obviously must be given for us to review the requested songs and learn them for the performance.