Acoustic Fusion

Acoustic Fusion


We are an acoustic guitar duo playing jazz / fusion combining elements of latin, blues, swing, rock, indian, world music etc... The true essence of Acoustic Fusion is captured in a live setting where the spirit of improvisation is embraced.


Influences include John McLaughlin, Wes Montgomery, Django Reinhardt, Al DiMeola, Prasanna, Shakti, Pat Martino, B.B. King, Bireli LeGrene, Miles Davis, Strunz and Farah, and many others...

Dennis Ashworth has been playing guitar for over thirty years and is a prolific composer. Most of the original compositions performed by Acoustic Fusion, more than half of their repertoire, are written by Dennis.

Jeff DeWitt, has been playing guitar for more than twenty years. Jeff also has original compositions on the Acoustic Fusion song list.

Dennis and Jeff met in college while studying music theory and composition. They had weekly jam sessions for many years, while remaining committed to their individual projects of writing and performing. After almost ten years of playing together they formed Acoustic Fusion as a vehicle to promote acoustic music and explore the spirit of improvisation.


Transitions - Acoustic Fusion (2005)
Unleashed - Acoustic Fusion (2003)
You get what you get - Brother 2 Brother with Dennis & Don Ashworth (2002)
The Spirit of Improvisation - Sky-Clad with Dennis Ashworth and Jeff DeWitt (2000)

Set List

We do mostly originals in many styles from high energy fusion to latin jams and jazzy blues. We do some covers by a varity of artitst including Al Dimeols, John Coltrane, John McLaughlin, Django Reinhardt, Joe Satriani, Miles Davis etc... (This list changes all the time)

Our set times vary depending on the venue, usually three sets around one hour each.