Acres plays dark, rhythmic rock, exploring the relationship of melody vs. tension. The focus is always on crafting concise, emotive songs. Acres negotiates the line between tight, rhythmic rockers, and expansive instrumentals, allowing the song to dictate it's own path.


That strange buzzing you’re hearing? No need to rush to your family physician. It’s simply the result of the electric debut release, Autumn in December by Ottawa rockers, Acres.

Immersing themselves in expansive instrumentals and tight, edgy vocal pieces, Acres is a three-piece consisting of Matthew Corbiere (vocals and guitar), Michael Zorn (bass) and Brian Ahopelto (drums). Acres has created a unique sound fueled by their somewhat geeky interest in the relationship between melody and tension. The result is dark, rhythmic rock, focused compositions and moody transitions, with an edge of unpredictability. Call it indie rock, post-rock, math rock - the essence is simply rock ‘n’ roll.

Tongue firmly in cheek, frontman Matthew Corbiere shares his thoughts, “We’ve heard all of those descriptions. It’s hard to describe that angular, driven sound… I call it porn-rock.”

Recorded at Ottawa’s Gallery Studios, Autumn in December is a six track EP, covering wide ground from the moody, atmospheric “As it Were” and fiercely intense “Life Between the Lines” to the succinct strength of album closer, “Problem Solving.” The powerfully emotive vibe strikes a chord of longing and tenacious vitality in listeners.

Acres’ sound is a natural progression of influences ranging from Neil Young, to Fugazi, to Do Make Say Think, but tweaked by Corbiere’s interest in technical musicianship and artistic effects, together with Zorn’s driving grooves, and Aholpelto’s vicious drumming.

Ottawa heard whisperings of Acres for almost two years before the trio shared their work with the city. Holed up in a tiny, dark practice studio the band turned rehearsal into a religion and dedicatedly headed twice a week to their sacred space. They’ve since played dozens of shows, sharing the stage with a number of popular bands including, The Walkmen, Plants & Animals, Torngat, Flotilla, As the Poets Affirm, People for Audio, The Museum Pieces and Nero.

Why the huge buzz? Take a listen and you’ll know.


Autumn in December (2007)

Set List

45-60 minutes. 6-10 songs.