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Adam B. Wilde


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Mark Wirtz Interview"

When I came to America the only way I could get to do what I wanted to do in music without censorship, and this being the age of the singer/songwriter, was by me agreeing to be the artist as well. That's how the 'Balloon' and 'Hothouse Smiles' LPs came to be. I would have much preferred to apply the concept I did with the prior Philwit and Pegasus LP, for which, instead of singing myself, I cast great singers like actors in a movie. Just as well - I could never have pulled off what these singers did. Alas, I simply wasn't given the later opportunity to work with the people I wanted to work with. So, bottom line - no more Mark Wirtz music vocals, not on record, not on stage. With that in mind, I have been actively looking for young, talented, performers to "star" in my new work-in-progress "Cooking For Cannibals." As luck would have it, I have already been able to cast my lead singer, 25-year old 'Adam B.' - an awesome talent. I also have a supporting ensemble of seasoned performers in place, some of whom I have worked with in the past. Still missing is my female "co-star"... - Rock Of Ages


Adam Brobst EP- released 1998.
Hard Rockin Jingle-Cuurently being played on "The Rhett Palmer radio show in Vero Beach, FL.
The song "Donde Esta La Migra" has received much airplay on radio and internet radio stations.
I am currently in the works of "Crossing the Border" LP and "Cooking for Cannibals"LP with Mark Wirtz.



Adam is a 25 year old solo artist, currently residing in the town of Clovis, CA. At the young age of 13, Adam started out recording his writing over the top of other people music on his parents stereo. His first studio recording was done at the age of 14. A local rap/rock band had noticed his talent and sent him to record at a local studio. By the time he had reached 17, he had produced and released his first record locally that went to sell 2,000 copies in his hometown of Hookstown, PA. Adam's music can be heard on various internet radio stations. He also does jingles for the, "Rhett Palmer Morning Show", on 1370 AM, based in Vero Beach, Florida. Currently, Adam is in the works on co-writing and recording an album with the legendary, "Mark Wirtz", the man that signed Pink Floyd. Also, he is in the process of writing for his new album. A lot of talk has arisen from his newest controversial song, "Donde Esta La Migra". This new style of Latin/Metal, has been dubbed as "Genius", by Scott Tady of the Beaver County Times, located in Beaver County, PA. Be sure to check him out online and prepare for what is in store and upcoming!