We're a hard-working, talented group of young guys who provide a blend of alternative music that we believe is accessible to various audiences.


Hailing from the streets of Philadelphia, PA, the four young guys in Adalie have accomplished a lot since starting the band in 2007. Since being founded by Derrek Siemieniuk (vocals/guitar), John Young (bass), and drummer, Matt Siemieniuk, the band has evolved their sound significantly since forming. The progress became more evident when they inquired local friend and musician, Dan Kirk, to join and share vocal duties and play guitar to balance out their lineup.

They have gone on to play festivals such as the Van’s Warped Tour, Rockstar’s Taste of Chaos Tour, as well as opening for many national acts. In addition, they have also toured surrounding cities and states and have played countless local shows.

Drawing a wide range of influences such as Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Coheed and Cambria, Underoath, Glassjaw, as well as others, the band sets to create something catchy and familiar all the while capturing something new and refreshing.

In July of 2009, the band released their debut EP titled Awake. Awake consists of five tracks full of catchy, aggressive, melodic tunes. This EP is just the beginning, for the band will be playing a lot more shows, including touring, in support of their release. On a final note, they have already begun writing and demoing new music for future efforts. Adalie's energy is growing strong and their momentum will garner them unstoppable.


86'd and Alone

Written By: Derrek Siemieniuk

Tip my glass to a new start
We'll start up the car and we'll drive off to see a friend I haven't kept in touch with

The house is all boarded up with no
sign of life. I used to love
going there whenever I felt I had to catch a break

I hate to be the one to tell you she's moved on and locked away
everything that you'd remember her by. Can we step outside the box I put myself in for her?
It won't rain anymore.

The weather's so bitter,
the cold air stings my skin.
But I'd brave the worst of it all
for the chance that you'd come back and arm yourself with sympathy. You left me out here shaking at my knees with worry. The minute you pop back into the picture, I'll forget I longed for you to come home. So, is your face beet red like bloodshed?
You never fail to take a breath.


Written By: Adalie

A long time away from ever leaving this place, I contemplate on whether I should be the first. I'm gonna rise up onto my concern, the daughter of a selfless girl on the wrong side of the world.

I hope she fancies listening to reason. To deny her a minute of time would be treason. The season's are staying the same.

I've made up my mind, I've lost my second wind over time. Perhaps I'll opt to buy a third, so long as it's not weighed down by massive amounts of pressure.

Can you please connect me to the operator of this machine? It doesn't seem to care that I've been losing sleep. Abstract thinking has put me in the belly of a beast. To think things could be easily fixed has afforded me a few nasty feats, but I'll rise again when my time is better spent correcting my mistakes.

The Will To Escape

Written By: Adalie

With every second you waste, you're losing your advantage over me, over my dead body. We'll see who's afraid of devastation, a world crashing down around.

Naturally, I feel this is a step backwards from the place we found ourselves tied down into with no prior knowledge and not even the will to escape.

So bleed out all your sorrows and maneuver through the gate. I'll meet you at the bottom of the lake.

Wait, I'll reconsider. After all, we go back a long way. I beg to differ, I'll paint the picture: you took a shot toward my back with a shard of glass. Why shouldn't we both die together? Face facts or meet your maker. Is saving myself as selfish as it sounds? Face facts or meet your maker.


Track Listing for Debut EP, Awake (2009):

1) The Will to Escape
2) 86'd and Alone
3) Interlude
4) The Muted Light
5) Awake

Additionally, the band has released a few demos, which include:

Come Clean (Hilary Duff Cover),
It's The Same Sky

The band's song "86'd and Alone" receives regular airplay on Fearless Radio, currently holding the #3 spot for most requested song.

Set List

1) 86'd and Alone
2) Awake
3) It's The Same Sky
4) Come Clean (Hilary Duff Cover)
5) The Muted Light
6) The Will To Escape
7) Decay

In the event of time limitations, the songs "It's The Same Sky" and "Come Clean" may be removed from the band's set list.