Actors & Actresses

Actors & Actresses


These gents are flat spitting out some heart of American goodness in the form of experimental yet retro sound waves. The moment that “Dig to China” starts echoing in, my cerebral cortex immediately flashed the cover of Failure's Fantastic Planet... - Rabbit Hole Music


Actors & Actresses are dedicated to the idea that music can be heavy without being angry, and lush without being boring and aimless. They began working to create an atmosphere that elevates rather than overwhelms the listener's senses with a focus on creating a unique visual accompaniment that blends with their music. Soon after their 2004 debut, the band found that using an ideal balance of eerie and comforting sounds pleased a swiftly-growing audience. Many new fans of the band were surprised that a sound so large and layered could come from just 3 musicians. Scott Bennett anchors the trio with a massive thrum of down-tuned bass diametrically-opposed by his soft alto vocals. Andrew Schiller's guitars provide a backdrop that moves between subtle harmonic textures and blaring noise. David Sumner guides the roiling mass of sound with precise rhythm constructions from both his kit and banks of samples that give Actors & Actresses an instantly recognizable signature sound.


Arrows- CD/LP released on The Mylene Sheath (2009)

We Love Our Enemy EP- self released (2005)

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