born to sing ,crystal clear voice,big range,quality of sound,charisma on stage,perfect pitch,perfect vibrato,warm personality.


Born to musician parents,started singing at the early age of 4 listening from her mother who was a classical singer.
Raised in New York,studied music and vocal singing and composed her first song at the age of six.
Influenced from artists like Chacka Khan,Stevie Wonder,Whitney Houston,Mariah Carey etc.
She has made a huge career in the eastern European territory,(Greece,Turkey) having achieved several golden and platinum records.
Now wishes to hit the world, and writes music for her debut album.
She surely has the potential for it and a star quality.


Greek release,oi agapes fevgoun ta tragoudia menoun 2006,and her Eurovision song contest entry in 2003 Never let you go , golden status sales.

Set List

I do my own releases,covers from Whitney,to barbra streisand.