Adam Ace

Adam Ace

 Buffalo, New York, USA

Combining comedy, music, props, costumes, wacky dancing, improv, and audience participation, Adam Ace excites and energizes crowds with his outrageous look and contagious personality.


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Adam Aces comedy show is unlike anything you have ever seen! Inspired by the likes of Jim Carrey and Steve Martin, Adam Ace combines many comedy aspects from improv to physical comedy. The high-energy performances of Adam Ace take audiences on a crazy comedy adventure and leave them never knowing what to expect next. His adoring fans can agree that he is hilarious, energetic, and truly a unique comedian. He incorporates improvisation, interaction and originality in his performances. Refreshing Different and Original are what makes him the best choice for any event.

Professionally performing since college, Adam has been awarded and acknowledged by APCA (Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities,) as Comedian of the Year. He has also appeared at countless comedy clubs, theatres, colleges, and universities throughout the country as well as repeated invitations to perform on cruise ships.

It is evident that Adam Ace is one performer that will not be forgotten. He is one comedian who will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. The Adam Ace Comedy Show is unlike any show you have ever seen!


*Adam Ace Acclaim*

“Very funny, students loved his antics!”
-John Spranza, Georgia Highlands College – Floyd Campus

Set List

Really Bad Karaoke
The Gong Show
My Life as a Male Cheerleader
Weird Rap Lyrics
Trying to impress the ladies
Toilet Paper Shenanigans
6th Grade Slow Dances in the Cafeteria
What kind of laughing do you do?
First Date Horror Stories
Guys who think they can really dance
and more crazy stuff!!