A three-piece band with a lo-fi, high energy philosophy, Actor Slash Model utilise cheap toy keyboards, synths, old beat-up guitars and inventive, pounding drums to construct simple, beat-driven pop songs with an experimental noise punk slant. But they're classy.


There must be few bands that can boast support slots of such a diverse range as Actor Slash Model. From the chaotic punk of Die! Die! Die! to the harmony-drenched pop playfulness of the Crayon Fields, Actor Slash Model are the go-to band for any night that demands energy and beauty.
Unpredicable in their approach to a set, they tailor themselves to what the night needs, and with a huge amount of improvisation tied in, there's always a sense danger.
The sonic noise-pop that the trio create is truly a genre of its own, but takes cues from indie bands such as Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Electrelane....always a tug of war between noise and melody, there are frequent breath-taking moments.
Their debut release 'Gossip About Guys' shows the band at their most diverse, five songs covering such a different spectrum of sounds. It attracted glowing reviews from Sydney to Wellington to Italy. Please check out the press page. A very special band.


My Agent Says

Written By: Anson/French

My agents says it's not too late
I've got to shed some more weight
I don't get up until I'm paid
My best friends are Nicole and Kate

Smart career move, off the catwalk
onto red carpet...

I go to parties everyday
I wear versace tourniquet
Expressionless botox face
I tell my agent I'm OK

Smart career move, off the catwalk
onto red carpet, actor slash model
not a user
not a has-been
not an air-head...


Debut Mini-Album 'Gossip About Guys' recently released on Mistletone Records. Added to Rotation on JJJ, regular play on JJJ, 3RRR, PBS, Syn FM, FBI, playlisted on Radio Active 89FM in Wellington, NZ. Three tours of New Zealand (including the inaugural Camp a Low Hum festival), headline tours up and down the east coast of Australia, as well as regular high-profile support duties in Melbourne have seen them hone their live show to now become a much sought-after live band.

Set List

12 - 15 Original songs (of which 6 - 10 chosen per show). Set tailored according to show. Extremely diverse set - many long epic freak-out jams combined with short pop songs, instrument swapping - often two guitars or two keyboards. Must play for minimum of 40 minutes. Can play one hour plus.