Active Bird Community

Active Bird Community

 New York City, New York, USA


As bands continue to play over the years there is always an attempt to locate a sound, solidify it and build off of it. Active Bird Community has done just that as its four members, Andrew Wolfson (lead guitar/vocals), Carter McNeil (drums), Zach Slater (bass) and Tom D'Agustino (guitar/vocals) have continually developed since they formed the band as sixth graders in 2006. The four piece indie rock band based in New York City has definitely evolved over the years, beginning as a turbulent shoegazey act and shifting toward a more alternative sound. However, ABC remains honest in its depictions of the struggles of adolescence as well as the bliss and debauchery that often accompany it. Song themes span from drunken nights in smoky basements, to heartbreak, to fearing for the future (or choosing to ignore it completely). Their live shows at colleges or venues in Brooklyn are definitely an opportunity to let loose as well as reflect upon what it feels like to stumble into adulthood. At the end of the day, Active Bird Community is just four best friends trying to make good, honest music that people can relate to. In the fall they released a full length on October 23rd titled "I've Been Going Swimming" and just recently released a split EP with Primate House titled "Narp Split" which were both recorded by Chris Daly (Porches, PWR BTTM) at Salvation Recording Co.


Magnum Opus, May 2012

Imaginary Talent Show, August 2011

This Time. April 2012