Adam and Steve

Adam and Steve


Add a drum kit, bass, overdrive pedal, crybaby, a slide, and two dudes who like playing music and you get rock and roll in the form of Adam and Steve


Adam and Steve are a heavy rock duo consisting of bass and drums hailing from Cincinnati. We play rock and roll, plain and simple. We've played together for almost 8 years. Adam and Steve started off as one half of a long forgotten band called Channel 22, a highschool foursome of force that played in the late 1990's which featured soon to be Orthopedic surgeon Jake Lantry(guitar) and Nick Brauer(guitar). Steve was actually a late addition to the band which had at that point had 2 or 3 other bassists and a 2nd guitarist. Although frienships are at all time high, Channel 22 was dissolved around 2000 as each member became preoccupied with every musician's worst enemy: career goals. Adam and Steve have continued their bass and drummer relationship, occasionally playing shows around the Cincinnati area. We have some strange connections to the Cincinnati music scene: Our friend and highschool classmate Justin Hackett used to/kind of still does play drums in Messerly and Ewing (, an excellent rock band from Cincinnati. Two of our one time prodiges (Alex Brauer and Stuart MacKenzie) are in the Ironlungs, a power punk trio that has torn it up with the likes of Norust. Alex is Nick's younger brother. Ex-bassist Todd Heidt used to play with Jon Weidenbacher, co-founder/inhabitant of the infamous Warner House (Steve has yet to go there). Our formative years were spent listening to all sorts of music ranging from Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, Flipper, Classical Music, Pixies, to more cotemporary stuff during the 90's like Local H, silverchair(what happened to them?!), and a slew of other bands. And yes, we had an unhealthy obsession (or at least Steve did) with Seattle. The truth of the matter is that we are influenced by all types of music from experimental to straightforward rock. The diversity of our backgrounds also serves as a basis for our music. While one is interested in anthropology and geography, the other has decided to become one with the unholy health sciences. Our goal is to simply have fun. We've been friends for a long time, we play good music, and we like to share it. CHECK OUT OUR MYSPACE SITE FOR MORE INFO, TOM FOOLERY, AND MUSIC! NOTE:All recordings on this site and myspace lack vocals. What do you expect when we had not played in 3 months and recorded live?


Melody Felony

Written By: Adam and Steve



At the time we have no releases but have a demo recorded in 2005 which could one day become an EP........maybe.

Set List

Our set list is constantly changing, but we have a handful of "classics." Our songs resemble the Minutement in timing and rarely clock in at more than 4 minutes. The sets usually last about 45 minutes. Steve has an almost pathological obsession with the Melvins, and digs their highly professional way of playing: keep the talking down to a minimum, it is all about the music. Normally we don't do covers, although we have been known to do a mean rendition of Nirvana's "Floyd the Barber" and once or twice and extremely stripped down version "Tequila" by the champs.