ACT formed back in 1997, in Bucharest. With enormous strength and determination, the boys produced their first demmo called “Striga!” (“Shout!”) and struggled to record an album. The project failed because of some buthead managers who could not understand pure rock sound. After their first year of stage performances, TV and radio appearances the musicians split off. At the end of 2006 ACT returns, reforming the same golden team! This time they are determined to fight back those “dark forces” which didn’t let them bring their music to the people back in 1998. And sure enough, in November 2008 A.D., they win! “EXACT” is the name of their first album. Enjoy it!


2008 - "EXACT" - LP

Set List

Our typical set list consists in the songs of our latest album, “Exact” (2008), plus covers.
Our lyrics are in Romanian, but we do have English versions if necessary: It is my turn; Shout!; Noice for nothing; Alternative; The sand people; Let it be Anarchy; The X politician; One more beer; The rush hour; Let’s make them pay; It is unbelievable well.We have one set, up to 90 minutes long, that can be split in two smaller sets. We do the main hits form bands like: Pantera, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Sex Pistols, Kreator, Metallica, Audioslave, Alice in Chains, Godsmak