Acoustika... A wise man once told us... "Play awesome rock, and they will come!" So I guess its just a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up with our music.


Hailing from Sydneys Northern Beaches, this original rock 5 piece is ready to be heard. Their music is ever changing and is an expression of the Bands emotion and experiences. To quote a review of AcoustikA's music that was recently featured in Sydney street press? "The music they create is unpredictable. What seemingly starts out as fairly straight heavy rock in one song jumps to frenetic punk in the next followed by stoner rock grooves or an anthem seventies sound."

With a reputation developing for their notorious AcoustikA rock parties that have best been described as "a live music video" and regularly feature cage dancers, pole dancers and fire breathers! AcoustikA is a band not to be missed!

In 2006, Acoustika's track "MY STORY" received highly commended in the Billboard World Songwriting competition and after their Wild Turkey Battle of the Bands victory... AcoustikA focused its energy on the bands debut album "For Sale" - OUT NOW! 2006/07 has been a big year for the band with AcoustikA signing licencing deals for 3 of their tracks to be released in the U.S.

"CYBER IDOL" was released in October 2006 for NO COVER MAGAZINE - a music and action sports lifestyle publication, featuring on the rock compilation CD "GROUPIES SUCK VOL 8"

"CAN'T HOLD ON" was released January 2007 and featured on a "NEW MUSIC SERIES 2007 ROCK/ALTERNATIVE compilation CD.

"MYSPACE GIRL" was released for "GROUPIES SUCK VOL 10"and the band had a featured interview for NO COVER MAGAZINE - MARCH 07 ISSUE..

The band also had several tracks featured on various sports/lifestyle DVD's including the soundtrack for Layne Beachley's (World no#1 female surfer) HAVAIANAS BEACHLEY CLASSIC SURFING EVENT! Action from the DRIPPING WET PRO SURF COMPETITION, A MOTO X DVD and other local Northern Beaches production surfing & Skate DVD's.

2007 is already shaping up to be massive year for AcoustikA, with the bands' track "CAN'T HOLD ON" being awarded highly commended in the 2007 Billboard World Songwriting competition and recently, they returned from their SPRING BREAK TOUR to the U.S.A March/April, that saw them play shows for Spring Break parties on SOUTH PADRE ISLAND TEXAS, AUSTIN TEXAS for SXSW and in LA. AcoustikA is currently back in the studio rehearsing their new show and working on songs for the bands second album!

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Written By: Steve Sax

Verse 1

My story’s not like ones you’re used to
Happy endings are a thing of the past
No one ever gets the pretty girl
And if you do it never lasts


My story’s not one you’ve heard before
Prince charming (he likes boys)
Cinderella is a whore!
My story’s not one you’re used to
Snow white’s not waking up
Grab a tissue

Verse 2

No one ever lives in neverland
And forever after is such a joke
50 years you slave away in the same ‘ol job...
then die of cancer, heart attack or stroke


Heavy bit

Chorus x2


Written By: Steve Sax

Too many times I’ve tried, but it ends in the same old story

Too many times I’ve lied to myself in the hope that there’s more here

Too many times at night, why the hell do I feel so lonely?

Too many times we fight wanna stop maybe once will you hold me

When you shut me out

You tear me down

Kill me

Too many times I feel like I’m home but I just don’t belong here

Too many times I scream but I don’t get why nobody can hear

Too many times I know what I want but it’s you that I really need

Too many times you don’t seem to care if I stay here or if I leave

When you shut me out

You tear me down

Kill me, Now!


Written By: Steve Sax & Sean Wheatley

On the edge, so what ya gonna do
Why would ya let ‘em make a front page story of you
On this edge, I can’t hold on to you

It’s not a game, they call suicide
My friend that played it never made it out alive
It isn’t fun, is there something else to do

I’m falling, we’re all falling down, but what’s goin’ on with you
I’m falling, we’re all falling down, but I can’t hold on to you

So put it down, lets get out of here
Relax your finger cause the triggers getting near
Is this the way you want it to end

We gather here today, in loving memory
To celebrate a life, forget a tragedy
Somehow I think I never knew you at all

Cause I’m falling, we’re all falling down, but what’s goin’ on with you
I’m falling, we’re all falling down, but I can’t hold on to you


Written By: Steve Sax & Brian Clarke


Open your eyes, what do you see
Is this what you want, or some place you’d rather be
When you hold my hand, what do you feel
Is it a strangers’ touch, or is it something real


Look ahead, but I don’t know what’s in front of me
Can’t look behind, cause the past it is haunting me
Look alive, when inside you are killing me
I stand up just to fall down


I see your lips, but I cannot hear
I know it’s been just a day. But it’s feeling more like a year
I keep telling myself, that it’s the right thing
But when I sleep at night, the only girl I’m seeing is you



And so I get up, some how I’m back on my feet again
Don’t know just how long till I will fall back over, it’s over, when will it end



Written By: Steve Westnedge

We're not alone in this life
we're fighting the same fight
At war against this messed up world
We are we are we are
We stand and nobody sees us
we cry and no one cares
we scream and still we go unheard
We are we are we are

(its a brand new day, its a brand new day)

We are the dawn of a new day
we are uncertainty
We have to right the wrongs you've done
We are we are we are
We don't know what lies before us
we'll make them better days
I only hope it can be done
We are we are we are


2005 - Live Demo

Debut album "FOR SALE" to be released soon

Set List