Adam Austin

Adam Austin

 West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

I am a very talented Vocalist. I cover ALL styles of music, but I have a particular love for SINATRA and the voice to prove it. My voice adapts to any artist, making some believe that I am lip syncing!I need good songwriters that can write the NEW AMERICAN SONGBOOK, and I'll bring it to life.


I have been highly talented in music since a I was child. I played trombone and Tuba in college, but always loved singing! My piano style is self taught, and I studied music theory and history in college.

My smooth voice belongs to the American Songbook, but like a chameleon, my voice sounds like Billy Joel, James Taylor, Nat King Cole, Sting, even Louie Armstrong!

And, after cocktails and dinner is done, I kick it up, and start up the dance set with Barry White, Motown, Classic rock, and even the requested "hits" of today!

My dream is being in front of the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, singing songs from the NEW american songbook, finding song-writers that can write in the by-gone way. Heart and melody...Just a dream

Set List

Anything and Everything. I like to have at least 2 songs of every Artist. If I do not sing it, I DJ it. If I don't have it, I can download it. I have well over 2000 songs of Pop, Motown, Rock, Disco, Latin, even ballroom dancing(Chacha, Salsa, Merengue, Rhumbas ect)