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Across The Aisle

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Rock Punk


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"Duff Review: Across the Aisle-The Mercy EP"

On The Mercy EP, NYC's Across the Aisle crank out loads of hooky, tart, and rambunctious ska-punk-pop in the vein of such 90s acts as Dance Hall Crashers and Save Ferris, but with Mighty Mighty Bosstones Devil's Night Out-type muscle and bite (pay close attention to the lyrics--the world according to ATA is quite bittersweet). Powerhouse singer Megg Howe has an extraordinary command of her rich alto voice and is more-than-ably backed by her musical cohorts on these four studio and four live cuts. "Better Off" is a gleeful kiss-off to obnoxious backbiters ("Thank you for leaving/we're so better off without you/Thank you for leaving/Don't let the door hit you on the way out!"), while a public break-up on the angrily catchy "59th & Lex" leaves the singer stunned, incredulous, and pissed-off in his wake. "Beer Song" is a ridiculously addictive, over-the-top ode to suds, which swipes part of the melody from "Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves for its intro, and sports these great lyrics: "Rum and coke, whiskey on the rocks, don't give me Long Island iced tea--NO!/My liver needs a break/but I can't seem to shake my love for beer!" Special Brew indeed.

The live tracks prove that Across the Aisle is no studio creation--but a super-tight ska musical machine. The best of the lot is the noir-ish "Total Stranger," a deadly serious and slinky jazzy/punky/reggay number about a philandering musician on tour running through more groupies than towns and his very aware and wounded girlfriend hot on his trail ("And how's Miss Sunshine State?/Or the punk rock chick near the Michigan lakes?/Then there's goody two-shoes Seattle/All you do is kiss, but it gives your brass a rattle/Don't treat me like a groupie/Treat my heart with care/I might give it back to you, so don't you dare/Put my high heels on the line/It's such a stupid wager/You don't know her like me, she's a total stranger..."). And not a shred of self-pity is found in Megg's voice--knowledge is power and she's gonna use it.

The Mercy EP is one hell of an impressive debut--somebody should sign 'em to a label now!

The Duff Guide to Ska Grade: B+/A- - Steve Shafer, formerly of Moon Ska Records

"Concert Review: Thy Burden, Across the Aisle and System Noise at the Delancey, NYC 11/19/08"


Female-fronted ska rockers Across the Aisle were next, blending ska with a brassy, chipper, cheery, occasionally sarcastic pop feel – imagine No Doubt without the weight of the corporation beating down on them, and with a horn section so tight you couldn’t fit a piece of paper between the sax and the trumpet. Everything they did was infectious: the sly Born Dirty, their signature song Across the Aisle which they began at hardcore speed, the impossibly catchy Out of Sight, Out of Mind, the sexy urban tale 59th and Lexington, a straight-up reggae number and the sardonic Everybody Lies: “Don’t be fooled by assholes,” Megg their frontwoman grinned. Thy Burden were a hard act to follow, but the party didn’t let up til Across the Aisle left the stage. All they need is some college radio exposure and this band will be huge. - Lucid Culture


In Ska We Trust (2011): Self-released

Change Nothing EP (2009): Self-released

Mercy EP (2008): Self-released



Across The Aisle is a dynamic, female-fronted, New York City-based band that have crafted a unique sound blending elements of ska, pop, punk, and reggae. With energetic live shows and stylish accents of kelly green, Across The Aisle have succeeded in creating an identity that sets them apart from other bands. Having recently released their third EP, In Ska We Trust, Across The Aisle is continuing to work tirelessly to gain even more exposure and build upon an existing loyal fan base.

In 2008, the band debuted with The Mercy EP which caught the attention of Steve Shafer, formerly of Moon Ska Records, who wrote “The Mercy EP is one hell of an impressive debut—somebody should sign ‘em to a label now!” Across The Aisle followed The Mercy EP with another 4-song EP, Change Nothing, self-released at the end of 2009. The D Throg Ska Review wrote that Change Nothing has “a greater depth of sound than you may expect, especially from a young ska band.”

Since their inception, Across The Aisle has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with The Toasters, The Pietasters, Sonic Boom Six, Dave Hillyard, Big D and the Kids Table, The Pilfers, Westbound Train, King Django, Mighty Mystic, Sonic Boom Six, Roast Beef Curtains and a number of other talented acts.

The band consists of Megg Howe (lead vocals), Ashray Shah (bass), Jackie Chasen (alto saxophone, vocals), Jesse Gosselin (guitar, vocals), Jay Reid (drums), and Andrew Hagerty (trombone, vocals).