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Action Toolbelt

New Hyde Park, New York, United States | INDIE

New Hyde Park, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"I think they liked it"

Action Toolbelt - "S/T" - Fastmusic - CD Good solid indie rock akin to The Pixies and earlier Archers of Loaf. Action Toolbelt is the most solid, adventurous indie rock I have heard in a long, long time. Through and through, this record shreds. Lyrically as well as musically they have no routine, like late '80s pioneering post rock, or neo-alternative rock scholars. Action Toolbelt has a whole lot of explaining to do. How have I been missing this so long? Dubbed "Long Island's newest sound".I am moving to L.I. Opening with a classic, "By the Way," the melodies throw nostalgia in your face; it is just like a 1990 re-issue, only its not. where's it going? The record takes you on express train to Rockville. These undying riffs, and structured melodies that are in some way Husker Du, but at the same time the early, faster (static prevails) Jimmy Eat World. The coverage on this disc is so far from explainable; yet so familiar it is inescapable. Consistent breakdowns, clever fills, the rhythms and melodies so complimentary that by the time you are enjoying the words you are nodding your head and tapping your foot so incessantly you almost miss the clearly powerful lyrics, "I'm trying to lead the way for you/ You never seem to follow through" (from "Away Home"). Thoroughly a solid record, 10 tracks of consistently performed in-your-face harmonies with no redundancy. Standout track is number three "Away Home"; I would recommend this to anyone, and then to all their friends. (Jeffrey Schechter) - Verbicide


ACTION TOOLBELT represent with a sound that's more mid 90s Alternative Nation than anything that's currently popular among today's independent circles, and for that alone, even if this is fairly close to such bands as SUPERCHUNK and ARCHERS OF LOAF, it sounds awfully refreshing on these worn out ears.
A more contemporary analysis of ACTION TOOLBELT also has them sitting in the parking lot just off the path of the school of Deep Elm branded emo, like the unwashed, unpolished step-child to BRANDTSON's pop-rock glory, or the fairly forgotten music of the rabidly skilled CAMBER. However, even with this release lacking the glossy sheen that's become requisite for rock bands these days, ACTION TOOLBELT crank out their songs in a smooth, driving fashion that drops javelins into one's cortex in an extremely subtle manner. The production quality on here is well-suited for the band, and properly places the melodic, but grainy lead vocals in center stage.
ACTION TOOLBELT are a band that practically begs you to sing along to each verse and chorus, and after more than a handful of listens, it becomes pretty much second nature. ACTION TOOLBELT haven't reinvented rock n roll or anything (I think that honor obviously goes to JET), but this is one of those releases that will sound just as fresh and satisfying five, and maybe ten years from now. How many other releases have you listened to lately that you can say that about? -

Jordan A. Baker of

"college rock"

The definition of college rock has changed greatly over the last decade, but some artists are still carrying on its original interpretation.
Long Island-based Action Toolbelt is one such entity. They work simple, insouciant hooks to alluring status so popularized in an earlier era by such somebodies as The Replacements and The Pixies. Owen Biggs’ unique voice shines throughout this self-titled debut, giving distinct life to these mostly upbeat numbers by hitting just the right note and unleashing occasional emotive belts.
As well, Action Toolbelt delivers 10 odes to an unsatisfying existence, summed up best on the choppy melodicism of “I No” (“And I don’t have a clue where we’re going / But I’m sure we’ll hit every light there”). They joyously bash through “By the Way” and deliver the guitar rave-up “Away Home,” the soft/loud chagrin of “Alphabetically” and the bumpy, ambling “Sick and Tired.”

The college rock genre was a sound that didn’t stick around long enough. Action Toolbelt ably rejuvenates it — ear-tailored and good for the heart and soul.

By: Wade Coggeshall
- journal review


There is only one word to describe this album, fucktastic! Well since fucktastic is not a word, it looks like there is no word in the dictionary that can describe how amazing this release really is. This could be 2004's best indie record to date in my book. –

Danny Keyes, Owner and DJ


The music of Action Toolbelt harkens back to the days when static was the norm and “raw” wasn’t a dirty word. You get the feeling that a track like “Away Home” would fit right in on the Empire Records soundtrack, with its dreary but dreamy chorus and driving guitars....its certainly an approach hasn’t been attempted in quite a while. Kudos to them for taking a gamble, that paid off tenfold.
Recommended if you like: The Pixies, Husker Du, The Foo Fighters, Superchunk
Rating: 10/10

Submitted by: Russ Hockenbury

"giddy pop thrills"

Big bright hooks and joybomb choruses are the order of the day 'round Action Toolbelt's way, and their self-titled album is a neon-tinted explosion of giddy pop thrills. They're reminiscent of everyone from the Romantics to Gin Blossoms, and it's a rare treat, these days, to hear such sucker-punch hooks hailing from this side of the Atlantic. If more bands could write tunes like this, perhaps the radio wouldn't be such a wasteland of alt-metal and crunky garbage.
-- Jason Jackowiak

"I tunes review"

by John D. Luerssen All Music review...... On its self-titled debut, Long Island's Action Toolbelt is an amalgam of late-'80s and early-'90s American underground rock, (think everyone from the Pixies to Superchunk, the Replacements to Too Much Joy). To quote that infamous cereal peddler, Tony the Tiger, "They're Greaatt!" Hooks are in ample supply, but instead of being over the top, Toolbelt has a subtle charm, not unlike Archers of Loaf circa Icky Mettle as tunes like "Away Home" assert. Frontman Owen Biggs is a convincing host, and radio- and iPod-ready tracks like "I Quit" and "Sick and Tired" warrant the repeat button. Meanwhile, "Alphabetically" just might be the best tune the Foo Fighters never wrote, but "By the Way" is the album's secret weapon — nicking the pacing of Gin Blossoms' "Hey Jealousy" and making it all sound new again. - John D. Luerssen All Music


Action Toolbelt - Self Titled 2004
Punk vs. Emo
Punk Rock Mix Tape
Because You Said We Couldn't 4 song EP titled 2007
Sirens In Spades Released Feb. 16th 2010



Action Toolbelt was born when New York songwriter Owen Biggs met drummer John Orestano, fresh off a stint at LA Music Academy. With guitarist Ben Wise co-producing and Joey Clement on bass, their self-titled first release quickly got them signed toFastmusic in 2004. Two years of touring and playing festivals like CMJ, The MEANY Fest, The NY International Music Fest, Block Island Festival, Mid Point Music Fest, Dewey Beach Festival and the Pleasantville Music Festival tightened the band’s sound, the addition of keyboardist/programmer Marco Talamo expanded it, and the release of 4-song EP “Because You Said We Couldn't”helped spread the word. Soon after Fastmusic closed its doors, Tom Kat Records/DSN Music picked them up for a 2-album deal. Ben Wise returned to produce/engineer the follow-up and play guitar and bass. The resulting album "Sirens In Spades" truly shows Action Toolbelt at the top of its game.
On “Sirens In Spades,” New York's Action Toolbelt hammers together a variety of styles to build a fresh new sound. Welding new wave analog synths to straightforward rock, they will hit a
familiar chord with life-long alternative music fans, yet appeal to a diverse fanbase. Driving guitars and passionate vocals interact with catchy melodies and infectious hooks in no-nonsense tracks that evoke the heyday of college radio, while the introspective lyrics and resourceful production reflect a grown man’s hard-won maturity. First single “One More” presents smooth verses that segue into the explosively catchy chorus. Songs like “Touch & Go” and “Used to Be” engage the listener with an up-tempo attack of powerpop guitars, buzzy synth leads and roaring vocals. The catchy alt-rock edginess of “Last Inline” gives way to layers of strings and keys, while “Trip and Fall” closes the album by showcasing the band's softer side. The new Action
Toolbelt is sharper, shinier and more powerful than ever.

DSN Music is proud to showcase Action Toolbelt for download, featuring their most popular hits.