Grounded in the majestic rock output of the '60 and '70s, the band's sound is an amalgamation of vintage MC5 and Who mixed with hints of AC/DC, but laced with the lyrical grandeur of early U2.


Crunching power chords, sharp song writing, and an endless supply of catchy riffs are at the core of New York's Acquiesce. The band's attack comes via its five-headed sonic monster: Brett Kohart (vocals) and Dan Sweeney (lead guitar) man the helm, while ably supported by Justin Lizama (rhythm guitar), James Kluz (drums) and Nate Meng (bass guitar).The diverse musical background each member possesses has resulted is an amalgamated sound for Acquiesce. Incorporating the best aspects of classic '60s and '70s hard rock, with the lyrical grandeur of '80s college radio fare, the band has staked its claim in the crowded New York City scene. Boasting a fanatical fan base, the Big Apple quintet has garnered critical acclaim from mainstream publications, the Village Voice, Time Out New York and Newsday, while staying at the forefront of Gotham's musical renaissance.

What began as an informal jam session in 2001, Acquiesce has evolved into a swell of high-energy performances and word of mouth support. A track record of sold out venues up and down the East Coast (including the Bowery Ballroom, CBGB, the Mercury Lounge and Don Hills) is impressive in its own right, but the band's ongoing success relies primarily on its passion, and dedication to pushing creative boundaries. Whether simply experimenting with diverse lyrical themes, or expanding to a five-piece format, Acquiesce personifies the bodies in motion aesthetic. Never content to be one-dimensional, the band continues to offer fans (and itself) a broad palette of music and a memorable aural experience, with no gimmicks or affected airs.

Art as it should be: straightforward, authentic and energized. Acquiesce delivers all that … and more.


"...If You Say So" - EP 2002
"Acquiesce" - LP 2003
"Shattered" - EP 2004
"Threesome" - EP 2005
"Creating An Atmosphere Of Luck" - LP 2007

Set List

Typical set list is anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on what the club is looking for.

Messing With You
Hit Send
Lost In Your Game
Patiently Waiting
Standing In Line
My Fault
When It Changed
All Night
Starting Today