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AM (Acoustic Minds)

Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band EDM Soul




"ELECTRIFYING!! Femm-EDM Showcase: Hopscotch, Acoustic Minds, Laura Ivancie, and more raw feminine power"

Raw, feminine power took to Dante’s stage last week, for the Femm-EDM Showcase, a groundbreaker if there ever was one in the Electronic Dance Music world, or EDM as it’s more commonly known. Brought to you by the powerhouses that front Acoustic Minds, twins Jenni and Amanda Price, enlisted the sensuous goddess, Laura Ivancie, and the lady that has been moving mountains in this male dominated genre: Los Angeles’, Hopscotch, whose Portland stop was the last one of her recent tour. Spinning the tunes in between sets was DJ Tracy who kept the music going without a missed beat. The catwalks featured the sexy, Sisters of Spiral: Erika Ellis, Melody Kay, Megz Abernathy, Erica Belfiore, and live painting by the talents of Happy Accidents: Panda Stubits and Kirsten Muir.
Laura Ivancie kicked off the evening with her sultry, folktronic sounds. I have been a follower of Laura’s for a couple years now from her days as an acoustic performer to today’s sound which blends a bit of folk, soul, and blues with electronic beats complimenting her guitar. She brings an earthy seductiveness to all her performances, and the audience becomes a willing captive in her web.

Laura started her set with “Candy”, one of several she performed from her latest EP, “Marrow“. Performing a personal favorite of mine, “Mr. Dinosaur“, she sings it in such a way that you can just imagine her eating him up alright! Inspired by Occupy Wall Street and Portland, she closed out her set with “Arrest Me”. Laura’s songs are full of introspection, wanting, and hopeful change. She was the perfect opener for the evening for she knows how to captivate an audience with her talent and charms while getting them energized for the late night ahead.
Next up was the dynamic, Acoustic Minds, made up of Josh Lorenzen, Aaron Altemose, and fronted by twins, Jenni and Amanda Price. I first heard the Price sisters several years ago when they were an acoustic duo, and have watched their music and popularity grow into a “soul-tronic, new millennium, dance-pop band” that has toured both coasts, won the prestigious, “Band of the Year” at the 2010 Portland Music Awards, played SXSW the past two years, and opened for The Voice’s, Judith Hill, last year at the Crystal Ballroom.

Acoustic Minds
Written on an island in Hawaii, they opened their set with “Undertow”, a song about the trials love can bring. They took turns with the girls fronting the stage to the boys, with the crowd getting a little extra excited when the boys came forward. One of their newer songs, “Breathe In”, and “Undertow” have recently been picked up by CBS Radio so you may hear it featured on those airwaves soon. Whether Jenni and Amanda sing in a softer vein in a more acoustic setting, or with the backing of the full band, their voices harmonize beautifully befitting their twin status. Their music is upbeat, and positive even when singing about love gone wrong. Acoustic Minds is a band that has totally come into its own. They are a foursome who genuinely like and enjoy performing together and it clearly shows. Each year they stage a Scorpio birthday party (for Jenni & Amanda) so be on the lookout for this celebration.

Hopscotch, aka Angela LaBaw, formerly touring as Anahata Sound, was the final performance of the night. She was a one-woman show of raw, primal energy albeit backed up by electronic sounds. She is changing the landscape of EDM and proving that girls can bring an audience just as well, if not better, than the boys. Her latest release, “Archer EP & Remixes” has been getting some serious attention from SPIN, Billboard, Vice’s Thump, Vibe, Bullet, among others. Her Soundcloud page has exploded, and she’s gotten critical acclaim for the ethereal video to her beautiful song, “Black & White Horses”. She was at the Do Lab of this year’s Coachella festival and was often the only female, something she’s working hard to change by encouraging young girls that they too can achieve their dreams. Despite the late hour, Dante’s still had an energetic crowd left to enjoy Hopscotch’s performance.
This first, mostly all-female, EDM Showcase appeared to be a rousing success judging from the numbers in attendance, and their enthusiastic response, proving that women can command an audience as well as the men, and hopefully, we will see more such shows. Rumor has it that another is in the works so stay tuned for that. - Oregon Music News

"Femm-EDM Showcase: Hopscotch, Acoustic Minds, Laura Ivancie and more at Dante’s — audio"

See all of Inessa’s fine work at the Inessa Blog. Also thanks to our friends at Portland Radio Project. OMN and PRP are both media sponsors of the event.
With the FEMM-EDM Showcase quickly approaching at Dante’s, time to go deep into how EDM has reshaped not just the music of Amanda and Jenni Price and Laura Ivancie but created a full-on EDM EVENT!
Acoustic Minds are at it again. For the powerhouse duo that is Amanda and Jenni Price, this time it’s all about bringing together some of the hottest up and coming female EDM artists in the US to Portland. Dante’s hosts the FEMM-EDM Showcase September 19th, 2014. Get your tickets HERE. And read on, to get into the minds of Amanda, Jenni, Laura, and LA headliner, Hopscotch. I give them The 5 Questions that range from influences to favorite eating.
The band has gone through amazing changes since they began making music. And now, there’s even more to dig into.
Acoustic Minds are Portland natives and have been changing the game with their groundbreaking LIVE Electronic Dance Music. The four piece is fast on their way to releasing their second album. (collectively AM’s 7th album) With repeat trips to SXSW in Austin and sponsorship by Chipotle! they are hitting the ground running! This dynamic live show ranges from fun and flirty to dark and grimy. Their SOUL WOMP is a force with lighting, choreo and tight three part harmonies. Recent success includes new songs “Undertow” and “Breathe In” being chosen for publication through CBS Radio!
Laura has also evolved since she first began to find her music voice. The move was toward electronica but with a desire to retain live instrumentation. So the term “folktronic” really nails it. I talked with Laura last year in April. Want to know more about what moves her? Here it is. In part.


The first of two scheduled visits to our studios brings in Laura Ivancie with Amanda and Jenni. They offered new tracks to check out and we talked influences from kid days to what is making motion in their music lives NOW.

Joined for Round Two with Acoustic Minds and Laura Ivancie, and a buns chat with Hopscotch, from Vancouver, BC!

Jenni Price
What got you interested in making music and what were the steps you took to get there?
I was born into a musical family. My father sang and lead the worship group in church… I’ve wanted to sing since I can remember, and WOULD sing everywhere and anywhere. I feel like this is my gift and I knew I needed to share it, and did EVERYTHING in my power as a child to pursue that passion. That carried over into my adult life and what is now my full time profession. I love music… like a Iove my momma, like I love my best friend and twin sister, its always been there. I feel like I get to know myself a little better with music in my life, especially with writing. I feel my best writing has just NOW in the last 4-5 years really started flowing out of me. Before I was intimidated to write my own music so I collaborated with others to fill the gaps where I felt lacking. But now I am on a new wave of fluidity, and that can be rare as an artist… I say song writing is like feast or famine, the well is either over flowing or it is dry. Right now my cup is full and I’m so grateful for that.
What kind of music do you make. Why and Where?
Soul WOMP, music that stirs your insides, makes you think, makes you feel confident, sexy, flirtatious. Music from the heart.
Why, cause I love it, I’ve said since I was a kid “music and singing to me, are like breathing, without it, I don’t know how I’d live” haha dramatic I know, but there is much truth to this statement to me.
Where, anywhere really, most of the time very early in the morning when I wake, or right before bed, I cary my phone with me everywhere, you never know when a melody or thought and lyric will pop up.
It is truly amazing and strange the places I’ve been inspired to write, or a hook will come to me. I’d have to say the most OUT THERE place was the ocean in Maui, like physically in the ocean I wrote the hook for “Undertow”. I RAN out of the ocean and to my phone to record it real quick so I didn’t forget
What’s the most memorable show you’ve done and why?
There have been many memorable shows but one that comes to mind is, this year at the Oregon Country Fair, Tooth and Nail Booth Saturday night set, the band and I played in a small booth the size of a large closet, which sat on the corner right by the Youth Stage, we were surrounded by sooo many fair family. Every song, every movement they were in it with us… At one point I said “Lets all raise our voices as loud as we can, to let main stage hear what they are missing!” Without a seconds hesitation the thunderous roar that came back at me, gave me goosebumps all over and tears in my eyes.. It sounded like there were thousands of people surrounding us. In the pitch black with no lights to be seen, but on the stage. Who knew how many people were really out there, and to hear that power… it was the biggest RUSH and surge of joy throughout my entire body, and I said to the crowd “this is why I do this, right here”. I meant it.
What have you learned about music and your own work in the last few years?
Over the years I have learned and grasped the energy of healing that music is. For ME while creating, writing or performing. For the people tuned in and listening its phenomenal how therapeutic a song or show can be. I have found a very personal part of my mind or heart that I can write from. When I first began music I was in love of the feeling I got from performing but knew there was something bigger then that. I now know it’s about inspiring, motivating, and pushing people to stand up for themselves, to take charge in their own destiny, and to not live in regret and the past and by far have fun with it! Don’t be afraid to take chances.
What are you reading, listening to, watching, following, eating?
I wish I had more time to read, I’ve been listening to Beyonce’s new album religiously on repeat for the past month or so, it never gets old to me!
Watching a really creepy new show called “The Strain” (not sure I can make it through though, it’s a pretty graphic and gross interpretation of vampires). I love series that I can really grasp onto, so Netflix is my close friend, especially for late night insomnia. (yes I’m answering these questions at 1AM on a Tuesday late night/morning). “Orange is the New Black” was pretty gritty and great dialog, “Grey’s Anatomy” (which we can thank our momma Price for getting us addicted too, last year while visiting her in Cali) We held off on watching all 10 seasons but broke down earlier this year… THAT was a commitment!!! You really have to invest yourself for that kind of series HAHA!
Eating? My twinnie and I are currently on a 10 day cleanse, eating lean and green, with no processed sugars, dairy, red meat, caffeine, or alcohol. We try to do some sort of detox or cleanse once a season… Traveling, being on the road, can be toxic to your system if you don’t take care of yourself, and we want to be able to tour another 20-30 years performing for people, so health is our first priority besides music and FUN!
Amanda Price

What got you interested in making music and what were the steps you took to get there?
I have been singing with my twin since I could talk. So music has always been in my life. I learned to play guitar when I was 18 and truly found my voice in these years. Singing as a duo for the first 15 years of my life I had learned to blend and hone my tone and range but I hadn’t really found my voice. It was the guitar that helped me do this and the music I make is still very centered around me playing it and discovering the songs.
What kind of music do you make. why and where?
I write music for your heart, the stuff that hopefully rocks you to the core.. That so the music I love and whether that is with a full band or acoustic guitar that is the music I want to create.
What’s the most memorable show you’ve done and why?
There have been soo many epic shows. From large to small and the connecting factor that makes them epic is the crowd vibing and that transfer of energy.. One do my lyrics is “one connecting heartbeat the music flowing out of me”
What have you learned about music and your own work in the last few years?
Music is the message and we are all the vessel. This gift is one to not be squandered!
What are you reading, listening to, watching, following, eating?
The last book I read was the Golden Compass but it’s been too long as I love to read! Listening to Phaeleh from the UK he is my absolute fav right now and just has that sexy grimy down tempo music on lock! Perfect mash music. Been watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy thanks to my mom!! Lol. Following Beyoncé like the true fan I am.. (Always comparing our music careers with her and her path) I have been eating clean and green and loving taking control of my health!
Laura Ivancie

What got you interested in making music and what were the steps you took to get there?
I always knew I was a singer; however, never picked up a guitar until my sophomore year of college at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA. My roommate Zakia had a baby toy guitar and I learned every cover song I could get my hands on, just so I could sing. Later during my junior year of college at Oregon Tech in Klamath Falls, OR, I remember the first time my friend Kong played me “Untouchable face” by Ani DiFranco. I was stunned at how she could lyrically be so honest about her relationships; she was the most clever modern female songwriter-poet I had ever heard. I especially loved her sassiness and even anger toward the patriarchy (and it surprised me that more women weren’t). I appreciated her music surrounding her views on politics as well, which were also particularly angry. Overall, at the time, I think I was so drawn to her because I was a little bit angry about it all too, and she helped me feel a bit more sane about the world.
What kind of music do you make.. why and where?
I write songs on the acoustic guitar first. They are soulful, alternative folk songs with a tinge of blues and Americana. The songs are generally relationship oriented, often beginning with some type of struggle and usually ending with a lesson or a constant questioning, with some light at the end of the tunnel.
Many of these acoustic songs are now morphing into “folktronic soul and pop” songs, produced by Auditory Sculpture/ Keith Schreiner (Jeff Trott, Sheryl Crow, Mike Elizond) and now Kevin Hahn is in the mix. I’m elated to have attracted some fine gentlemen to mold my sound into more of a “live instrumentation meets electronic trip hop and dance” feel. It’s been a long time dream of mine to create this sound from my raw acoustic material, ever since I heard similar sounds ft. female vocals such as Portishead and Zero Seven. It may also be that I was weaned on Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order, and the Church in my formative years).
What’s the most memorable show and why?
Definitely the all-female showcase “Epiphany” that I recently put on at the Star Theater last May 10th. My performance was nothing short of a miracle and it’s a long story, but it was my best to date. Let’s just say that I had pneumonia and some very good friends of mine came to my spiritual rescue. In short, I didn’t feel like it was only me singing up there on stage and I am forever changed for the positive by this experience.
What have you learned about music and your own work in the last five years?
Music is the universal language and passport into feelings. It is the most thrilling experience to be able to perform in front of people, I get nervous all the time, although it is so satisfying to connect to everyone. Unfortunately, in order to do this full-time, you also have to be a good business person and be very diligent about how you allocate your funds, who you work with, how you strategize in general. In short, the music business has tested me in every way possible and I love the challenge of it all. My sound keeps evolving and I love this! I have let go of all expectations that I may have had in my earlier years and am simply grateful for whatever it continues to bring into my life, simply because I enjoy making it and doing it, whether or not it can feed my bank account, it surely feeds my soul and this type of freedom is worth working a part-time job that I don’t like, to do it. It all keeps getting better and better!
What are you reading, listening to, watching, following, eating?
I’m reading “The Universal Traveler – A soft systems guide to creativity, problem solving, and the process of reaching goals” by William Kaufman as well as “All you Need to Know about the Music Business,” by Donald Passman as well as “The Business of Music,” by Krasilovsky/ Shemel/ Gross/ Feinstein and “The Daily Adventures of Mixerman” by Anyonymous. I don’t watch T.V. Sometimes I watch movies, usually fantasy like “Maleficant” and “Beautiful Creatures”. Right now I’m doing a cleanse and I usually eat organic fruits, grains, veggies and meat as much as possible. I listen to everything except heavy screamer metal and heavy punk rock.

What got you interested in making music and what were the steps you took to get there?
I have been involved and interested in music from the womb. I grew up singing. It’s something I’ve always done. I went to school for audio engineering and I definitely know my way around the studio, more so than ever I like working with other producers and different ears now. Producing is just like playing instruments, no two people do it alike, and I like playing in that space a lot more these days. I always want to make music with people who challenge me to be better and vice versa.
What kind of music do you make, why and where?
I make Electronic Dance Music for your body and soul. My sound has been described as ‘electronic pop’, ‘chillwave’, ‘trap’, ‘future bass’ and I coined the term ‘witch trap’ to describe my genre when putting out my single ‘Emotion’ and my last EP ‘Archer’.
What’s the most memorable show you’ve done and why?
Actually in Australia my fav highlight of that tour was at The Solar Eclipse festival I played… Mid-set a heap of people were dancing and writhing in a big mud puddle. The pure earthy expression of their dance and experience to my music gave back to me in a beautifully strange way. They were so into the vibe I couldn’t help but give ‘em more, I love that call and response. That’s what it’s all about! Head to toe muddy fans experiencing something genuine to my music is a huge reward for all of the unglamorous time I spend off stage working hard.
What have you learned about music and your own work in the last few years?
What are you reading, listening to, watching, following, eating?
I wish I had time to read more…the last book i read and I’ll recommend for all the creative heads out there is ‘Mastering Creative Anxiety’ by Eric Maisel. My #1 album I’d recommend from last couple years is Destroyer’s album Kaputt. I am not sick of it yet & that’s crazy considering how many times I’ve listened to it. I’m a fan of Ru Paul’s Drag Race… best show ever! I’m a fashion forward musician, so I follow a lot of fashion heads and forward thinkers and doers. FOOD! Coconut Kale smoothies rock my world… I love mayonnaise and aioli and will find reasons to put it on anything! Watermelon in the summer. Bone broth saved my life. So grateful to have so many choices for food all the time living in LA and on the west coast.
More ’bout Hopscotch.
Josh Lorenzen

What got you interested in making music and what were the steps you took to get there.
I’ve been Interested in making music as a natural passion since childhood .A friend from grade school had a very musically oriented family.I gravitated to them and spent the majority of time at their home. Because they had a whole collection of instruments, that’s where I started playing the bass and formed a band with my friends. We did talent shows and battle of the bands competitions. Then in high school I started branching out exploring different genres while creating groups and performing out in Spokane. I moved to Portland with aspirations to broaden my skills and network. I was introduced by a friend to the twins and their band Acoustic Minds, I met Aaron, joined AM in June of 2010 and the rest history.
What kind of music do you make. why and where?
I make music because it makes me happy, what ever emotions I’m feeling translate into the music I make. I make music because it feeds my soul. As of lately I’m able to make music wherever I go due to technology whether it is at home on the road or in the studio.
What’s the most memorable show you’ve done and why?
Opening for Judith Hill at the iconic Crystal ballroom, because in my mind, it was a pivotal point in my music career, due to the hype of the show and the venue itself.
What have you learned about music and your own work in the last few years?
I’ve learned that music comes best from a creative stand point and not to push or try to put a song in a box. Meaning I have to let it flow naturally through me because it’s coming from my emotions and not the black and white stand point.
What are you reading, listening to, watching, following, eating?
I’m reading any and every kind of blog/article in the Edm genre. There is so much information on the internet that I don’t limit myself to a specific source, I read what interests me and take what I deem valuable from it. What I’m listening to is directly connected to my current mood. I’m an emotional guy and listen to all genres. I’m in with love film, I watch as many different types of movies that I can, they inspire me and I really respect the art form that is film. I don’t keep up with tv series but I Love. Dexter. period. Depending on my schedule I vary from eating healthy to absolutely horrible but in a general sense I try to stay away from processed foods
Aaron Altemose

What got you interested in making music and what were the steps you took to get there.
My parents were janitors when I was a kid and I spent hours on a grand piano where they were working. I also had a forward-thinking piano teacher early on who got me hooked on music arrangement and voicing.
What kind of music do you make. why and where?
My tastes in music don’t truly fall into a just one category. The best songs immediately pull an emotion out of me, good or bad, but they have to take me on a trip. My musical fall-backs include inde electronic, singer-songwriter genres, and rhythm-centric pop ballads. I make music wherever I can. I write to stay sane; to clear my thoughts and put them down on paper. The best songs I’ve written come fast in the most random locations like the DMV or inside Walgreens. I just break out my phone recorder and capture the moment.
What’s the most memorable show you’ve done and why?
We’ve had a busy summer lineup. I don’t think we’ve mentioned our SXSW experiences yet. We played 9 showcases that week all across the city, making it our busiest SXSW to date. We showed up with an album-worth of new tracks, and some new swag and by the end of the week we were still kickin (despite the lack of sleep, downtime, H20, and our other-halves. South-by is an artists boot camp and we survived it!
What have you learned about music and your own work in the last few years?
When working in the electronic music realm, it’s important to keep a level of realism and an acoustic element in the song. I’ve also learned that less is more. The fewer synths, arpeggios, and leads going at the same time, the better. This is coming from someone who used to write 6 complementing melodies and I’d try to execute them all at the same time.
What are you reading, listening to, watching, following, eating?
I just got over the unsettling season 2 finale of Hemlock Grove on Netflix, I find myself watching episodes of House once in a while, and I’m currently selectively reading pages from the book “Google ad words for dummies.” - Oregon Music News


It was a night full of sexpots.

On Friday, September 19 the FEMM EDM show took place in Portland and it didn’t disappoint.

Portland Radio Project and Oregon Music News partnered with the Femm-EDM Showcase to share some of the hottest up and coming female artists in the US with a dance-your-butt-off party at Dante’s.

Dj Tracy started the party and the delightful sex kitten, Laura Danielle Ivancie, shared some sultry guitar moves and vocals that raised the temperature in the room a good 15 degrees. But the sexiness did not stop there as the powerhouse group, Acoustic Minds, followed with fancy pants dance moves and a power punched performance that knocked my socks off.

Hopscotch was next on the bill but to share a true confession: this girly needed to go home to sleep and missed their performance.

I did spot those hotties, Sisters of Spiral, performing on the catwalks along with Kristen Muir doing some “live” painting. The room was packed to the gills with some of Portland’s night-lifers who were strutting and shaking their stuff all around the room. If you weren’t there, you missed out folks.

Check out their chat with Inessa right here!

— Dennise M. Kowalczyk, Host of Trixie Pop - Portland Radio Project

"Acoustic Minds, Afro Massive, Lafa Taylor"

[PORTLAND POP] Portland twin sirens Amanda and Jenni Price, known together as Acoustic Minds, specialize in their own blend of soul and New Millennium dance pop. Their work has two completely different, though not necessarily opposing, sides: a quiet, acoustic side rife with gorgeous blues and soul influences and a loud, club-banging side that is rich in synths and lyrics about the type of love at first sight that can happen only on the dance floor. Citing such influences as Rihanna and Katy B, the band is crossing over more fully to the latter\'s side; its new album, Electric Sol, sports synthy club jams fit to get a little sauced and make out with a rando to. - NORA EILEEN JONES - Willamette Week

"Acoustic Minds "Electric Sol" Album"

Twins Jenni and Amanda Price have broken away from being back up singers for great bands such as Keegan Smith, Marv Ellis, and Pilar French to create their own unique sound. The release of "Electric Sol" encapsulates their decades long progress as musicians.

Soul, electronica, heavy rock, and so many other genres of music are hinted at or straight blasted into your ears from this unique album. Now a 5 piece band with their own sound Acoustic Minds have made a complete departure from acoustic only to fully embrace the electronic soul music on the new album.

During the Acoustic Minds interview on KPSU, Jenni Price summed the album up best "great female vocals with a heavy womp wom sound". Really the beautiful harmonies, Drum n Bass, and synth define this album.

Aaron Altemose's fancy DNB with infrared controller makes it danceable and fun to watch. Josh Lorenzen masterful synth work gives the music a fun 80s feel. Live Drumming by Josh Burns provides that slight nod heavy rock. The Price sisters amazing soulful vocal harmonies tie everything together. The music surrounds you like a hug, simultaneously makes you wanna dance like nobody is watching - Rachelle - KPSU Radio

"How Acoustic Minds got a Electric Sol"

Last year, OMN already used up the headline Acoustic Minds as you’ve never heard them, yet it seems to apply here once again. Twin sisters Amanda and Jenni Price are releasing their EP “Electric Sol” this Saturday at the Star Theater, you’ve never heard them like this either.
As is often the case with prolific artists you’ll find that change is the only constant. That is definitely what’s going on here. With every passing year this group is maturing and expanding their art into new territory. Not that electronic music is anything new for Jenni and Amanda, who are long-time fans of Drum n Bass and dance music. They’ve just finally been able to incorporate the effects and sounds into their band. Aaron Altemose plays the heavy synth hits just as well as he plays the grand piano, Josh Burns can transform into the human drum machine, and Josh Lorenzen’s bass effects can wobble as good as any keyboard bass in the biz.
Amanda Price talked about the band’s transition, “Aaron Altemose our keyboard player really sparked the electronic fire. In our past experience we had brought electronic style songs to the band and would be met with resistance, when Aaron joined the project it felt natural.”
The band has been talking about modifications in the name due to the sound shift, opting for the more simplified abbreviation “A.M.” Jenni confirmed that although they’re on a new path, there will always be an acoustic side to Acoustic Minds. The girls still perform often as an duo or trio, Amanda still plays her acoustic guitar. Above all, the vocal harmonies are always rock solid and spine chilling.
What hasn’t changed is the tenacity at which this group seeks to reach it’s goals. They gig relentlessly in clubs in the winter and throughout the festival circuit all along the West Coast in the summer. Their time is split between Northern California and Oregon, although they still consider P-town their home. Though they’ve had less time to pair up with their old mates Keegan Smith and Marv Ellis they are still on stage with Lafa Taylor and Jah Sun when time permits. Right now their focus is on themselves, and their audience. Amanda commented, “We have so many messages in this CD, but it’s truly about loving you for you, being proud of your abilities, taking those passions and making your dreams a reality.” - Oregon Music News - Kevin Tomanka

"Acoustic Minds like you've never heard them before"

Two of Portland’s hardest working musicians known for their live performances and unmatchable harmonies, 32 year-old twins Amanda and Jenni Price of Acoustic Minds get ready to release their second album in less than a year, “Live from the Living Room” this Saturday, January 8th at the Alberta Rose Theatre, and it’s like nothing you’ve heard from them before.

Acoustic Minds with band. From Top Left: Chris Matthews, Aaron Altemose, Amanda Price. From Bottom Left: Jenni Price, Josh Lorenzen. Photo by Dave Lutz.
When Acoustic Minds released AM Radio in March of 2010, it felt a bit like a hollow victory to Amanda and Jenni Price, the identical twin powerhouse singers, who felt they had moved past the songs that had been recorded two years prior. “Everything had been done and recorded at Mississippi Studios back in December of 2008, so it didn’t feel like a representation of what we were doing since we had written it so far back,” stated Jenni.
With this week’s release of “Live from the Living Room,” they will be all caught up. “It’s a waiting game to get your music out there and put it on a disk and share with your fans,” shared Amanda. The past 5 years these dedicated sirens have been busy performing back up vocals with Marv Ellis & The Platform, Jah Sun, Lafa Taylor, Keegan Smith & The Fam, and the UK’s Lloyd Brown; appearing as guest vocalists on other artists’ albums; as well as performing over 200 of their own Acoustic Minds shows a year. All the effort has paid off, and listeners will find influences from their collaborators throughout the album, but delivered in their own evolved style.

Photo by Sarah Henderson.
“This is the first album where we’ve written every single piece of music,” acknowledged Amanda. “It was just Jenni and I in our house or on the road, creating the guitar parts, the melody lines and the verses. After we’d sing them out and perform them, we’d bring them to the band. The last few songs from this year, the band was an integral part in creating a completely different vibe for our music.”
“For so long we’ve been going off of other people’s styles” explains Jenni. “If you listen to our first album, it’s very blues-rock driven. When you listen to our Live at Mississippi album, it’s very percussive, acoustic and raw. Our third album, AM Radio, is very produced with specific genres for each song. You listen to this new live album and it is a brand new sound that is constructed with sounds that Amanda and I have been looking for. Not that we didn’t have it before, there has always been a piece of us in those other songs, or a part of us in the melody or the lyrics, this just feels so much more genuine and true to ourselves as musicians having written all the parts and defining exactly what vibe we wanted where. The transformation that has happened in the last 6 months with the new band, people are calling us a rock band now. We’ve never heard that before, we’ve always been sort of a mellow, folk, Triple A contemporary sound. It’s definitely grown.”
“Like every song writer, most of the tracks come from some form of love, angst or pain,” explains Amanda. “There is still an acoustic vibe on some of the tracks, but there is more of a rock vibe to it and even an electronic influenced track similar to Groove Armada’s sound. Across the board it still has that diverse sound because I don’t think Jenni and I could ever go into a box again. Maybe it is because of all our collaborative forces, but you’re going to hear a hip-hop flavor on our club beat with a full funk vibe that comes from playing with Marv Ellis and his live hip-hop fusion band. You will hear the influence of having played with Keegan Smith for 4 years and having our bands combined in another song that has a bit of a reggae groove and roots vibe. It’s an eclectic album that has a more dance, dynamic and upbeat feeling to it that reflects our new live show. It’s exciting to see your band grow and expand that way.”
These days, the band includes drummer Chris Matthews; bass player, 21 year-old Josh Lorenzen from Spokane; and keyboard player, Aaron Altemose. “Aaron can create different pads with his keyboard and is a computer genius,” declared Jenni. “He helped us record all these live shows with his soundboard, spent countless hours mixing down the live album and has all that capability in his home. Where in the past finances might have been an issue trying to get things recorded and out, he was able to take out that middleman for us. And he can sing! He has that tonal ear that hears thirds and sevenths and diminished fourths. Amanda and I are very capable of blending with different artists, but not a lot of artists can blend with our music. It was a pleasant surprise to find in him this third lower male harmony to thicken up our vocals.”
Between the two of them, they bring 58 years of harmonizing experience to the table. “Jenni and I have been singing for people our whole lives, and that blood harmony - Ana Ammann

"Live from the Living Room"

It's a compliment to Acoustic Minds to say that their new album, "Live From the Living Room," doesn't really sound like a live recording. The between-song banter and audience response are missing, and the performances are studio-perfect -- but it still retains the warmth and energy usually only seen and felt on stage.

Chalk that up to twin sisters and band leaders Jen and Amanda Price, whose soulful voices harmonize in a way only siblings can. Their interplay and chemistry add extra depth to their heartfelt tunes as they and their ace band march, soar, tremble and tease through 18 songs covering soul, folk, pop and rock terrain.

Their pursuit of perfection -- sonically and as songwriters -- may fly in the face of Portland's reigning lo-fi aesthetic, but it makes for some truly enjoyable, radio-friendly pop. If you're a fan of Modest Mouse or the Dandy Warhols, you'll probably find Acoustic Minds excessive. If you love the soulful grit of Lauryn Hill and Sheryl Crow, you should catch them in their natural setting -- on stage -- as they celebrate the record's release. - Oregonian - Barbara MItchell

"Three Portland bands drop day jobs, leap into unknown"

Musicians' dream - With various reasons and methods, band members go for it
Thursday, August 28, 2008
Special to The Oregonian

Imagine starting in your line of work and, after learning the skills of your profession, finding you wouldn't get paid unless your work was accepted by the public, and furthermore, you'd have to work at a completely different job until you had figured out how to be paid for what you do best.

Hence the term creative artists despise: "day job."

These three Portland bands have come to the crossroads in their careers and have taken the plunge, quit their day jobs and given up security. With the move comes some trepidation, but also excitement and anticipation.

NIAYH (for Now Is All You Have), a group of self-described hippies in their early 20s describe themselves as playing "hip-hop-infused, psychedelic soul rock rhythm and blues." Earlier this month, they pulled up stakes and piled into a converted school bus for what they hope will be touring in perpetuity.

Acoustic Minds, consisting of twin sisters Amanda and Jenni Price, who have quit jobs in the financial industry to pursue their indie soul band and other projects, including a duo, a trio and a career as backup singers.

Oh Darling, an indie-pop quartet of experienced rockers who are moving to Los Angeles after signing a record deal with Creative Works Records and getting management there. Some have quit their jobs, some haven't. Some are moving, One isn't . . . at least not right away.

First, they all had dry runs at their life-changing moves.

NIAYH dates its beginning to a day in September 2007, when it officially become a band. One with a plan.

"We were talking about it from day one," singer Worth (his band name) says. Their plan was to record, buy a bus and set out for adventure.

"Because we had no jobs, those of us who had no savings weren't coming up with rent too efficiently," the bassist, Lydian, says. "We realized that we were going to have to move into a bus and travel on the bus on tour. It makes sense; you make an album, that's what comes next."

Worth had been an Internet designer, Lydian modeled and others had construction and/or barista skills.

They finished the album and enough of the bus to go to California to play shows and get the album mastered.

"Pillows were thrown in the bus at the last minute, and we left from the studio and drove all night to San Francisco to do a show," drummer Roody says. "We drove through hell overnight and came out in San Francisco. We thought, 'Ah, the reward is here.' "

Oh Darling had already been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles. For guitarist Daven Hall, "It's kind of what we do right now. We'll be there for a while and then come back here and hit Seattle. It'll be the same kind of plan, we'll just be based out of L.A. instead of Portland."

But it's not that easy. There's a house to sell and a drummer who has a family and a business. And bassist J. Marie Hall, Daven's wife, will be coming back to Portland to work her long-time hairdresser job. "I work for really wonderful people who are very supportive," she says.

The Acoustic Minds twins went on a 10-week tour in 2005.

"We took a hiatus; both of our jobs let us take a leave," Jenni Price says. "It was very bittersweet when we came back from the tour knowing that, 'We can do this.' We have our mind set to this. Every day, whatever city we were in, we still touched someone. That's what really put us to the drive."

But, it's not the size of the risk that is on their minds. It's the opportunity to play music at will.

"I'm very emotional about it," Amanda Price says. "I had freakouts about it, but I'm excited. Even though it's scary, it's the best type of scary. Just talking about it I'm getting chills because I know it's going to be something that's powerful."

"It's a little bit unnerving," her twin adds. "We know we may fall a little, but we know what's going to happen and why we fell."

Oh Darling's Daven Hall also is excited. "It's either do it now or don't do it. You might regret it if you don't. You can always come back."

"We all have families here," his wife adds, "so of course we'll come back. Right now we feel like that's where we want to be."

NIAYH has no intention of coming back.

"The bus is freedom to us," Worth says. "You can look at the space as freedom or limitation. This is a beautiful thing for us. As of next week, Oregon is just another tour stop. The bus is home."

- The Oregonian by Tom D'Antoni

"Live @ Mississippi Studios"

PORTLAND, OREGON Acoustic Minds, the five-piece folk rock band fueled by twin sister harmonies and deft exploration of contemporary acoustic musical styles, have released their second CD, Live at Mississippi Studios. The CD is the follow-up to last year’s studio album “Time,” and has already made a splash on’s Folk Rock charts as well their Blues, R&B, and Jazz top picks. It’s rare to find a band versed in so many styles and able to bring something fresh to the mix, but this is exactly what sets Acoustic Minds apart from the crowd. They can burn up a stage with Indigo Girls-like power anthems (“24 Years”), acoustic jazz/blues picking and smoldering gospel-like testifying (“Stuck”), or sophisticated rhythms and adult contemporary singer-songwriting (“Then I’ll be Smiling”). The 13-track album is a perfect introduction to the raw power of their live shows, allowing listeners to enjoy their tight musicianship, soaring vocals, and, inventive style.

Acoustic Minds features Jenni and Amanda Price (vocals), Nathan Milton (acoustic guitar, vocals), Franklin Gallwas (percussion) and Nathan Carver (bass). Live at Mississippi Studios was recorded at Portland, Oregon’s renowned acoustic café Mississippi Studios by Jim Brunberg, and mastered by Ryan Foster. It is available through or at live shows and Portland-area music stores.

Acoustic Minds began as a three-piece, with twins Jenni and Amanda Price sharing their love of singer-songwriters like Sarah McLachlan and Joni Mitchell with acoustic guitar. They found like-minded artists around the Portland area and eventually filled out their sound to a full band. Their first CD “Time” was released in 2005, and launched a national 59-city tour. They currently keep to a demanding local performance schedule including a busy summer of outdoor performances.

For tour updates, contact information and media downloads, please visit

- MusicSubmit Affiliate

"Review of Acoustic Minds- Live at Mississippi Studios"

5 out of 5 paws
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Songtiger artist Acoustic Minds- Click Here

Acoustic Minds, from Portland, Oregon, is a folk rock group fronted by twin sisters Jenni and Amanda Price. They mix folk, rock, jazz, and blues adeptly and seamlessly. As you probably gathered from the title, this is a live album. Each instrument, however, is full and clear. They really put the time in to make sure that it sounded great. To compliment these songs, they are accompanied by an energetic crowd to give you a good sense of an Acoustic Minds show.

Drop By is this jazzy ballad that bounces along. Jenni and Amanda's voices blend beautifully together. The acoustic part plays a syncopated rhythm, while the electric lead guitar flows right over the top of it all.

Woman Like That showcases Mel Cooper (Lead Guitar) on vocals and takes a turn towards some sixties rock. Mel shows himself to be up to the challenge. He's got a nice voice. His delivery has a lot of feel.

All I Want is such a beautiful song. The vocal melodies and harmonies dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge all over the place, and follow each other expertly. It comes off no less than perfect. The tune itself reminds me a bit of Alice in Chains' acoustic songs.

Love Song has this calypso feel to it. It drives pretty hard, due in part to the anticipatory rhythm of the vocals. The harmonies are quite powerful. The lead guitar is Santana-esque in its delivery.

Live at Mississippi Studios sounds as if you were there when they recorded this. This CD is full of soaring melodies, beautiful vocal harmonies, and sweetly sung guitar leads. The percussion and bass sound full and really hold down the framework of each song. They are solid. The acoustic guitar provides the overall feel and direction for each tune, and he knows how to bring it. If you are fans of Sarah McLaughlin, Joni Mitchell, or the Indigo Girls then you will love this CD. Make sure to get your hands on it. -

"Artists You Should Know"

This is that rare nugget you look for as a music writer.

Jenni and Amanda Price are sisters, twins in fact. One can only imagine that it is the closely shared DNA that accounts for the flawless melding of their beautiful voices. Each alone is a fascinating talent, able to invoke folk, blues, soul and any number of genres. But together they titallate every one of the senses.

Singing since age two, they have only now given up their day jobs and decided to break free and become full time musicians. A big move for any artist, let alone two not-yet-thirty year old sisters. But it is a move that has been applauded by their peers, and a much hoped for announcement from their fans.

They have played around the country in every facet of venue and stage size. They play as a duet, have Jeremy Serwer join them to make a dynamic trio, and then break out with a full on band on occasion. But regardless of who else they are on stage with your attention never leaves the sisters.

Off-stage they are both unassuming and casual, without a hint of their talent apparent. But their charisma and engaging personalities are always on display, radiatiing off of them as naturally as they breathe. You would want them as a sister, a best friend, a girlfriend - their joyful outlook on life being the draw. So once they hit the stage and really turn it on, all bets are off.

While their newfound full-time musician status means they will be playing more, it also means they will be touring points elsewhere as well, making the shows they do at home all the more precious. With two local album releases under their belt, 'Time' in 2005 and the even more critically acclaimed 2006 release 'Live at Mississippi Studios', they have a bountiful array of selections to choose from. But this is still only a pale example of what their live show is like.

Beautiful harmonies dont do the sisters justice. Its like hearing two shades of the same voice, seeing both sides of the same coin at the same time. Kitschy, we know, but its the truth. We keep hoping for juicy wild sibling rivalry stories from the road, but no such luck. So in the meantime, check the calendar and find these girls before they get snatched up by the big cities.
- Music Spectator


NYE Promo Disc 12/31/2014
Oregon Country Fair 7/12/2014
Love Somebody (single) 7/3/2013
Electric Sol 7/28/2011
AM Radio 8/1/2009
Live from Mississippi Studios 6/30/2007
TIME 4/19/2005



Portland, Oregon’s Premier Live EDM Act, #1 on 

Acoustic Minds or AM, is a Soul WOMP, Bass driven live EDM band.

AM is made up of twin sisters and lead vocalists, Amanda and Jenni Price, vocalist, producer and keyboardist Aaron Altemose and key bassist/producer Josh Lorenzen. The band's unique sound blends live electronic dance music with Pop, House, Trance, Dubstep, Hip-hop and RnB.

With their growing success over the past two years, the band opened for "The Voice" finalist, Judith Hill (who has performed alongside many legends, including Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, as well as her recent solo tour with Josh Groban) at Portland's iconic Crystal Ballroom.

Fairly young when compared to other EDM artists, AM is rich in experience. Each member has a long history in music. The twins have been singing together since the age of 3 and touring the country for the past decade with multiple international artists.  Josh and Aaron have been playing music since their early teens, Aaron was signed to a label with his alt rock group LUX. Their collective history has given them the natural ability to produce some of the most unique and trendsetting sounds in the market today. 

Aaron graduated from Full Sail Music in 2005 with a degree as a recording engineer, his quick instincts and radio ready songwriting creates a dynamic blue print to the music while his beautiful voice soars. Josh has excelled in just a few short years from bass to key bass and production.  With his gritty, space bass, womp generating the backbone of the music. The two of them teamed with Jenni, whose song writing and powerful voice have produced a fresh new approach to electronic music.  Leading to incredible stories of love and loss, all while pumping up the power of the female entity and reminding us all to strive for greatness. Her twin Amanda brings a softer, intense flow to each song, singing lead or harmonies, the blend is something that only siblings can achieve. 

AM is on the path to solidifying 2014 as a landmark year and with their fresh, innovative approach to live electronic dance music.

New Music Video - released Spring 2015

New Promo Videos - released May 23rd, 2014 and September 21st, 2013:

“Beautiful harmonies don’t do the sisters justice. It’s like hearing two shades of the same voice, seeing both sides of the same coin at the same time.” -Music Spectator 

"If you love the soulful grit of Lauryn Hill and Sheryl Crow, you should catch them in their natural setting -- on stage"   - Barbara Mitchell, Oregonion

[PORTLAND POP] "Portland twin sirens Amanda and Jenni Price, known together as Acoustic Minds, specialize in their own blend of soul and New Millennium dance pop. Their work has two completely different, though not necessarily opposing, sides: a quiet, acoustic side rife with gorgeous blues and soul influences and a loud, club-banging side that is rich in synths and lyrics about the type of love at first sight that can happen only on the dance floor. Citing such influences as Rihanna and Katy B, the band is crossing over more fully to the latter's side; its new album, Electric Sol, sports synthy club jams fit to get a little sauced and make out with a rando to." - Nora Eileen Jones, Willamette Week

2014 has included repeat trips to Austin for SXSW, two of their songs "Undertow" and "Breath In" getting picked up by CBS Radio, a Featured Artist on ReverbNation's home page during the week of May 21st and September 11th. They topped the charts at #6 in the Nation and #9 in the World for EDM music. Their goals continue to bring the best from the NW all while finding placement for their upcoming music in movies, tv and publishing.  They are currently seeking representation for PR and Booking.  (serious inquires please contact:

In 2010, they were awarded the prestigious title of "Band of the Year" at the Portland Music Awards and have since toured through 45 states and 100's of cities.  2013 was a big year for Acoustic Minds, featured as a TOP selection in Austin's for SXSW. They spent the majority of 2013 touring across the country w/Keegan Smith. Lafa Taylor and International Artist of the Year, Jah Sun. 

Band Members