Acoustic Praise

Acoustic Praise


Acoustic Praise is about melodic songs with a message of hope, peace, & love and of the wonderful universal gift of life we all possess. With their music & diverse individual backgrounds woven together, could they be the next worldwide phenomenon to come from outside of mainstream markets?


Acoustic Praise is a getting together of individually talented musicians from Europe, South America and Asia. Each member has a success story to tell on his own.

For instance, Egli the pianist is from Albania and is a renowned concerto pianist and was featured in various touring orchestras, while Kristian on violin who is half Finnish half Czech was a child prodigy since age 10 and has won various musical contests in Finland while growing up. Kristian has just recently released his own solo album. Vincent, the band’s vocalist from the Philippines was released in 1998 as a solo artist on Rock Records, Southeast Asia’s biggest major independent label. Released in Thailand & singing in English, his self penned single “Is It You?” charted as a number 2 radio hit. An accomplished songwriter in his own right with publishing signed to Warner Chappell and Fujipacific, Vincent has had several hits across Asia which to this day could still be heard in major markets like Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan. Ronald from Bolivia is on guitar and is an accomplished musician and has worked extensively with many showbands and so is Zdenek on drums who is a professional musician continuously working with various acts around Europe. John is the band’s passionate bassist who’s musical talents blend perfectly with the rest of the crew.

Vincent, lead vocalist, says “it’s great to hear people say, we definitely have hit material in our songs but the biggest challenge we have is blending each one’s individual talent into one cohesive sound that is Acoustic Praise”.

Though each of the band members comes from diverse backgrounds, the one common bond they all have (to use that old cliché) is a passion for great music. The band was formed out of a vision for writing music using a blend of acoustic instruments showcasing the guitar, violin, piano, drums, bass and voice. In today’s world of electronic instruments and computer generated arrangements, going back to the roots of the acoustic sound is a refreshing addition in today’s vibrant pop and world music scene. And with the band’s mix of nationalities and age range (of 20 to 40 something), their appeal should cross different age groups, national boundaries and cultures.

Acoustic Praise could very well be the next worldwide phenomenon to come from outside of mainstream markets.


Hand In Hand

Written By: Vincent Soriano

The earth is moving ‘round in circles
Everyday is new
We’ll keep the world in perfect order
It’s what we want to do
And when you find it’s not in tandem
Chaos is in tune
But life is far too short to let this be

People think it’s a sacrifice to give up the lies
All it takes is a little step, to spread the good news
To spread the good news.

Hand in hand we will always stand
For each other, love one another yeah
Together we will always stand
For each other, love one another

‘Round the world you’ll find in people
Longing to be free
Freedom from all strife and anger
It’s what they want to see
No matter what the situation
There’s hunger to share love
Peace and happiness to humankind

People think it’s a sacrifice to give up the lies
All it takes is a little step, to spread the good news
To spread the good news.

(Repeat): CHORUS

Bridge 1 ( 2 x )
I really think we ought to feel so good
Find a way to make it understood
Thousand years of hate in neighborhoods
Let’s love one another
Love one another

Bridge 2
Celebrate the love
It’s not a sacrifice
Give a little love
It’s so easy yeah
Send a little love
Give a helping hand

All it takes is a little step

I Don't Understand

Written By: Vincent Soriano & Egli Prifti

It’s not a mystery
How the Son of Man came down
To bring life and truth
To share the glory of His crown, Oh oh

Can’t comprehend
Why the world just pretends
To live on its own
When this unearthly love is shown

Why can’t you believe
And receive,
that He lived
And He died,
Just for you

Chorus 1:
I don’t understand
Why can’t you see
All the truth
That His love is real

I don’t understand
How can you be
So unsure
When He only loved

He laid down His life
The greatest story ever told
He did what was right
Fulfilled as history unfold

How can a King
Come to bring
That would give you life

Love Came Down

Written By: Vincent Soriano

Verse I

It's Friday night and I'm walking back to my home
It's a little bit late, not a single soul I'm all alone
I ask myself, why my world is like an empty space
I hope to know, what the future holds right in this place

Here in the silence, I say a little prayer
Safe in Your hands, I know You're always there
Trusting Your love, unfailing inspiration
On solid ground I stand so sure because
You're always there


Love came down, to set me free
Love came down, my hope I see
Love came down, fulfilled in me
Always by my side, every step that I make
Leading the way


Sometimes when life, treats you like all the hope has passed
Must realize, it's when you've got to learn to trust
I always know, that everyday won't be the same
The world will keep on spinning to a brand new day

Leaving behind, the choices that you make
Clear in my mind, it will never be too late
To gaze upon, the wonders from above
Lift up your heads, and receive the gift of love

Repeat Chorus - Instrumental ad lib - Chorus


Currently recording 12 track album under the label of Another Hit Record. 5 tracks with rough mixes are available now for presentation only::
- Hand In Hand
- I Dont Understand
- Love Came Down
- F H L Song
- Acoustics Made In Heaven

Set List

We are prepared for a full concert routine showcasing all 12 songs from the album. The full concert set is 1 hr 45 minutes.