Loud and Epic. That's what we aim for, and thats what we deliver. We layer singing and screaming with 2 guitars, bass and piano. Think Underoath and He Is Legend.


Ifluences? Too many, all of us love music, and all our tastes are different.

Dave and Julian: Finch and Saosin
Albert and Elliot: For the Fallen Dreams and Underoath
Patrick: Bayside and Silverstein

Luckily, this makes for some great blending of riffs and input from everyone in the band.

We all met at the Illinois Institute of Technology except for Dave, who goes to Vandercook school of music, which is just off campus. Dave, Julian, and Pat have an apartment togetherwhich is only 1 mile off campus.

Lots of practice, parties and good times.


We are recording an EP on our own for now, but as soon as an opprotunity arises, we'll take advantage of it.

Set List

We Will Regret to Forget
Relegate: The New Movement
Biting These Bullets
Arch Enemy
When Words Carve Monsters
For The Greater Worst
In Arms
Cracked Walls
Fall, But Not Break