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"Polaroids of Androids review"

In a perfect world Melbourne’s Actor/Model would be the kind of band that we (Australians) would be exporting to the world. They have influences but by no means are they as transparent as the local bands that actually do make it overseas. They are insanely catchy without blatently ripping off a previously succesful formula. Their stripped back honesty isn’t bogged down with overly emotional and pretentious crap. They would fit in opening for an over-hyped overseas act just as much as they would knocking at an impromptu warehouse party. Gossip About Guys is a brilliant five-track EP of catchiness and childish charm without even a whisper of the normal contrived bullshit that comes packaged with the majority of local releases.

The opener My Agent Says… is a catchy tongue-in-cheek play on their paradox nature of their chosen band name. It’s sonically perfect and topped with an atmospheric feel. The track naturally flows from chorus to verse and back again.

The band create an unbelievable large sound for trio, especially evident on the second track Chicken Salt Coast which starts with a Strokes-like riff only to be layered in the similar harmonised vocals as the opening number.

I Dot Heart is a more airy number. Keyboards, although subtle at times, are brilliantly used as the central melodic backbone. There is also a series of quirky little sound effects on this track which you appreciate more and more on further listens.

S.S Slapper is an insanely energetic number that is strangely reminiscent of 80’s computer games - without all the nerdery. It’s fast paced and colourful but doesn’t sound at all like that childish overly-happy hyper-coloured-stupid-fluro-whooo bullshit music that seems to be going around. It’s the celebration track of the EP and although at time reminds me a little too much of Architecture In Helsinki it is a fantastic explosive spurt of joy that adds some nice diversity to the release.

The closing number Laptop Dancing takes the ideas from the rest of the EP and melts them all into a fantastically awesome 7 minute opus. Each verse builds with occasional harmonies before rumbling into a chorus powered beautifully by deep guitars and more ‘classic’ pop vocals. A large instrumental piece complete with delayed melodic sounds and fuzzy feedback planted in the middle of the track nicely throws the listener off course before slowing bringing them back to the action with keyboards and another rising action. Blissful stuff.

I pretty much don’t have a bad word to say about this 5 track storm of radness. It’s as close to flawless-ism as you are going to get from a local band who are incredibly talented and putting together original and interesting music. Listening to this EP is the clearly the best way to spend 25 minutes of your day.
- Polaroids of Androids

"Triple J review"

Melbourne trio Actor/Model have just released an EP of synth friendly, harmony laden songs. And one of them, My Agent Says was my catch of the day this morning. With chord changes that make your heart happily twinge, and a warm harmony soaked sound, this song just gets better and better with every listen.

- Zan Rowe

- Triple J blog

"Beat Review of Gossip About Guys"

Gossip About Guys displays an alluring uniqueness that could see this lo-fi three-piece propelled into the post-whatever, melodic indie stratospheres. Pairing a driving, insistent rhythm section with whirling synth and fuzzy guitar to create a moody (frequently melancholic,) almost Sonic Youth-esque ambience….Chicken Salt Coast sees the band’s fusion of simplicity and substance in full flight - the guitar and synth sparring and intertwining with each other, whilst keeping pace with a pounding, insistent rhythm section to produce an off-kilter little gem. The call and response, male/female vocal dynamic in this track is executed with aplomb, but unlike say, a primal Frank Black/Kim Deal assult, both Karen Anson and Ricky French can sing in tune and tracks like other standout, ‘My Agent Says’ benefit immensely from their harmonies….Seven minute prog epic ‘Laptop Dancing’, with its incredibly dense, competing layers could quite easily have ended up in a horrendous, impenetrable muddle, but instead seemlessly shifts between glistening clarity and a Dinosaur Jr.-like wall of sound.

- Nick Clarke

- Beat Magazine, Melbourne

"Cyclic Defrost Magazine review of Gossip About Guys"

Actor/Model use their setup of guitars and keyboards well and it’s fun. Simplicity is the key. It reminds me a little of Brooklyn duo Matt & Kim; synth pop or synth punk or both, lots of call and response vocals between the boy and girl. It’s never sugarsweet but has enough melodies to bolster it especially combined with skittering cymbals and a real danceablility….gung-ho and synth-punk.

- Cyclic Frost Magazine

"Mess + Noise review"

Zoolander perfection. The debut EP by Melbourne’s Actor/Model takes the vainglorious vacuity of a catwalker and fuses it with future-tense Krautrocking intensity. Opening cut ‘My Agent Says’ is a throwback to the knob-twiddling heyday of Mister Quincy Jones: the moment Karen Anson depresses the keys on her splendid synth, your eardrums light up like the footpath in the ‘Billie Jean’ film clip. The songs here have a never-ending rush; guitarist Ricky French has never met a slashing riff he didn’t want to sustain for an eternity. The way the keyboards and guitar interlock is almost like watching two stars collide, or at least J Mascis finessing his guitar around Duran Duran’s new wave nonsense. Behind them drummer Philip Smiley is like an automaton on the autobahn, driving the pulsebeat and converting songs like ‘Chicken Salt Coast’ into exactly that – a highway blazing with unlimited speed. Art rock ballad ‘I Dot Heart’ laments the life of the demimonde: “This airbrush can’t conceal a frown,” sings French, in total Hush, Hush, Sweet Thurston mode, while ‘Laptop Dancing’ reinvents new wave in a way that will cause a whole heap of haircut bands to spontaneously combust. Let’s hope they tune in.

- Shane Moritz

- Mess and Noise Magazine

"Herald Sun review"

In 2004, Ricky French, Karen Anson and Philip Smilie followed in the catwalk steps of Milla Jovovich and became Actor/Model.
Now, after getting out of bed for no less than 10,000 cents a day, they have a taut EP launched, titled ‘Gossip About Guys’. Opener ‘My Agent Says’ envelops the listener with a Nico-esque tone of surrender, sauntering along on a synth and a prayer. Elsewhere, keyboard-led choruses hint at broken secrets and Sonic Youth meanderings.
- Herald Sun newspaper, Melbourne

"Inpress Review - Clem Bastow"

This local three-piece make an appropriately (for those colder months, at least) moddy clash of wintry ’80s British sounds and a definite pop/melody bent. ‘I Dot Heart’, at over six minutes, is particularly lush and enveloping. Lovely handmade packaging too, not that it really matters, but a nice bit of DIY always makes a CD feel more like a gift.

- Clem Bastow

- Inpress Magazine


Debut Mini-Album 'Gossip About Guys' recently released on Mistletone Records. Added to Rotation on JJJ, regular play on JJJ, 3RRR, PBS, Syn FM, FBI, playlisted on Radio Active 89FM in Wellington, NZ. Three tours of New Zealand (including the inaugural Camp a Low Hum festival), headline tours up and down the east coast of Australia, as well as regular high-profile support duties in Melbourne have seen them hone their live show to now become a much sought-after live band.



There must be few bands that can boast support slots of such a diverse range as Actor Slash Model. From the chaotic punk of Die! Die! Die! to the harmony-drenched pop playfulness of the Crayon Fields, Actor Slash Model are the go-to band for any night that demands energy and beauty.
Unpredicable in their approach to a set, they tailor themselves to what the night needs, and with a huge amount of improvisation tied in, there's always a sense danger.
The sonic noise-pop that the trio create is truly a genre of its own, but takes cues from indie bands such as Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Electrelane....always a tug of war between noise and melody, there are frequent breath-taking moments.
Their debut release 'Gossip About Guys' shows the band at their most diverse, five songs covering such a different spectrum of sounds. It attracted glowing reviews from Sydney to Wellington to Italy. Please check out the press page. A very special band.