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Actitud Maria Marta

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"Protesta y reclamo"

Las chicas de Actitud Maria Marta... - Clarin Digital


The group took part in the film "Memorias del saqueo" by Fernando Pino Solanas, with the track "Así está la cosa".Malena D'Alessio was invited to sing on the latest album by "O rappa", "O silencio que precede o esporro" and performed live at the album launch in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in 2004. That same year, she performed at the Tim festival and Festival Hutuz, having been invited by legendary hip hop group "Public Enemy" to be part of their show in Rio de Janeiro. In Venezuela she performed as part of Mad Profesor's tour. In New York City , she joined the hip hop Dead Prez onstage and performed with Wycleff Jean at S.O.B.S. She also performed at the Bowery Poetry Pub and the Hip Hop Latino Festival in New York, She took part in the Vibraciones de América Festival in Mexico City, with Cultura Profética, and at the Getho with Boca Floja and AFU-RA in the same city.
Karen Fleitas: Performed on Dancig Mood's last two albums "Dancing Groove" and "Groovin' High". Karen Pastrana: Performed on Butumbaba's latest album, and is AMM's art director.
Karen Pastrana: she participates with the lasta disc of Butumbaba and she is the artistique manager of AMM.



Actitud María Marta is an Argentinean hip hop group with roots that delve deep into the rich music cultures of Latin America and Jamaica. This innovative sound fusion is mixed with the group's personal, forceful view of the world and the reality that surrounds them. The group is made up of Malena D'Alessio and Karen Pastrana, rappers and composers who make it their business to set the mike on fire in the role of MC, and Karen Fleitas who adds her soulful, melodic quality to this all-woman trio. In terms of sound, their music is a hip hop-reggae-Latin cocktail enriched with samples of tango, traditional Argentinean music, dancehall and a constant interaction between sweet melodies and strong, head-on rap lyrics. It's striking to see how naturally these three women fuse hip hop power, ragga flow and R&B melodies with the spirit of reggae, in a musical torrent that carries the imprint of their South American identity, together with an imposing onstage attitude. From the start, the group has been characterized by a strong social commitment, actively played out through their participation in many festivals supporting the social struggles of the disenfranchised such as: unemployed workers, Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, disadvantaged neighborhoods and favelas, using music as a tool for transformation and solidarity among peoples. In this line, they have participated in international events like the World Social Forum in Brazil, the World Youth Festival in Venezuela, the Summit of the Peoples of America in Argentina and an endless number of social events at which they perform in solidarity. When listening to Actitud María Marta, audiences can't help but enjoy themselves and dance to the rhythmic tunes. But the group also invites us to reflect on their lyrics, taking us deep into the turbulent waters of the South American situation. Their prose is spiced with a wide range of subjects ranging from social chronicles to stories of daily life and a profound, introspective look at humans and the existential problem. Actitud María Marta have taken their project to stages all over the planet, participating in many festivals in Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Spain, the US and, obviously, Argentina, their native land. They have played with leading international hip hop artists like Dead Prez, Public Enemy, Cico C, K'naan, Cypress Hill, Hermanos de Causa, MV Bill, Tiro de gracia and El gran Silencio, among others. They have also shared a stage with acclaimed musicians like Manu Chao, The Wailers, Mad Professor, Ojos de Brujo, O Rappa, Fito Páez and León Greco, to name a few. Years after the release of their first album "Acorralar a la bestia", Argentinean newspaper's Clarín and Página 12's "Best New Group" in the 90s are still following their course with a hectic schedule of concerts and the imminent launch of their third album. This new material is the result of an intense process of musical exploration mixed with committed lyrics, and promises to make Latin American hip hop history complete with international projects and productions.