Action Dead Mouse

Action Dead Mouse

 Bologna, Emilia-Romagna

Post-Something Loop Orchestra


action dead mouse is a three people band. Once they were four, with a string section consisting of one person. But, yeah, now theyre three, hard and pure.

Why the band is named action dead mouse? Just ask to the band.

What does the band do? Mhm, its difficult to answer  - says the band as guitars are looped live and it looks liker there are millions of guitars but there is just one, as drums and bass run after all those twisted rythms, we use to say I dont know or some kinf of Post Something Loop Orchestra. That, this has to be said, its quite better than I dont know. Even if it means more or less the same thing.

And now, an interview. No, come on, I was joking.


Pets And Nerds Attack Planet Earth (Greed Recordings, 2007)

Revenge of Doormats and Coasters (Greed Recordings, 2009)

(Greed Recordings, 2013)

Perch questa casa ci esplode negli occhi (T R I S T E/Flying Kids, 2013)

Watanabe Noboru (in "Viscere vol.2" compilation STOP Records, 2013)

Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover, in "This is Not a Love Song vol.2" compilation To Lose La Track, 2013)