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"MySpace Trawl – a cup of tea"

Cups of tea can’t make songs can they? Well, no they can’t.

Whilst we think it would be nothing short of amazing to see a couple of tea bags, a splash of milk, a spoon and a sweetener somehow create music, it hasn’t happened just yet.

We assume that A Cup Of Tea are named after something their favourite non-alcoholic beverage or because most people have A Cup Of Tea on a daily basis. If that’s the case, then there’s an easy piece of marketing down! Floating somewhere between folktronica and dancetastic grooves, the band are another tiny treasure locked away in the UK electronic scene.

It strikes us a bit strange really. If a band doesn’t seem to have a continual blasting beat contained in their song, then they won’t find success with a mainstream audience. Recent years have seen the demise of a Best Dance Act from award ceremonies like The Brit Award. There is plenty going on, but not like in the heyday of the nineties when acts like Orbital, The Chemical Brothers and Underworld made their pounding anthems.

Today’s electronic music scene has evolved for the better, but seemingly not for a commercial audience. Listening to A Cup Of Tea there are wonderful textured layers that have clearly seen the creators – Gaz and Stu, agonisingly slave over. Gone are the blistering beats, replaced with swirling sounds that combine guitars, drums that sound like they weren’t created off a machine, murmuring synths and delayed glitch.

A Cup Of Tea even have the creative agenda to make a live performance truly unique and special. Poking around their blog and live pictures, they seemingly want to do more than press play on a laptop and drop in the occasional effect. Miles of wire and dozens of complicated looking pieces of hardware join them on stage.

Whilst new and emerging UK electronic acts seem to find it hard to break into the mainstream, we yet again have an example of outstanding musical creativeness. A Cup Of Tea could easily sell out venues with their sound, but there are yet to be picked up on.

Matthew Laidlow - hecklerspray.com

"A Cup of Tea"

What a welcome delight this was to receive in the post! Before even hearing the CD in its entirety, it’s obvious this one was a keeper. Get Up When You Come Over is Liverpool outfit A Cup of Tea’s debut five track EP, designed to take you on an ambient tour of cinematic soundscapes and playful innovation.

People are part 3, the opening track, sets the tone, with smooth rolling drums leading to an engulfing ambience created through varying synth sounds. This then transcends into a playful broken beat feel which carries over gently across the first three tracks. Delicious bouncy melodies, littered with glitches, and inverted samples, make this as intricate and indeed interesting as many a respected Warp records artist. Throughout the EP, the group flirt with breakbeat, perhaps demonstrated best in my personal favourite track Lots, which starts comparatively heavy, breaking a third of the way through only to come back stronger, trippier, and a whole load more emphatic. The dynamics of this song epitomise the fantastic structure and precision these guys are obviously blessed with, and for anyone listening it’s hard not to appreciate this.

As much as this sounds like a group who are still refining their sound, it is the creativity and delicate nature of experimentation that really makes this EP so appealing. It will be interesting to see where they take their sound from here, but it is clear they have a lot at their disposal, and if the new tracks on their myspace page are anything to go by then A Cup of Tea could soon become the refreshing drink of choice for any self respecting music fan.

4/5 – Delicious, not too sweet, and incredibly refreshing.

Spreece- - www.suityourselfmagazine.co.uk


we've self-released a couple of demos through our myspace with very positive reviews for both from hecklerspray and suityourselfmagazine.

we've also been synchronised twice with video projects; a documentary about artist Pete Carr and the second, which is in production, will be used for Friends OF The Earth seminars.



we started by drinking tea and sampling paul lansky before crafting our own blend of electronica heavily influenced by organic self made samples and an injection of techno. in the year and a bit we've been doing this we've played a number of festivals (liverpool music week, woolfire, sound city), supported some top musicians at beautiful venues (black affair @ bluecoat, pivot @ korova), twice been commissioned to create/perform soundpieces for exhibitions (klimpt @ liverpool tate & daniel johnston @ red wire), worked a few times with a VJ, a bubble machine and even started playing with a vocoder.