Action Verbs
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Action Verbs

Medford, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Medford, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"C.D. On Songs: Action Verbs - "Makeshift Container""

I remember seeing a band once with a grammar term as a name and having an intense dislike for them. I was actually physically uncomfortable, I hated them so much. Was Action Verbs that band? I am not sure. If they are, then something has changed with one of us. It's probably me. For instance, I used to hate guacamole, now I can't get enough of it. Action Verbs just might be that guacamole. If you want to discover for yourself whether you love them or want to fight them, you should head over to the Middle East Upstairs tomorrow to catch them Dirty Truckers, The Willows, The Wrong Reasons and The Maquis.

"Makeshift Container" begins with an urgent guitar that scratches on your ear like an anxious cat that wants to be let inside. Once you open the door, the lads of Action Verbs enter and immediately state their case. This song goes from 0-60 in a matter of seconds, never seeming to run out of juice and always seeming to function in a controlled burn.

If we can learn one thing about the band from this song, Action Verbs has a lot of energy. This is also something they say about unruly toddlers, but Action Verbs has learned to harness their energy and ride it like an expert driver in a hard-to-manage sportscar. The major presence in the track are the vocals of Joey "Big Time" Chehade. He does not call himself "Joey 'Big Time' Chehade," but that's rather a nickname we're giving him right here due to his vocal presence in "Makeshift Container."

They make it look easy, but there is actually a delicate balance when it comes to an abundance of energy. Unchecked, it just makes a big mess. Reined in too aggressively, it can become a muted bore. Action Verbs seems to have hit it right. "Makeshift Container" is a scorcher, but will not burn down your house. Gee thanks, guys. - Boston Band Crush


Meeting People on the Internet, EP (2009), The Men East, EP (2010); streaming music can be found on,, and We've been getting fairly consistent airplay on Boston Emissions (WZLX, Sunday Nights), WMFO (Tufts Radio), and recently started with Bay State Rock (WAAF, Sunday Nights).



How does the story go? We’ll let Nate describe it: “Mike… Craigslist… Joe… a match made for the internet. Add a revolving cast of characters to taste.” Then the revolving stopped and everything came into view.