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Adam Ferrick & The Beautiful Noize

Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Los Angeles, CA
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Americana




"Adam Ferrick – Solo Artist Interview"

Adam Ferrick – Solo Artist Interview
October 20, 2015 | Isiah Reyes

Singer/songwriter Adam Ferrick recently released his fourth studio album titled “Acoustic Dance Music.” Today he discussed with us the making of his new album, how his experience at CSUN led him to become a DJ for the LA radio station KCSN 88.5, and his plans for the near future.

Ferrick is a native Angeleno born in Venice whose greatest influences include the likes of Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Radiohead, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and many others. He started working on some of the songs for “Acoustic Dance Music” while in his old band Bearcat Clan. After his experience in the band he went on to start properly writing and recording his own material with the help of producer/engineer/guitarist Trace Ritter.

“We got the help of some awesome session guys who I had known played and with before including Rob McDonald on bass and harmonies, Paul Allen on drums and Phil Parlapiano on keys, organ, accordion, horn and various synths,” Ferrick said. “I also brought in my old band mates from All Destroyed Momentarily, Evan Reid (bass) and my best friend, Ivan Chocron who played drums.”

After finishing most of the basic tracks, Trace moved to Montana. Ferrick then finished the album with Grammy-nominated producer Jon St. James, who has worked such artists as Social Distortion, Berlin, The Vandals, Rancid, and Candyman. Together they worked on overdubs, vocals and mixing.

The result was an album full of strong vocal harmonies mixed with electric piano and guitar, and deals with themes that have to do with the relationships with women. Moving on is also a strong theme.

“The themes also extend to people who had literally passed on and also quite literally been born,” Ferrick said.

His love for live drums, an organic recording process and meaningful lyrics have led Ferrick to develop a sound and style that spans across multiple musical genres that range from Americana to folk anthems with poppy melodies. Ferrick said one of the most meaningful songs on “Acoustic Dance music” is the single titled “San Antonio San Antonio Railroad (Whiskey)” that he wrote while in San Antonio.

“I had a little melody kicking around and I was in that dusty down town area near the train tracks with my videographer friend Miguel,” Ferrick said. “As we were walking I heard a homeless man say something and the whole idea came to me. The train, the bridge, loves lost, lives and time gone by. I thought of my recent ex who I’d been with for 8 years and how people try their best but sometimes just aren’t the right thing or just can’t do what they think they mean or say.”

Ferrick said it is the song he is most proud of all the songs he’s written from previous albums, and it’s still tweaked when played live.

While not writing his own music, Ferrick is a DJ on KCSN 88.5, a non-commercial, independent radio station in Los Angeles. He started out at KCSN as an intern for his M.I.S. degree at CSUN.

“I was hired after as an assistant to GM and PD Sky Daniels,” Ferrick said. “I produced two weekly shows, one with Jed the Fish (ongoing) and one with Terri Nunn and Wendy Liebman, for two years which has now become my own show for 16 months.”

Ferrick said one thing in particular he enjoys is staying up to date with all the new Americana and learning about new singers and songwriters. He also has learned a lot about music business.

“Being around Nic Harcourt, Jed the Fish, Sky Daniels and Mark Sovel has been such a great education for me both business and music wise,” Ferrick said. “And of course representing the station at events, introducing acts and getting to know a whole bunch of people has been a great adventure in the biz.”

Whether it’s making new music or introducing new music to others and playing songs people want to hear on the radio, the most important thing to Ferrick is having a good time while doing it.

“I love performing,” Ferrick said. “I’d do it every day if I could. I love jamming, improvising and free-styling. That’s where my love of music came from, hanging with my buddies and getting creative.”

Ferrick said his goal is to make music that draws people in with the good vibes and to recognize the joy and happiness that was in put through many years of hard work and sacrifice.

“I want to make music that you can’t really box or classify but just feels like it speaks to you on different levels and maybe even guides you, as you look back and see that it became a part of your life, and you keep listening at different parts of your life,” Ferrick said.

To promote the album, Ferrick and The Beautiful Noize will be touring the west coast soon playing at local parties and events. Ferrick is also eagerly anticipating his next album release, which he said will be heavier, rawer, and will have garage and psychedelic influences.

To stay current with all things Adam Ferrick, follow him on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Bandcamp. Also be sure to catch KCSN Saturday Afternoon Music Mix with All-Purpose Adam from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. pacific. - Enter The Venture

"The Briggs album review: Adam Ferrick's, "Straight Outta Commune""

When I was about ten or so Bruce Lee moved in next door to my best friend Greg’s house and for a long time our pattern became to run home after school and hide ourselves beside the fence between the two properties and watch him instruct the likes of Steve McQueen, James Coburn and Abdul Jabbar. This was when he was doing TV, before he went back to China and became mega famous.
Here in L.A. he studied under the same teacher that I learned Kung Fu from, Howard Lee, no relation. Bruce, or Mr. Lee, as we called him, studied with Howard here, and worked with other masters before coming here and with the Shaolin masters later on. It was much later on that Howard explained to me that the reason he became so famous in the martial arts community and amongst some film goers was that he eventually synthesized all that he had learned from various masters and disciplines and in the end created a martial arts style that was completely unique in and of itself. The reason I’m telling you all this is because I think what Bruce Lee did with martial arts you have done here with your new album.
When each song starts I think, "Oh, it’s a reggae song", then it brings in some hip hop, or gets punctuated with some straight ahead rock’n roll, but at some point it stops being its parts and just becomes a sound, a genre unto itself. Is there anything better than hearing seeing something completely new and singular come into the world?
I’m not sure whether it is because you just had a gas making the album or because you were getting off on being in new territory but it exudes this fresh, clear energy that cleans the windshield on my day every time I listen to it. In short, it’s really fucking good.
Song #6 (Unhappy Souls) is my new anthem, and I don’t go many days without listening to it. And if you don’t sell song #9 (Heaven n Hell) as a soundtrack song I am going to tell somebody it’s mine and steal your lunch…………do it! We will talk specifics sometime hopefully but for I just want to congratulate you and tell you your album is a true achievement and you should be very proud of it. - Briggadoon


Still working on that hot first release.



Adam Ferrick & The Beautiful Noize are a serious California Rock and Roll band. What sets them apart is their ability to blend genres and musical textures in a fun and thought provoking way. The same way, Led Zeppelin, The Stones and The Beatles were absorbing  influences and channeling what people were feeling, A.F. & The Beautiful Noize have their own unique voice and infectiousness that leaves people wanting more and feeling connected to something they've never quite experienced before.

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