Adam Ace*

Adam Ace*


Comedian Adam Ace has entertained college and club crowds around the country with his unique brand of wacky comedy.


Audience members, brace yourselves for the energetic fast-paced comedy thrill ride that is the Adam Ace Crazy Comedy Show. Combining music, props, costumes, wacky dancing, improv, and lots of audience participation, Adam Ace excites and energizes crowds with his outrageous look and contagious personality. Just imagine if you put aspects of Jim Carey, Robin Williams, Andy Kaufman, Steve Martin, and Adam Sandler in a blender and mixed them all up. Then you’d have the ADAM ACE SHOW!

Adam Ace surprised himself by graduating from college and then went on to do what he does best -- entertaining audiences with his crazy comedy. Adam Ace has appeared at countless comedy clubs, theatres, colleges, and universities throughout the country. At his show, the audience never knows what to expect next. Always original, Adam Ace is not just a stand up comic. The LA Weekly said, “Adam Ace is a punkish goofball that
engages the audience in loony games.” Colleges across the country such as the University of North Carolina have rave reviews for Adam’s show: “If you are considering one comedian who can get an audience on their feet and keep them laughing, then Adam Ace is your comic. His show was funny, interactive, and was a hit with new freshmen and returning upper-classmen.” Adam Ace’s show is unlike any you’ve ever seen!