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The best kept secret in music



ACTION TOOLBELT crank out their songs in a smooth, driving fashion that drops javelins into one's cortex in an extremely subtle manner....They are a band that practically begs you to sing along to each verse and chorus, and after more than a handful of listens, it becomes pretty much second nature..... this is one of those releases that will sound just as fresh and satisfying five, and maybe ten years from now.

- by Jordan A. Baker

"journal review"

The definition of college rock has changed greatly over the last decade, but some artists are still carrying on its original interpretation.
Long Island-based Action Toolbelt is one such entity. They work simple, insouciant hooks to alluring status so popularized in an earlier era by such somebodies as The Replacements and The Pixies. Owen Biggs_ unique voice shines throughout this self-titled debut, giving distinct life to these mostly upbeat numbers by hitting just the right note and unleashing occasional emotive belts.....The college rock genre was a sound that didn_t stick around long enough. Action Toolbelt ably rejuvenates it _ ear-tailored and good for the heart and soul.
- By: Wade Coggeshall


Action Toolbelt is the most solid, adventurous indie rock I have heard in a long, long time. Through and through, this record shreds. Lyrically as well as musically they have no routine, like late '80s pioneering post rock, or neo-alternative rock scholars.....Dubbed "Long Island's newest sound".I am moving to L.I!......The coverage on this disc is so far from explainable; yet so familiar it is inescapable. Consistent breakdowns, clever fills, the rhythms and melodies so complimentary that by the time you are enjoying the words you are nodding your head and tapping your foot so incessantly you almost miss the clearly powerful lyrics, "I'm trying to lead the way for you/ You never seem to follow through" (from "Away Home"). Thoroughly a solid record, 10 tracks of consistently performed in-your-face harmonies with no redundancy.... I would recommend this to anyone, and then to all their friends.
- Verbacide magazine


Action Toolbelt- Action Toolbelt There is only one word to describe this album, fucktastic! Well since fucktastic is not a word, it looks like there is no word in the dictionary that can describe how amazing this release really is. This could be 2004's best indie record to date in my book. - Danny Keyes, Owner and DJ


The music of Action Toolbelt harkens back to the days when static was the norm and “raw” wasn’t a dirty word. You get the feeling that a track like “Away Home” would fit right in on the Empire Records soundtrack, with its dreary but dreamy chorus and driving guitars....its certainly an approach hasn’t been attempted in quite a while. Kudos to them for taking a gamble, that paid off tenfold.
Rating: 10/10

Recommended if you like: The Pixies, Husker Du, Bayside, Superchunk

- Submitted by: Russ Hockenbury


Action Toolbelt is chock full of graceful emotional rock......You may have heard of this indie rock that have recalled the best of Superchunk and Husker Du on the 2003 Suburban Home Records compilation. Well if not, it’s high time you check them out. It doesn’t get much better than this.

- J-Sin

"ska,punk and other junk"

This is the catchy type of “alternative” / college rock.. Simple songs, mostly midtempo, with catchy melodies and no cheap gimmicks....... “If you could imagine liking a mellow version of the Foo Fighters, you should check out Action Toolbelt”
- Reviewer:Bryan

"green hell in german"

s/t Fast Music, 2004
Neue Band aus Long Island, die irgendwo zwischen College Rock, Emo, Punk und Power Pop einzuordnen sind. Die Band macht keinen Hehl aus ihren Vorbildern aus den späten 80ern und frühen 90ern des amerikanischen Gitarren-Undergrounds wie Hüsker Dü, Replacements, Pixies, Superchunk oder Archers of Loaf und sie hauchen diesem Sound zeitgemäßes Leben ein. Klasse Songs, klasse Band!
- green hell records


It's ashame that more people aren't talking about Action Toolbelt when it comes to great Long Island Bands that are putting themselves out there.The 10 songs on this self titled disc...have hooks and undeniable meaning in the lyrics.
But, just as commendable as the music itself is the fact that the enhanced cd includes MP3's of this album, which you are encouraged to upload and share. Talk about a 21rst century band! - reviewed by Paltrowitz - Under the Volcano

"volcano 2"

No matter how hard I try, I can't hate this cd. Action Toolbelt plays melodic indie rock which nods heavily to the indie rock of the early 90's-before "indie" meant "wuss."
I hear a heavy Replacements/Soul Asylum influence, as well as middle period damned.
This is a good cd.....It's mellow, but very passionate, which is definetly a plus. - Chuck Foster Under the Volcano


The debut album from Long Island's newest Indie/College Rock Power-pop band Action Toolbelt.

Action Toolbelt - Action Toolbelt
Fastmusic Label
Release date 4/10/2004

V/A “ Punk vs Emo” Fastmusic/Mindset Records 5/20/2003-
“Punk Vs Emo” features some of today's best new bands such as Rufio, Bayside, The Goodwill, onelinedrawing, and Mae. Currently the compilation has sold over 12,000 copies worldwide.

Suburban Home sampler 1 and 2
available Suburban Home Distribution

June/July Compilation AMP Magazine
Featuring bands such as Bad Religion, Stiff Little Fingers, Funeral For A Friend, Ten Foot Pole and Amazing Transparent Man.

Stream the whole album at
Listen online at, Spiderbite or on college radio nation wide.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Action Toolbelt hail from Long Island, NY, where they stand out in a new scene playing a more "Alterna/Indie/Punk Rock" style than many of there contemporaries today.
The music and lyrics are introspective and witty, and have been compared to such sombodies as the Replacements, Modest Mouse, Husker Du, The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Superchunk, The Archers of Loaf and The Foo Fighters.
They have also been compared to newer bands ranging from groups such as The Strokes and Jet to Brand New and Bayside.
Signed less than 2 months after there first demo, Action Toolbelt toured from Detroit to NC, and played extensivly in the NY/LI scene at such festivals as the M.E.A.N.Y, NY International, and CMJ.
A full US tour is scheduled for Oct, Nov and Dec.


In Sept. they will be working with Grey Sky Films on a video for their single Alphabetically. Grey Sky have worked previously with such bands as My Chemical Romance, Jennifer Marks (opening for Cyndi Lauper) and Sleepstation. The video wil be ready by Oct. and on Fuse, Fuel tv, and online sites.

Action Toolbelt is currently being played on College radio around the country, with Hofstra, Nassau Community, and Adelphi college in NY featuring them in Sept. and Oct. to promote there busy NY schedule.
You can also catch them online at and

Interviews and reviews are available in Verbacide, Under The Volcano, Jersey Beat, and online at in Sept. and Oct. with many more to come.

Adds, interviews, reviews, and promotion in magazines such as Alternative Press, Amp (on the cd sampler for June and July), Under the Volcano, Verbacide and online at Pastepunk, Punkmusic, Delusions of Adequacy, Pure Volume and Punkradio.

Action Toolbelt's self titled cd has recieved national attention for being the first to include allsongs in MP3 and AAC Format, allowing users to easily add them to their digital library, Ipod, or other handheld digital players.

Full color 13.5 x 18" posters, along with flyers, cards, and stickers are sent to every club along the tour at least 2 weeks prior to