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Active Member have created the finest hip hop band in Greece, rhyming for years and using live instruments over steely beat patterns. Headed by B.D.Foxmoor, and Sadahzinia, they transcend the limits of hip hop to breed “Low Bap”, passing charged vibes and rousing political awareness.


One wouldn’t expect to find a hiphop mecca in Athens, but traverse across the wide industrial plants on the West side of the city to the shipyard zone known as Perama and there you shall find what you seek. However, ask any of the exponents of the obviously thriving hiphop scene the name of their culture, and they will resolutely answer with two words: Low Bap.

Presiding over this economically distressed region, Greece’s most successful hiphop group Active Member, made up of BD Foxmoor and Sadahzinia, have been tirelessly spreading their highly politicised message across their nation for the last fourteen years. Initiating an entire Grecian hiphop movement, Active Member have released over twelve albums, collectively sold over 250,000 records and have built an independent framework to support a studio, production unit, label, record store and a cultural society, as well as running two annual events and two weekly radio shows. They have knocked down several musical boundaries using samplers, theremins, percussions and guitars over steely beat patterns and have thus transcended the limits of hip hop via its worth and weight of lyrics to breed a new code, that they name “Low Bap”.

According to Foxmoor the hardest aspect in initiating a Greek hiphop style was creating an appropriate flow in which Greek lyrics would sound fluid. “We reached a point in ’94 when hiphop was already at a global level, but we wanted to make sure that we could understand and find a way to do it, that would sound right,” he explains, wishing to emphasise the importance of this step. In conjunction with this, Foxmoor also sought to find a way to maintain the doctrines of pure hiphop whilst maintaining alienation to the decadence and apathy that was slowly emerging as a dominant lyrical force in US hiphop.

The independent framework that the group has set up to support their flourishing success began with a home studio in ’96, which is now a fully professional set up. In 2000 they opened a record store and found their label 8ctagon. In the last years they’ve set up a book shop/ cultural society/ hiphop museum across the street. As well as all this they’ve released various fanzines such as the professional looking Praxia, and back in the day a photocopied newsletter called Radicalistic, which is now a collectors’ item. They also sell lyric books, one of which has sold over 9000 copies, and Sadahzinia has a line in children’s fairytales. Their radio show has been going since ’98 in a greek worldwide internet station called Sky Radio. They are currently setting up their own independent internet radio station Blah Blahsphemy.

The way in which the crowd worship this crew is astounding to witness, but the reason is easily made apparent by the extent of their commitment to music.“We always work from the ground up, because you can never be sure how much society really needs you.” With this in mind Active Member are seeking to make their mark on global hiphop, and Foxmoor is very interested in doing production work across the board.
Active Member collaborated with Asian Dub Foundation, who had their track Collective Mode remixed in different languages by various European groups such as Active Member in Greece and Saian Supa Crew from France. Also they have collaborated and guested a lot of artists in their songs and album releases. Some of these artists are: Rodney P (Mobo Award winner), Skitz, General Levy, Foreign Beggars (Best UK Hip hop Act 2005), Winston Irie, MCD, Phy Life Cypher and Non Phixion Dynamo Dresden, Shi (from Israel), Palestine (rap artist from Palestine), Doc Brown, The Sea, Optimas Prime (Best Dj team in Welsh Music Awards 2001). Also, the basketball NBA ace, Ron Artest who recorded a CD single “Make A Wish” (for the “Make a Wish Foundation”), released from WEA and produced by Active Member, Hugh Mc Dowell (ELO orchestra), Assalti Frontali, and Portugese singer Waldemar Bastos.

Active Member have had hundreds of live performances in Greece, as well as in Europe, always evoking socio-political awareness and building a powerful and emotional atmosphere with guitars, samplers and their mic dexterity … “It’s the most beautiful era, and it’s the very first time that we have only good vibes and no pressure. Now we don’t have to prove anything to anyone, and we can do exactly as we please.”


In times of weird fear

Written By: B.D.Foxmoor

I was told that fear hides in human hearts
and that he came there first – like rain on highest mounts.
People alarmed, thankful and loving stood at the eternal passage
waiting for time, though time still hasn’t left a message.
They said he is like a crippled saviour dressed in rags
with an old beech-tree walking stick in hands,
he blows like sea-breeze, salt covers his eyes;
indeed, I must have seen him once or twice.

I’ve seen him hiding in the bottom of a glass’ remains,
I ’ve seen him sewed on people’s veins
I’ve heard he’s sneaking into schools and lurk
and people talking to him before going to work.

How? How can I describe him?

I’ve seen him drawn on canvas; some people write him songs.
I saw him somewhere wryly smile and tearful for his wrongs.
Some give their blood to quench his thirst – that’s weird!
But, if this fear is here for real – that’s definitely more weird.

How? How can I describe him?
The more I do the least I say.
How? How can I face him?
I’ll look away.

At the eternal passage, near here…
I smelled the smell of weird fear.
How? How can I describe him?
My life’s anathema is all I can bear;
and you, a newborn delusion veiling the world.
How can I face you?
Wishes and curses pave new roads
and the makings of ants trap our Gods.
Dreams dry up in the kingdom of youth
and man’ s a scared host shut in his booth.
He lets fear step over time’s dying body
if you bear this, go bargain your share in the story.
You’ve got nothing to loose! In times like these,
we all rehearse evil round dead hills.
Fly like a wild bird, keep an open -wide bill,
sing the silence like a grave that stands still.
In mid-winter ask for a warm wind from south;
turn your smallest of fears to a secret hide-out.
If you’re here, I’m here too, and the rest is a blur.
If you go, I go, too and I’m back where you were.
Turn round and look: tomorrow shows you ’re yesterday
and for all you say, you ’re just the fear you dismay.

He’ s a weird, quiet traveller,
Firstborn son, patient and charming character.
He’s a zealot; so anything you want to wit,
you can merely dream of it.

You are running naked in time, but you’re in absolute zero,
you ’re raving over the past like a miniature hero.
Once, you grew like a fire round your fortune and fate;
now look over the crater and see lava abate.
Someone works you on anvil with hammer and stone;
you ’re a barbed wire now in a forbidden zone
or a sign at the eternal passage left there to steer
and show the way to the times of weird fear.

At the eternal passage, near here…
I smelled the smell of weird fear.
How? How can I describe him?
The more I write the less they seem.
My life’s anathema is all I can bear;
and you, a newborn delusion veiling the world.
How? How can I face you?
Don’t know what to do.

Agony’ s climbed at the mast of the world
helpless and blind gives out word after word.
All natural elements kept in harmonical borders
suddenly dash on the sinners’ "holy orders".
Fear’s eye sees a thousand years ahead
his hand catches hold of moments unsaid.
Crossing a sea of faces, blood and salt,
he overturns all past events and the very first act.
The greatest of men could have got ahead,
but, you’re seeking help from small gods instead.
You keep several machines to wash out your dirt
and your valuable word is left back desert.
Your secret hope suicides in front of your eyes,
if you were aiming at hell, ’better hasten your tries.
Stay a while at the eternal passage frontier;
then, we might meet in the times of weird fear.

Sing and Laugh

Written By: B.D.Foxmoor and Sadahzinia

Sing and Laugh (lyrics: Sadahzinia + B.D.Foxmoor)

Is there a place for our young life to take a rest?
Is there a place for their morality to nest?
Are there colours that stand out in black?
And if you know any, show me the track.
I’ m at a loss and sundered in four
parts of this world forgotten and filled up with lore.
Some are old and some die at birth.
There’s one inside me; you, too. I’m matrix of both!
All drowned in blood and saved by lies,
wound on a spool with golden thread and thousand ties,
drunken without having taken a draught
to a sacred cause they sung and laughed.

For this I tell you, come! Take all sublime in life;
to fight back the times, sing and laugh.
Talk to the feared ones; look them straight in the eyes,
shut your ears, and stay away from haunted cries.
If you still smell blood from many parts of this world
make it a song, sing it; for those who know the words,
will find a match and a secret hideaway
when their soul weighs down with decay.
Our destiny quails while we sing to it songs
and if we dare put flowers on our very gravestones.
Stupid angels I ’ll never cease to holler
my black demons I stole your colour.
Naked kings, naked prophets entice
almighty gods to let them once again sacrifice.
And we - the tramps - all round this world
make up a spell, and if it never works
we wouldn’t care –say it’s a folly, a gaffe
come along you can make it – sing and laugh
for those proud ones who unjustly went by
I ’m always on the side of those who die.

For Palestine – sing and laugh
For the valley – sing and laugh
For the Balkans – sing and laugh
For Cyprus – sing and laugh
For Genova – sing and laugh
For Seattle – sing and laugh
For the white cells – sing and laugh
For the dead – sing and laugh
For Markos – sing and laugh
For Gandhi – sing and laugh
For Che Guevara – sing and laugh
For Martin Luther King – sing and laugh
For our enemy – sing and laugh
For our murderer – sing and laugh
For our dream – sing and laugh

Sing to the children with the cruciform hands
sing to the women with the coal black bands
sing to those who dig the earth with their sweat
and to those who laugh away their iry fret
Sing to the dreams that never found their way
and to the heroes that died before betraying
for all that human mind can not surmise
barbed wire horizons and skies.
Sing and the imposible will all at once retire
sing earth, wind, water and fire.
Instead of crying laugh on life’s behalf
for me and for you sing on and laugh.

Silence returns

Written By: B.D.Foxmoor

Shut up, tricksy life, and picture me outright
passing you through the head of a needle – eyes tight –
and embroider these moments on my skin, like a strand;
all I have on my body are my country, my land.
I swear by my touch and my timeless sense,
by my voice and my blood running dense,
I ’m not scared, though silence returns screaming my way,
cause she ’d always just beckoned from far and away.
Demented and all neatly made;
clean as a harlot, wellpaid;
shapely, yet tipsy from the eternal drinking.
I’ ll stay, then, till I see a full moon –wishful thinking–
so beautiful, that if I could myself repay
I ’d end beautifully, too – but no, I won’t betray.
I ’ll call myself a liar, again without rest,
until you come along, my fearful guest.
And when you flow towards me, bring me some air;
tell me please, is it night or day out there?
If you sit for a while, cheer up my concerns;
but make haste ’cause the silence returns.

The silence returns from a heavy trudge
in the miracles’ yard shame takes out its grudge.
My soul champs the root and swallows it up
with my very own cinders I’ll cover me up.
She returns! Blazing flames she’s been taking apart.
She drinks marrow and counts the beats of your heart.
She knows you went crazy just yesterday,
she can hear your sobbing; she’s here to stay.

A couple of words simple and ’lone need a double labor of late;
the unsuspected time they abuse to compensate for their weight.
They nudge you softly and have a guide blind and puzzled
who drags muzzled dogs that are wearing no muzzle.
They bring back old times, they don’t treat a draught.
In the silence amused and confused, on they laughed.
They pride on true light in the glare,
curled up, with no hands, they beg in despair.
They lick the way for the silence to make it shine;
on she comes counting days in times benign.
So I’ll stay here in case everyone riles
I ’ll take a rest under the shadow of my rhymes.
You’ll find fear while searching the reason why
and if you try to re-create, I’ll cut off every tie.
I ’ll live on air, like a bullet I ’ll ride
I ’ll strike with vacuum, with ether I ’ll make ’em rise.
But, you won’t take it, instead you will rush
to name the casual, cabal, at first blush.
And I ’ll force my head in the ground to swallow the root,
because the silence returns, she’s en route.


Discography of Active Member

1. Active Member - "Diamartiria"(Freestyle Productions, LP 1993)
2. Active Member - "Stin Ora Ton Skion" (Freestyle Productions, LP, 1994)
3. Áctive Member - "To Megalo Kolpo" (Warner, CD/LP, 1995)
4. Áctive Member - "Akou Mana" (Warner, promo maxi 12”,1995)
5. Áctive Member - "Prosfigas" (Warner, promo maxi 12”,1996)
6. Active Member - "Apo Ton Topo Tis Figis" (Warner, 2LP/CD, 1996
7. Áctive Member - "Gia Ta Aderfia Pou Chathikane Noris" (Warner, CD single,1997)
8. Áctive Member - "Mithi Tou Valtou" (Warner, 2LP/CD, 1998)
9. Active Member - "Meres Paraxenes, Thavmasies Meres" (Warner, CD, 2000)
10. Active Member – “Live/Remix” (Warner, 2CD, 2000)
11. Active Member – “Ston Kero tou Allokotou Fovou” (Warner, 2LP/ CD, 2001)
12. Áctive Member - "Fisaei Kontra" (Warner, CD single, 2002)
13. Active Member – “ Perasma sto akroneiro”(Warner, CD, 2002)
14. Active Member – “Fiera”(Warner, CD, 2004)
15. Active Member – “Blah-Blasphemy” (8ctagon, CD+DVD, 2005)
16. Active Member – “Blah-Blasphemy” (8ctagon, 10’’ picture disk, 2005)
17. Active Member - "Skieratsa" (8ctagon, 3CD, 2006)

Also Active Member have produced and featured on the following albums:

1. Radicals – “Real” (Freestyle Productions – Maxi Single –, 1993)
2. B.D.Foxmoor – “I’ m Still an Active Member” (Freestyle Productions, LP, 1993).
3. Vavilona - "Parafron") - (EMI/ Freestyle Productions, CDsingle, 1997)
4. Vavilona - "Archi Epi Telous" (EMI/ Freestyle Productions, CD+ 2 LP, 1997)
5. Freestyle Productions - "Kramahoperrata" (Freestyle Productions/ Warner, CD, 1997)
6. Sadahzinia- "Allo Ena Psema" (Freestyle Productions/Warner, CD, 1998)
7. Xray & Prohja - "Umicah" (Freestyle Productions/Warner, CD,1998)
8. “Tragoudia egrapsa gia filous” – tribute to Dionysis Savvoloulos, featuring the song «To dentro» (Polygram, CD, 1998)
9. Low Bap Sessions - "Vol.1" (Freestyle Productions/Warner, 1999)
10. B.D.Foxmoor - "Danikes Prosefches" (Warner/ Freestyle Productions, CD,1999)
11. B.D.Foxmoor - "Sti Chasi Ke Sti Fexi"(Warner/ Freestyle Productions, CD,1999)
12. Vavilona - "Policemania" (Warner/ Freestyle Productions, CDsingle, 1999)
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14. Favlos Kiklos - "Vicious Cycle Vol.1" (Freestyle Productions, LP, 1999)
15. Farsa - "Farsa"(V2/ Freestyle Productions, CD single, 2000)
16. Farsa - "The Soundtrack"(V2/ Freestyle Productions, CD, 2000)
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23. 843 – “843”(Freestyle Productions/Warner, EP, 2000)
24. «Ine enas kosmos eki exo» – Apontes (FM Records, 2000 – CD), B.D.F. featuring on the homonymous track.
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26. Relika – “Mantata ap’ ti vrohi” (Freestyle Productions/Warner, CD single, 2000)
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28. Various Artists “Kramahoperrata II” (WEA/ Freestyle Productions - CD, 2001)
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46. B.D. Foxmoor & Ramon present Low Bap Mix Tape Vol.1(8ctagon 807, CD 2003)
47. Kamiza (8ctagon 809, CD, 2004)
48. B.D.Foxmoor – Sfina (8ctagon 813, Cd single, 2004)
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