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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Four young-but committed muscians assembles a psychedelic Action! plan"

These are the high school jazz banders- students of style and theory, competent and prolific musicians, and, maybe most importantly, proponents of experimentation. "We are young," Nedbalek said. "We maintain over active imaginations." - OKC Gazzette


It Begins EP
Released in 2009
Written, Recorded, and Produced by Action!

Action! plans to release a second EP in mid November. There is also talk of recording a 20+ set of all original material from each member of the band, giving the listener every aspect of Action!.



Born and raised in Norman, OK, Action! arose early February 2009 out of series of late night improv sessions. United by a spirit of exploration, creativity, and a drive to perform, Action! are determined to inspire the world with fresh beats and a spectacular live show known fondly as the “Orgy of Light & Sound”. Self-described as “Psychedelic Dance Rock”, Action! combines many styles and influences into their sound. With several shows under their belt, they have spent the most recent months researching the fine art of set construction, building and coordinating their own lights to compliment the music, planning the ultimate set. Every set has fresh material, and the option of performing covers (given the circumstances).

Action! is hard at work on their sophomore EP, due to be released in late November 2009. The new release, as well as their debut EP, were both tracked, mixed, and mastered by the band. Every disc is personally packaged by a member of the band and all artwork is carefully planned out over the course of recording to suit the mood of the music. Action! is planning a small Winter tour in promotion of the new release, with details coming shortly.

The band started to form in early 2008 under the name Wild Trees and featured only singer Travis Pierce and guitarist Ben Murdaugh. Later that year, bassist Geo Morgan joined the group and the name Action! replaced Wild Trees after the change in styles. In early 2009 the band jammed with drummer Zach Nedbalek and upon finding a unique sound with each-other, decided to take Action! to the next level. From early on, Action! has had their careers planned out.

The future looks promising for these young adventurers. Action! is continuing to play shows and surprise their audience with new sights and sounds. For more info, check out: