Adam Arcuragi

Adam Arcuragi


A fun hootenanny-style folk and southern rock ensemble, Adam Arcugi and his band provide upbeat, fun, ecclectic music with a strong rock vibe.


“It’s easy to get lost in the beautiful sadness of Arcuragi’s world.”
There are two sides to Adam Arcuragi, both of which show their faces in his dark, intellectual folk style. There is Adam who grew up in Georgia fishing and singing hymns, and there is a bicycle-loving pensive thinker who lives in Philadelphia. Adam’s self-titled debut record was a Philadelphia tour de force, featuring members of Rachel’s, Audible, and Matt Pond PA. It was featured in Urban Outfitters, and loved by Paste, Teen Vogue, and The Onion. As his foot-stomping sophomore record recently finished recording in Brooklyn, the all-star cast was present, but with the record he is setting out to achieve something that more honors his freewheelin’ southern self.

Following up a debut record that was called a masterpiece by critics requires something besides more of the same. The drum-free shadowy Americana tunes of Arcuragi’s earlier work will find their way onto the new record, and as always, there will be engaging, visionary lyrics. But a heavier hand will be used to fill out the rest of the record, as his recording included vocal choirs, horns and fuzz bass.

“He reaches for bliss again and again…and he finds it.”

In almost every one of the many profound conversations that have been sparked by Adam Arcuragi’s albums, and by his rousing live performances, the word “conduit” has appeared. Arcuragi is even known to use it to describe himself as merely a vessel for carrying music. He believes that it is the responsibility of a songwriter to open himself up to all levels of perception in order to enrich the musical experience for himself and his listeners. Behind all the graceful charm in Arcuragi’s songs lies an aggressive push heaven-ward, the spectral Gospel sentiment that races through his body and his art.

“…the best album by a Philadelphia artist…”
(Philadelphia City Paper)

High Two, the label that released Adam Arcuragi in 2006 will be bidding a tearful goodbye to their folk troubadour as Arcuragi sets out to release I am become joy, his tentatively-titled second record elsewhere.


Adam Arcuragi - 2006 self-titled LP (High Two Recordings)

Soldiers for Feet - 2008 vinyl EP (High Two Recordings)