Bio of Actress

As soon as they take the stage it's immediately evident that something
very special is happening. They pick up their instruments and without a word launch into a violent, brusque, boisterous teenage anthem titled 'Blush'. Flushed with slow-burning grandiloquence and red-hot guitars, their set is inspiring, bringing to mind their flirtation with stadium rock predecessors, U2 and Oasis. What makes these angel-faced upstarts so appealing however is their capacity for anthemic hooks and retro-laced style reminiscent of The Jam and Roxy Music. They are Actress and they are wonderful.

Hailing from Chattanooga, TN, this post-punk quartet formed in August ’02 consisting of Aaron Ficchi (vox, guitar), Josh Ficchi(drums), and Travis Knight (bass), but it wasn’t until a fourth member (Todd Bridges guitar) was added, did the band start to forge a unique sound reminiscent of U2, New Order, Blondie, and The Cure.

Rehearsing in an abandoned loft, they cultivated tasteful art-rock grandeur while performing frequently at venues in and around Nashville and Atlanta.

The Beginning of ‘05 meant putting out a record. The band tucked themselves away in Atlanta recording studio, Glow in the Dark, to record their debut full-length album. The record was produced, engineered and mixed by Matt Goldman (Copeland).


"Isolation" (LP 2005 Sidecho Records)