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Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE | AFM

Toronto, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Pop





Across The Board – “Don’t Drag Me Down” – Single Review

Fellow-Canadians and Toronto-based band Across The Board are back in action with a brand-new single called “Don’t Drag Me Down” officially released on International Women’s Day of this year & from their latest EP called Amends.

Wait…what am I saying here? Back in action? This band is anything but inactive or able to remotely sit-still at any given time. A quick glance at their YouTube page will confirm this easily with over 150 videos leading to thousands of subscribers and fans excited about whatever they choose to do next. From covers to collaborations, live-cuts to pro-videos – Across The Board are clearly making all the moves necessary with all the effort required to keep at this full-time as career musicians. Branching-off the attention, support & success of their debut-album Jane On Fire in 2016 – it’s awesome to see/hear that Across The Board are still putting in the work to firmly establish themselves in the music-scene with a new release so soon. I’m looking forward to the Amends EP…I’ve always enjoyed Across The Board’s music since first being turned onto it about 3-or-so years ago and from what I can tell by listening to their new single “Don’t Drag Me Down” – the energy & excitement surrounding their music continues to build for many good reasons.

First of all, as I’ve already indicated – this ain’t their first rodeo! We’re talking about an extremely well-oiled machine at this point and cohesive vision shared in unity between the members of Across The Board that leads them to flawless performances, stunning writing and professional execution, time & time again. In that sense…”Don’t Drag Me Down” is another quintessential example of the band at their best…which amazingly, they seem to be at each & every time I hear something new from them. Coincidence? I think not. Across The Board is a shining example of what the results look & sound-like when you put in the work & the effort – but more importantly, when you really love what you do.

Check-mark in the win-column for the musicianship…as reliable as ever. For those familiar with Canadian bands of the past…the mix of pop-rock & gentle-alternative styles on “Don’t Drag Me Down” might remind you of a band like the Wild Strawberries. It has that punchy-energy and inviting, universally-acceptable sound that definitely keeps the song moving – but you’ll notice that the style, grace and confidence on the microphone also has similar qualities. At the end of the day, Wild Strawberries were a bit on the sleepy-side and if anything, that led to their downfall…I think that a band like Across The Board has a much better shot/potential for lasting success with the added life, passion and energy you can hear in a song like “Don’t Drag Me Down.” In particular – shout-out to Jacqueline Auguste for a completely stellar performance; she delivers powerfully and confidently on the mic with a vibrantly-bright and energetic set of vocal-rhythms, layered-harmonies & melodies that boldly exist, soar and thrive perfectly in this song.

But don’t get me wrong…they all deserve a shout-out because this is definitely another fantastic song by a band you can clearly rely on to bring their A-game each and every time. So to Damien, Andy and Paul, my hat is off equally to you gentlemen for consistently holding the fort and keeping us all incredibly entertained while allowing Jacqueline the creative freedom to step-up & really own that microphone. There’s a seriously uplifting energy that radiates beautifully from this song’s melody…and like all the best songs out there, continually expands to get better & better as it evolves.

For it’s just like the man Dave Grohl once said…’go forth and write a verse…then write a chorus…then go scrap that verse, make your chorus your verse instead and then go write an even BIGGER chorus’ – I’m paraphrasing I’m sure but you get the idea. “Don’t Drag Me Down” sounds extremely spirited and written with a similar approach designed to captivate the mind & surround you in sound…each layer added to the song’s idea and flow just makes the moment more massive and more memorable. Confirming what we already know about the reliable consistency and quality of their music – Across The Board continues to impress with “Don’t Drag Me Down” – another top-shelf, single-worthy tune from a reliable band with an ever-expanding catalog growing full of them already. - Sleeping Bag Studios

"Review: Across The Board soars on new single 'Don't Drag Me Down' Read more:"

By Markos Papadatos Mar 8, 2017 in Music
Canadian band Across The Board is back with their new single, the inspirational tune "Don't Drag Me Down," which came out on March 8.
Across The Board is a Canadian female-fronted pop and alternative rock band, which garnered some recognition especially since they were featured on the International Women's Day website, and rightfully so.
"Don't Drag Me Down" is the lead single from their forthcoming concept EP Amends, which has a refreshing and retro vibe to it. Their inspirational single encompasses a message of strength and optimism, in an effort to stand up to bullies and naysayers. It instantly lures the listener in thanks to its killer electric guitar riffs, and front-woman Jacqueline Auguste's strong lead vocals, which are reminiscent of Grammy-winning country songstress LeAnn Rimes.
The Verdict
Overall, the song "Don't Drag Me Down" is a great anthem of female empowerment. It will certainly strike a chord with their fans and listeners, and it is worth more than just a passing glance. This Canadian band sure knows how to rock! The song's melodies are catchy and memorable. It earns two thumbs up.
"Don't Drag Me Down" is available on Amazon and on iTunes.


"Across The Board: ‘Jane On Fire’ – expect dynamic, lush and organic arrangements"

Across The Board took its name from the multi-instrumental talents and diverse backgrounds of the core members – from classic rock, folk and country sounds. Using bass ukelele and mandolin, to cello, electric guitar, alternative percussion (Cajon, Djembe) and all sorts of acoustic guitars and shaky things, ATB will strum, hit, blow, hammer or bang on anything that will make a musical sound. ‘Jane On Fire’, the band’s latest album project, “weaves a story of love lost and found,” says the band, “and the need to be truthful to oneself before all else.”

The album cover
The album cover
The Toronto (Canada) based Across The Board is (vocals, strings, keys, percussion), Parry Nitchos (vocals, lead guitar), Andy Ramjattan (bass guitar, percussion), Paul Nanuwa (vocals, percussion, strings) and Martin Heller (vocals, strings, keys).

Across The Board’s sound is a nice throwback compared to many of the over-produced, vocally-massaged tracks that we get nowadays. It gives a vibe of the classic 70’s folk-rock band sound, with all joining into the vocal choruses, giving the songs a fuller sound rather than having a single singer endlessly layered. You’ll probably find yourself involuntarily singing along with the catchy, ear-wormesque songs with an alternative urban edge.

‘Jane On Fire’ by ATB is not an overly complex record but its simplicity adds to its charm. A little bit of rock and a little bit of alt-country, it wears its influences on its sleeve. Almost like a fine wine, you can distinguish the key ingredients as you swish it around in your mouth and after giving this album a listen or two, you can taste the influences. Since I reviewed the band in 2014 they have certainly added a harder rock edge into their arrangements with some crunchy guitar riffs and tones.

And the band make this clear, right from the opening track, “Indifference”, which is also the album’s lead single. The sprawling guitars continue with “Take Those Pictures Off The Wall”, “One Way Ticket Down” where the riffing becomes almost adrenaline-rushing.

Most bands aren’t necessarily trying to re-invent the wheel and Across The Board are no different – although they just make sure it’s turning full cycle all the time. The songs on this album are so strong and singer, Jacqueline Auguste offers the perfect delivery. While the tonal qualities of her voice may present a familiar recollection, the annunciations are very unique often times remind me just how much a voice can contribute greatly to the instrumentation of an arrangement.

Across The Board
Across The Board
Musically you can expect dynamic, lush and organic arrangements with layered keyboard sounds, swirling guitars, catchy melodies and vocal tracks in which co-producers Jacqueline Auguste and Parry Nitchos have crafted the perfect retro-futuristic feel.

Head to tail, this album doesn’t miss a beat and Across The Board’s sound transcends that of their genre-contemporaries, whom most of the time sound like melancholic crooners in an acute state of depression. Even treating serious themes of loss and missed opportunities, ATB manages to stay composed, light and sprightly allowing their sweet harmonic hooks to enchant your ears.

Just listen to “Echoes of You” and “Don’t Cross That Line” which are both about broken relationships, while “Sad Guitar” and “Loving Cold”, looks at lonely hearts, yet they succeed in keeping their musical heads above the murky waters, and without the melodramatics.

Once in a while all this music world needs is a band to just simply cut it up. Across The Board just let it out, without coming off as too tedious or annoyingly coy. How many bands do you know that can sound so familiar and simple, yet different and complex? Listen to this album with headphones at full volume. The instruments, the harmonies, the melodies, the moods, and the vocals will blow your mind. - Jamsphere

"Across The Board Releases Debut Album "Jane On Fire""

Across The Board (ATB) is a Canadian rock/ alt country band from Toronto, and creators of the Youtube cover series “Pick Up & Play”. ATB’s debut album “Jane On Fire” – released June 14, 2016 – pays homage to classic rock guitar riffs using an alt-country mix of acoustic harmonics and synthy electronics. We spoke to ATB briefly about their musical past, present, and future – as well as their debut album right here on ET! Enjoy our interview with Across The Board below!

Entertwine: Tell us a little bit about yourselves! How did the band form? Across The Board started as a Youtube cover band, getting together every Sunday to create a music video of a relevant or timely coversong. After over 100 videos on Youtube and a growing subscribership, we decided it was time to flex our creative wings in the direction of original songs. The initial band was a collection of Toronto musicians directed by Jacqueline Auguste as periodic collaborations with a group of regulars—the regulars who now make up the band Across The Board.

You have just released your debut Album, “Jane On Fire”. What can you tell us about this album?

Jane On Fire” – released on June 14, 2016 – pays homage to classic rock guitar riffs using an alt-country mix of acoustic harmonics and synthy electronics. This 9-song project was 2 years in the making for us and represents a collection of tales with common themes of love lost, unrequited dreams, and uncovered secrets. We wrote about 20 songs from which we chose the 9 that made the final cut. We created an album that seems to represent our individual musical influences—classic rock for Parry our lead guitarist and Andy our bassist; country-rock/folk influences for Marty and Jackie; accompanied by some intricate pop-rock beats from drummer Paul. It’s been interesting trying to classify our music into a specific genre. It’s not completely rock, nor is it perfectly country—and it wanders towards the rock side of country-rock and slightly to the left of pop-rock. So if there was a “pop-country-alt-rock” genre, we’d hit that on the nail!

What was the recording process like? Do you have a favorite song off the album? Recording the album was interesting. As a Youtube band with a weekly series, we’ve collected some amazing equipment over the process of creating more than 100 music videos and we’ve built our own studio here in Toronto. This gave us the space, tech and experience to produce our own album on our own schedule. We are used to recording “off the floor” session videos, so it was a treat to be able to break down each song track by track and reassemble them without the pressure of a Youtube deadline. And today’s digital tech allows us to work remotely from each other from home – spending hours at night and on weekends online together editing and sharing ideas.

My favourite song (Jackie) is “Jane On Fire” – the first song I wrote for the album. It’s the title track and the lyrics describe the urban decay of the Toronto neighborhood of Jane and Finch. This area was once a bustling vibrant community of multiculture and new immigrants dreaming of a better life. Unfortunately the area now falls prey to gang and gun violence and growing problems of poverty and social strife. I wrote the song after witnessing burning cars on the corner of Jane Street and Wilson Avenue in Toronto that had been vandalized early one morning close to our studio. It seemed such a fitting analogy to the Jane Street condition and personifying the area as a woman struggling to save her grace was inspiring as a songwriter.

How did you come up with the idea with your Youtube Cover Series, “Pick Up & Play”. What has the reaction been like? “Pick Up & Play” was inspired by the traditional campfire jams we grow up with here in Canada. Someone always seems to have a guitar or two and a tambourine or drum of some sort. Where I come from in Alberta, some of the best musicians I have ever played with come out of those impromptu jams. The Youtube series was built on the same principle of picking a song and then laying it down without any lead time or rehearsal—thus the name “pick up and play”. The reaction has been great. Not only do we have many of Toronto’s top talent coming out to the studio to play with us, but we have a growing subscribership both on Youtube and Patreon. It’s a wonderful way to challenge ourselves as a band and create high quality music videos in the meantime. We’ve managed to attract talented video production artists to help us conceptualize, light, film and edit each show, using all different types of effects and film ideas. I think my favourite episode is the “Exes and Ohs” cover we did (Elle King) which turned out to be a fun parody staring one of our regular musicians, Nat Novak.

When you all aren’t performing, what takes up your time? Well we all still have day jobs! Marty and I are both physicians and Andy works with us at the same hospital in Toronto. Parry is media professional and runs a busy printing company. Paul is a full time professional drummer/percussionist who plays with various bands in town including Trouble & Daughter among others.

What else can we expect to see from you in 2016? We’ve already started writing songs for our next album. We’re going to spend a bit more time outside of the studio playing live and we’d like to tour with Jane On Fire. I think we will continue to grow our Youtube series because that’s an incredible journey of its own that we all enjoy immensely. Jane On Fire has really helped us grow as a performing band outside of the studio and it feels to good to be performing to a live off-line audience! - Entertwine

"Toronto Band Across The Board Releases Debut Album "Jane On Fire""

Across The Board (ATB) is a Canadian rock/ alt country band from Toronto, and creators of the popular YouTube cover series “Pick Up & Play”. ATB’s debut album “Jane On Fire” – released June 14, 2016 – pays homage to classic rock guitar riffs using an alt-country mix of acoustic harmonics and synthy electronics. This 9-song project was 2 years in the making for the 5-member band weaving tales of love lost, unrequited dreams, and truths revealed.

All the tracks are beautiful but I liked The title track “Jane On Fir and “Take A Minute” more than others. Particularly “Take A Minute” was so inspiring for me. Its a slow, deliberate, pounding ballad, reminiscent of a Bon Jovi country-rock ballad— begs the listener to stop and take some time out of the world, to shut down and relax, close the curtains, and breathe. After an album filled with pain, suffering, loss and sadness, this second-last track brings the listener back to the reality of living in the moment. Simple, yet heavy bass drum, highlighted by a bright tambourine, against a heavy but simple soloing electric guitar breakdown, this is a very unique song as it does not follow the typical formula of verse, chorus, bridge, but offers enough catchy hookishness to keep the listener singing along.

Overall the album “Jane On Fire” explores the reality of life’s blows–lost lovers, missed opportunities, being stuck in a rut–neatly packaged into a collection of catchy harmonic hooks highlighted by the guitar-drum heaviness of classic rock, against a background of country-style lyrics and more contemporary synth/electronic c alt-popishness. Surely its a highly recommended, you must listen to it if you are a music lover. - Twist Online

"ACROSS THE BOARD (ATB)-"Don't Drag Me Down""

"Across The Board has a knack for writing strong tunes that will stay with you long after you listen. Their song, “Don’t Drag Me Down,” is a prime example of ATB’s ability to write radio-ready jams that will leave you eager for more of their music, never too much and never too little - ATB gets it just right."

Indie Pop
Across The Board (ATB) - 'Don't Drag Me Down'
April 5, 2017
Bryon William
Across The Board (ATB) are a highly regarded and dynamic indie-pop rock band out of Toronto Canada. The band has four talented members: Jacqueline Auguste (lead singer, rhythm guitar and keys), Damien Atapattu (vocals and lead guitar), Andy Ramjattan (bass guitar), and Paul Nanuwa (drums). This group of multi-instrumentalists seamlessly combine infectious melodies, soulful vocals and appealing lyrics to create songs that push “across the board” of rock n’ roll and into universal territories making their sound radio-ready. Their debut album, Jane On Fire, was literally on fire with 150 YouTube video releases. Now, ATB is to releasing their newest EP, 'AMENDS.' Off this EP is their single, “Don’t Drag Me Down,” which is sure to have you hooked on their captivating sound. Featured on International Women's Day and selected for an Akademia Music Award and a Global Music Award for best pop rock song in 2017, "Don't Drag Me Down" is a chart stopper.

As the song starts, the band slowly filters in after 2 enticing instrumental bars leading into the first verse. The guitar plays an infectious lick as the bass and drums keep a nice steady groove, for the first phrase of the verse, then break into a more intricate groove for following section. The vibe is upbeat and contagious, the kind of tune you want to blast on your radio on your way to anywhere and nowhere.

The arrangement of the song speaks volumes about the stellar musicians of ATB as they create compelling instrumentals that do not interfere with the blissfully sweet melodies of the vocals. Jacqueline’s vocals are honey-sweet making it easy to fall in love with ATB’s melodies; her vocal presentation has just the right amount of indie-pop. The combination of the arrangement, the production, vocals and a strong hook makes “Don’t Drag Me Down” a hit.

“Don’t Drag Me Down” is about the sometimes cruel nature of love, holding your head up high, not getting dragged down or wrapped up by other people’s fears and issues. In the second verse they sing, “You know you took me for a fool. It was nothing more than cruel. I'm right here standing tall. I'll never take your fall.” These uplifting lyrics are easy to relate to and empowering, but what really makes the words shine are the vocal and instrumental interpretation which is never over-the-top; the style unfolds and invites you instead of shouting at you allowing the cool vibe to settle and resonate. The hook is a stand-out, “Don't Drag Me Down. Stop foolin' around. Don't you see me here. Wrapped up in your fear .Don't you drag me down.” - Indie Spoonful

"CD REVIEW: Broken In Time by Across The Board"

When combining the likes of indie, alternative, pop, and rock you end up with a little Canadian act called Across The Board or ATB, whichever you prefer. If preference is not for you and you just go with the flow as it were then perhaps listening to their song called “Broken In Time”, may be just for you. If not then perhaps it should be given a listen either way.

Anyway Across The Board is of the indie, alternative, pop and rock genres, except they have been well blended together into a tasty flavored drink or dish, again whichever you prefer you take your pick! ATB is one of those acts that you would come across hearing it streamed on the car radio or online radio because their song “Broken In Time”, just does that. It tends to be one of those tracks that is so capturing and easy listening that it can engulf you as a listener straight away.

The track itself though is upbeat, catchy, and draws in the blended mix of genres as previously mentioned. While the song is upbeat and catchy, is really takes you in as the listener, that you can find yourself tapping your feet, bobbing your head or even singing right along to the move of the beats portraying through. The vocal chords on the other hand are very tossed about, they sound upbeat going right along with the catchy tone giving off for it, which makes the song work with the vocals. The vocal chords sound decent, they are there strong and focused but do bounce about quite a bit, but it keeps the music at ease with itself.

While the vocal chords keeps the track moving, the instrumentals work for themselves as well. They go in check with one another sounding loud and proud at times. The tone of the guitars, drums, and bass work it out with the vocal chords, bringing it altogether has it work out rather well. It has the song flow more better actually, mixing of the two together keeps the song more on the even edge, allowing it to expand and become more fun. It is like one of those songs that you can hear so many times on repeat that you will never get sick of it. That is how much fun of a track that this song gives off to the listener and for itself in general.

“Broken In Time”, by Across The Board or ATB is a song with a band to back it up that has it working out from both sides of it. The track stands alone on its own, while the band can stand tall and strong continuing to do what they do best which is create music. Not much more can be said here really. If you are into the indie, pop rock, alternative mixture then perhaps checking out Across The Board would be the best option for you. If ends up being an act that you cannot follow through with then maybe giving them more than one chance would do you better. Otherwise not much else to be had or said here at all - Vents Magazine - R J Frometa

"Across The Board – ‘Broken In Time’"

Canadian’s Across The Board or ATB for short is an indie alternative pop rock band, trying saying that 5 times fast. Who like many artists and bands is just trying to push themselves to the limit if not the edge of the pop or rock music scene. They bring with them a track of a song called “Broken In Time”, which mixes the genres they portray of course. Does it hold up and go with what the band claims, why of course it does, if you can believe that, that is. “Broken In Time”, is built of indie pop rock, with that alternative flare thrown in for good measure, as the song’s sound is filled with tons of vibrations with some good old times.

Good old times as in a dose of the past if you will. Having it become one of those songs that you will likely hear again many years from now perhaps. It’s one of those tracks you could bob your head or tap your feet too. It has melody, upbeat tones, catchiness flowing through it. It’s a track you could even hear possibly played in a club or at a party of some sort. That’s the precise energy that this song has going for it.

The band themselves though are more laid back, easy going, have got nothing to worry about type of feel from their looks, style, and sound given off from this track alone. Again the song is rather upbeat and catchy, it has just the right amount of energy that you can enjoy it at all costs if at that. Or perhaps even at any time of day whether it’d be morning, noon, or night.

Across The Board as a band has got the instrumental focus of musicians, vocal chords sounding decent, front and center with tons of melody edge. While the instrumental music portion of the track is again very catchy and upbeat, has the guitars, drums, and bass lines all working hand in hand with one another that it keeps the song in check with itself. It has the instruments and vocal chords working in what feels like a fast neck pace and feel, but yet it is more mellow driven as the song plays out.

It is like the band has already got so much going for them as it is, there is just so much they can do. Like for instance YouTube known for millions of videos across the board has had these guys produce over 150 videos alone, which is quite ground breaking as it where. Plus they have got an album called “Jane On Fire” with an EP as well “Amends”. Each release on its own doing its thing, really driving what Across The Board can do with their music creativity as a whole.

“Broken In Time”, as itself is indeed one of those tracks that can be found upon one of these releases, while the rest of the material also on these pieces of work, is just as stunning if not truly flawless. Across The Board or ATB if you prefer is just one of those acts that has got a lot going on, it is just as hard to keep up with it all really.

Natalie Perez - Skope Magazine

"Across The Board back with new music video 'Are You Really Here' Read more:"

Review: Across The Board back with new music video 'Are You Really Here'

Canadian rock band Across The Board is back with their new music video for "Are You Really Here." Digital Journal has the scoop.
The music video was produced by MC2 Music Media. Darnell Koch Toth and Matthew Makarenko served as the video's directors. It was released on the independent record label, Star One Records.

The alternative pop-rock group also released a neat lyric video for the song. "Are You Really Here" is the lead song on their latest album Amends. "Are You Really Here" is a moving story about coming to terms with loss and longing and the pain of reminiscing. Anybody who has ever lost a loved one, for any reason, can relate to this poignant song (that is filled with conversational lyrics). Jacqueline Auguste soars on this tune, thanks to her classically trained and controlled voice.

The Verdict
Overall, "Are You Really Here" has a haunting vibe to it, coupled with the crystalline vocals of Jacqueline Auguste; moreover, the entire band delivers as a whole on this refreshing soft rock tune. It's worth more than just a passing glance. Two thumbs up.

Aside from Auguste on lead vocals, Across The Board is comprised of Paul Nanuwa on vocals and percussion, Damien
Atapattu on guitar and vocals, and last, but not least, Andy Ramjattan on the bass guitar.

"Are You Really Here" is available on Soundcloud.
To learn more about Canadian rock band Across The Board, check out their official homepage.
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Read more: - DigitalJournal


Amends - EP - release date June 17, 2017
Tracks: Are You Really Here, Broken In Time, Don't Drag Me Down

Broken In Time -single - released April 22, 2017

Don't Drag Me Down -single- released March 8, 2017

Jane On Fire - LP - release date June 14, 2016
Echoes of You
Don't Cross That Line
Take Those Pictures Off The Wall
Sad Guitar
Loving Cold
One Way Ticket Down
Take A Minute
Jane On Fire



Across The Board (ATB) is an award-winning alt. rock /Americana band of multi-instrumentalist musicians with a solid social media footprint working on their second full length album. Seamlessly combining creative talents to push their sounds to the edge of the rock 'n roll envelope while retaining their rootsy vibe, ATB's debut album "Jane On Fire" was met with critical acclaim in 2016 and paved the way for their newest EP "Amends" released during Canadian Music Week April 2017 in Toronto. Having won three independent music awards for singles released in 2016/2017, ATB uses their as a Youtube sensation with over 200 music videos to play to sold out audiences at Toronto's most notable venues-Horseshoe Tavern, Cameron House, Revival, The Mod Club, and The Piston, The Opera House and Hard Rock Cafe. 

Across The Board recently won back-to-back international indie awards for best song for "Indifference" and their most recent release "Don't Drag Me Down"-- featured on the International Women's Day website. They also won an independent music award for their newest EP "Amends" The band toured across Canada this summer to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday from Newfoundland to Vancouver. They recently finished recording their second full length album "Sonic Boom"--due out at the end of 2017.

Recent Press:

" Across The Board ...well blended together into a tasty flavored drink or dish..." RJ Frometa - Vents Magazine

“Broken In Time” of those songs that you will likely hear again many years from now" - Natalie Perez, Skope Magazine

"Across The Board has a knack for writing strong tunes that will stay with you long after you listen. Their song, “Don’t Drag Me Down,” is a prime example of ATB’s ability to write radio-ready jams that will leave you eager for more of their music" Bryon William - Indie Spoonful

" extremely well-oiled machine at this point and cohesive vision shared in unity between the members of Across The Board that leads them to flawless performances, stunning writing and professional execution, time & time again."- Jer@SBS, Sleeping Bag Studios Blog (Mar 10, 2017)

“Across The Board... one of those rare and inspired groups of songwriters and performers who possess both a skewed, profound outlook and a warm, open heart. With superlative, restrained musicianship and wonderful economical spaciousness" - Rick Jamm, Jamsphere (Mar 18, 2017)

"Two Thumbs Up--Overall, the song "Don't Drag Me Down" is a great anthem of female empowerment. It will certainly strike a chord with their fans and listeners, and it is worth more than just a passing glance. This Canadian band sure knows how to rock!".- BY MARKOS PAPADATOS, Digital Journal (Mar 10, 2017)

Band Members