Action Figure

Action Figure


Action Figure “uses its kung fu grip to rock hard-edged pop-punk with catchy choruses and raw-nerve guitar hooks.” –The Pitch


”(Action Figure) uses its kung-fu grip to rock hard-edged pop-punk with catchy choruses and raw-nerve guitar hooks” –The Pitch (Feb 23, 2006)

“Action Figure is Kansas City’s version of invigorating punk-pop…They might as well be as well-known as All-American Rejects” –The Kansas City Star (April 20th, 2006)

”The album's catchy hooks and tight harmonies — especially on mind-melting tracks such as "Prosthetic Smiles" — will have you humming along to Action Figure songs throughout your day.” -The Pitch (Apr 6, 2006)

Formed in 2005 by Jeff Pickman, Eric Jones, Marc Bollinger and Tripp Kirby, Action Figure came together out of the simple desire to write good songs. To this day, the band prides themselves on the one thing over all others—the songwriting. In doing so, they’ve skillfully married driving pop and high-energy indie rock to form an infectious sound that grabs you from start to finish.

In early 2005 Jeff, Eric and Marc were struggling to find the final member to complete the line-up—the singer. Jeff estimates that the band auditioned over 40 singers before finding Tripp. Tripp’s punk-infused vocal style and propensity for writing hook-driven pop songs matched perfectly with the bands’ vision. Thus, Action Figure was complete.

Action Figure began writing feverishly. The desire to get on stage fueled their urgency, but the desire to create a quality song took precedent. Their first show was scheduled. The packed house and the chanting of “more, one more, encore” left the band knowing the wait was worth it. Now a year later, they’ve formed a solid reputation.

The first single off the debut album Every Minute’s The End, “Addicted to Distraction” is based on a novel by contemporary author Chuck Pahlanuik. This upbeat, power-pop fast burner about a man lamenting his ability to kill with a single involuntary thought has been an instant hit. The song is currently receiving regular rotation on commercial radio stations across the Midwest.

In the Midwest’s ripening music scene, the band is being included in an impressive list of contemporaries by reviewers who proclaim that the punk-pop outfit “might as well be famous.” Action Figure would have to agree


"Every Minute's the End" - February 2006 (Peanut Butter Records)