The Acoustikats

The Acoustikats


A rock/blues band. The Acoustikats formed after recording the CD "Boogie or Not?" Craig Bruesewitz and James Schmoldt anchor this entertaining veteran group. The music they play is good time rock and blues with humorous and light hearted lyrics. This is an experienced band with youthful energy.


Craig and Jim are both excellent singer songwriters that have been performing since the late 1970's. Jim lived in Nashville for several years and Craig is a family man living and working in Wisconsin. Their mutual love of music created a brotherly bond between them. They were in different bands together for many years. Craig formed the bands Stranger and the Poodle Haters which both played Summerfest in Milwaukee. Jim played with Decade X and St. Bernard. They got back together when Jim returned to Wisconsin about 3 years ago. They started playing and gigging as a duo. Craig and Jim were joined by some other veteran players for the production of their CD Boogie or Not? and have now formed this live rock and blues band version of the Acoustikats. Ramie Espinoza (multiple WAMI award winning engineer) plays a blazing, tasteful lead guitar. Paul Petted (Jim and Craig's long time friend) has played in many bands and currently teaches drums. These guys really enjoy playing together as good friends. The joyful energy of making this music is felt by audiences they play for. The Acousikats play mostly original music and some covers. People say that Craig looks and rocks like George Throrogood so of course he is covered. Staples in music history are also covered; Beatles, Dylan, Allman Brothers, Van Morrison to name a few. People mention the positive energy that this band has as well as excellent material.


Stone Broke

Written By: Craig Bruesewitz

Had a good job but I let it slip away
They said I owed them money now I can’t collect my pay
There’s a little lady that I’d really like to meet
Got no place to take her cause I’m living on the street
Got no money got nothin’ at all
If I had her phone number couldn’t afford to call because..

I’m stone broke totally poor
Stone broke I wasn’t before
Stone broke, The one I love don’t love me
And I can’t buy her sympathy
If you ever lost your job you know it aint funny
Girls don’t like guys with no money

See her on the street she reeks of happiness
She never noticed me she’s so hard to impress
Gotta think of something, something today
With no cash I got nothing to say
I’m so tired of eatin’ beans and wieners
Take her out to lunch but I got took to the cleaners and now I’m…

Things keep getting worse and I keep getting older
Feel the weight of the world on my shoulders
Aint nobody showin' me no pity
I’m flat busted broke in the heart of tap city
Gotta get a job there aint no doubt
No one’s gonna love me when I’m down and out because I’m…

Slice of Life

Written By: Bruesewitz/Schmoldt/Espinoza

I can’t believe I’m with you
on this sunny afternoon
The end of a cold long winter’s due Feels funny like we’re in June

Warm April wind and your pretty smile touch me to my very soul
Come on baby let’s walk for awhile we’re free to take it nice and slow

Everything seems just right
Baby take a chance love me tonight
Nothing in this world's gonna get us down
This daydream could last all night
Maybe shake and dance ‘till the morning light
Have some fun when no one else is around

Close your eyes and kiss me hon the trees are getting dressed in green
Photo-synthesized love in the sun Breath and leave the rest to me

I guess I’m Mr. Lucky twice
Hand in hand, roll the dice
You and me in this Slice of Life
Oh baby, feels like paradise
Feels so good
Feels so nice
In the woods
This Slice of Life


The Acoustikats - Boogie or Not? Recorded and released in 2008. Craig has 3 solo CDs to his credit. Cool Breeze Through the Ears, Peace of the Falling Sky, and That's the Way Life Is. Craig played with the band Stranger and put out an album (remember albums?) of original material with them. Craid has also appeared on other recording projects playing award winning (WAMI) haromonica for friends.

Set List

Originals- Stone Broke, Slice of Life, Dance for Your Health, Boogie Rag, The Milwaukee Boogie, That Aint Polite, Tired of Fooling Around, You and I, Walking with My Baby. Covers- Brown Eyed Girl, Moondance/ Van Morrison-Who Do You Love, So Much Trouble/ George Throrogood-I Saw Her Standing There/ The Beatles- Statesboro Blues/ Blind Willie McTell- On A Night Like This/ Bob Dylan-Cakewalk/ Taj Mahal. And many more