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"Acoustic BJ Local Spotlight"

Each week, we take a look through our Sonicbids dropbox and let a band tell us about themselves. This week, get to know Acoustic BJ. You can catch the band this week at the All Asia in Cambridge on November 1.

Band Name: Acoustic BJ

Brian Dolan: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar (Worcester, MA)
Jon Galuffo: Lead Accompaniment (Hudson, MA)

The Windsor Street Sessions (LP)
Before I Go (soon to be released)


How did you form?

We came together at a local show to see a mutual friend. While we were there he introduced us and we exchanged numbers. About a week later we spoke and decided to get together and jam. It was probably one of the best jam sessions either one of us had had in a while and from then on we started playing open mic nights together. The band name came from Brian before one of our open mic gigs, he said let's call ourselves Acoustic BJ (Brian and Jon). From then on it kind of just stuck and it's not our fault if you think dirty thoughts. From there we starting booking some good gigs around Worcester and have gone out into the Boston area a few times. We've also traveled out to New York for a weekend tour of a few venues.

Who are some of your influences?
Both of our influences seem to mesh with bands like Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine, The Beatles, Gov't Mule and Medeski Martin and Wood. We both listen to just about everything but i think we differ in some areas because Jon is a huge fan of Pantera, Down, Cryptopsy and local guys Sexcrement. Brian enjoys a lot of singer songwriters as well with Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, John Hiatt, and newcomer Brett Dennen.

Finish the sentence, someone would like your band if...
Someone would like our band if they like truthful music from regular guys, with vocals and the occasional guitar solo that can calm anyone's soul.

What has your most memorable moment as a band been?
The day we recorded our first song Cocaine Rage at Jon's house with his laptop and this little computer mic, it worked pretty damn well. We were so proud of that recording it was our first time really even playing the song the way we did and it came out great. I remember going to Brian's for dinner and we listened to the song with his now wife and her brother while we ate.

Walk us through your songwriting process:
Umm...well there's not much to it really. Brian writes the lyrics and the majority of the song's chord progressions and Jon listens and brings together an accompaniment to fit the tone and mood of the song, sometimes piecing together rhythmic elements to songs. Oh yea and beer also helps with the songwriting process.

Who is the best musician in your band?
Well considering neither of us really does what other is doing I'd say it's pretty even. Brian is a great vocalist and puts together some really great lyrics and Jon can improvise solos to any mood and sound. We wouldn't be in a band together if we didn't think the other helped to bring the music together.

What is your favorite local venue?
We've played a few different places but I don't think we really have a favorite. We both do enjoy playing the Lucky Dog in Worcester, it's a good place, good people, and the sound is always on target.

What separates you from other local bands?
There's a few things. First off we're not just another rock band - we're an acoustic duo and we've played gigs with all kinds of other bands. We opened up for a metal show at Club DTS in Lowell! We definitely have a go with the flow attitude when it comes to our live shows. A lot of bands like to practice before a gig or make sure they know what they're doing and what they're playing. For us it's all about how you feel and that really determines our set list once we get on stage. It's a Cream mentality really. They (Cream) knew the beginnings and ends of songs but everything in the middle was fair game. That's something that a lot of bands don't do anymore unless you're a jam, jazz, or blues band but we're an acoustic rock band that employs these elements.

What do you have coming up that people should know about?
We're starting to book some new gigs for the winter season and we hope to make it out into the Boston area and hopefully up into New Hampshire, we haven't played in NH yet. You can check our myspace or sonicbids pages for those dates. We also have been recording our songs for a release we hope to have ready soon.
Updated: 10/30/2008

"Guitar heroes in Hudson"

HUDSON — Five local bands rocked out Saturday at Wood Park in Hudson for a free concert in support of local servicemen and women. The Friends of the Forces concert was organized by Jon Galuffo of Hudson and Massachusetts Army National Guard PFC Brian Dolan of Shrewsbury. The duo also performed an acoustic set to conclude the show. The concert was a benefit for Local Heroes, Inc., a non-profit that sends care packages to soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. PFC Dolan is scheduled to be deployed to Iraq in June 2009.
- Metrowest Daily News

"Local duo supports U.S. troops"

Hudson - Local musical duo Brian Dolan and Jonathan Galuffo are doing more than keeping audiences entertained. The two friends are preparing to host a concert at Wood Park in Hudson to benefit U.S. troops serving overseas. The performance, "Friends of Forces," is a free outdoor family-friendly event to be held Saturday July 12 at 11 a.m.

After finding out that Shrewsbury resident Dolan, who serves in the National Guard, would be going to Iraq in March 2009, Galuff o, a Hudson resident, felt compelled to support the soldiers overseas.

"We have always wanted to do this," Galuffo said. "Now I have a personal connection motivating me."

Galuff o and Dolan, who have performed together for the past couple of years, are well known at places like the Lucky Dog in Worcester and Speakers in Marlborough as "Acoustic B.J." The group, whose specialty ranges from classic rock to blues, will perform along with several other bands including "Last Second Decision," "Brooklyn," "Benedict Arnold," "Psychedelic Relics" and "Clear the Way."

All bands performing are local groups that are volunteering their time to support the cause.

"We have something for everyone, with bands performing funk, Hip Hop, jazz fusion and classic rock," Galuffo said.

Available for purchase at the event will be the recreated 156-page book of the World War II vintage Gil Elvgren's "Pin Up Girls." Promoting the book will be several of the pinup models, who will be signing copies of the book.

"I think these books are great, it is a long-time tradition from an original era," Galuffo said.

For every book purchased, he explained, the publisher sends a copy of "For the Boys" or "For the Girls" to troops serving overseas or currently in a Veterans Administration Hospital.

"These books might help bring up the morale of the troops," he said.

During the event, a team of volunteers will be collecting items to go into care packages.

"We are working with Local Heroes Inc. to help put together care packages for the troops overseas," Galuffo said.

In addition to collecting items to fill packages and providing musical entertainment, the event will feature a series of raffles. Item s alread y donated include tattoos at a local tattoo parlor.

"We are still collecting items and looking for donations of items to raffle, " Galuffo said.

With the invitation extended to everyone in the community, there will be plenty of children's events. On display will be Humvees and other military vehicles as well as children's arts and crafts projects. Vendors will be selling food, with 20 percent of the food profits donated back to the cause.

"All of the money made from the raffle s an d th e donations will go directly to Local Heroes Inc. to make packages," Galuffo said.

The event organizers are estimating an attendance of between 500 and 1,000 people. The town selectmen recently commended the group for their initiative in planning the event and their support for the troops.

For more information about the event, visit friendsoftheforces
- Community Advocate


The Windsor Street Sessions - 7 song LP
Before I Go (EP) - Online Album
Live From the Fallout Shelter - Online Album



ACOUSTIC BJ is a band of two individuals who have grown as friends and musicians. The band started meerly as an opportunity to jam. Starting out they played open mic nights at the local pub and abroad. Brian Dolan's departure for Army boot camp, haulted things shortly but upon his return it was apparent that this band was here to stay and do great things. The first major gig came at Tammany Hall in Worcester, MA in the summer of 2007. Since that night Acoustic BJ has played at venues across Massachusetts and into Rhode Island and New York.

July 12th 2008 brought another great accomplishment to this duo with their fundraising event Friends of the Forces. Bringing together Local Heroes Inc, a non-profit group that sends care packages to the troops overseas, five local bands, and a community of support, Friends of the Forces was an event that helped bring supplies and monetary support for Local Heroes Inc. For Brian who is in the Army National Guard this event held a meaning close to home.

Acoustic BJ has been making moves within the local music community with performances on local radio, Rhode Island local access tv, and articles in newspapers and on online music publications. The LP "Before I Go" was recorded in the Spring of 2008 and is available online and along with countless other home studio recordings.

Brian and Jon (BJ) bring together a whole mix of styles to make a truly dynamic sound never seen through acoustic bands. The naturally effortless vocal abilities of Brian Dolan and the rhythmic blues solos of Jon Galuffo make their songs something to be remembered. Influences from blues, rock, pop, and yes even metal have melded this band and it's music into an extremely strong acoustic duo.

With the addition of the Babin Brothers on drums and bass this group has grown into truest form of Rock N' Roll you can find in Massachusetts. Acoustic B.J. and the Babin Brothers will rock socks where ever they play!