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"His shirts say Change The World, NY Feels the love"

Nesconset Performer makes T shirts to raise funds for red cross and friend's illness.

By Joe Darrow

Some run for office, some donate large sums. Some join the Peace Corps and others preach through their writing. But when local pop artist Adam Baranello goes to "change the world," he does so with his words and a hot iron.

Adam Baranello hand-designs t-shirts bearing the exhortation "Change the World" in his Nesconset apartment, using stencils and a heated iron to press his words to cloth. These shirts then practice what they preach, as proceeds from their sale go to benefit humanitarian causes worldwide. Baranello's line includes shirts in over 30 colors and can be customized with 20 different artistic designs or any combination of letters or numbers. He conducts businesss via the Internet and sells his change-promoting clothing internationally to locales including Denmark, Japan and Australia.

He had been donating $5 of every shirt sold to the American Red Cross until, through an acquaintance, he learned the plight of David Asher.

Asher, 29, of Hampton Bays had been diagnosed with lymphoma and lacked medical insurance. So, Baranello redirected his t-shirt proceeds to help pay for Asher's surgery and treatment, in addition to donating shirts to be sold at a concert to benefit Asher.

This is just one mode of Baranello's effort to live up to his catch-phrase. As co-owner of A&G Dance Company with Gail Benevente, also of Nesconset, the two have sought to benefit the world by their art since the dance company's inception in August 2004. As one example, A&G organized and headlined in a concert in Riverhead in October 2005, with all proceeds going to aid survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

According to Baranello, the performance, clothing and message are all of a piece. They are components of an integrated effort to do something he loves and benefit others simultaneously — "to incorporate, with purpose, music, movement and fashion as one thing," he said.

Baranello said he plans to expand his Change the World line soon to incorporate more designs as well as new aid recipients. "We're trying to get involved with another similar international aid organization," he said. He also plans to participate in a charity fashion show to be held in New York City on April 1.

His AJB clothing line began as an effort to fund his musical career. Baranello, who had been making customized t-shirts for himself and friends, decided to see if he could turn a profit selling them online. Over, he offered to design a t-shirt with any phrase desired. "Literally an hour later someone bought one from Las Vegas, and that started it," he said.

Baranello said the clothing line — as well as the numerous dance workshops he and Benevente run though Long Island schools, recreational departments and studios — has enabled them to achieve their goal of living as "self-sustaining artists."

Baranello independently released his first CD last November. Entitled From Scratch, it features his solo performance, which he said "combines elements of industrial electronic music and live instrumentation with more natural-sounding vocals." Baranello said his cottage clothing industry and A&G Dance's work with area youth allow him the freedom to produce his unique music and dance without having to cater to the tastes of record labels.

A&G Dance has performed over 20 shows in New York and Florida in its two-year history. The company began after Baranello and Benevente met in Stony Brook Univeristy's Sullivan Dance Project, run by the university's retired program director Amy Yopp-Sullivan. After earning their degrees, they decided to begin a company "because we wanted to be able to perform our own original work, and also teach and make an impact that way," Baranello said. They specialize in "a freestyle form of dance that combines hip-hop and modern" techniques, he added.

Initially, Baranello said, they had "toyed with the idea of opening a studio but then decided a better approach was to get involved with the recreation departments of the towns and to try to get into the school systems too." Now, they teach dance and offer yoga and pilates workshops through the towns of Southhampton and Riverhead, the East Hampton School District, and area fitness centers. This past summer, they performed a series of programs through the Orlando public schools in Florida.

Regarding her experience teaching dance in schools, Benevente said, "I find that children as young as three and four can be taught a lot about who they are as a mover and a person — it's more than just learning the technique."

"When they come in enthusiastic and remember what they did last week, it makes you feel like you did your job," Benevente said.

Baranello expressed his pride that, unlike other artists and performers driven away because of Long Island's high cost of living, A&G Dance has been able remain because their community dance programs and homemade t-shirt sales sustained their artistic ventures. "We're staying here and making it our own way," Baranello said. - Smithtown Times

"Changing the World One SHirt at a Time"

Despite the fact that there are many people and organizations that damage our society, be it intentional or unintentional, there are those out there who rise above the rest and make a positive mark upon the world.

While we do speak out about the injustices in the world, we also find it important to give recognition to those deserving of it.

One such person is Adam Baranello.

For over two years, Adam has been an independent artist. Rather than pay out high commissions to record labels, managers and clothing companies, he works independently and donates a portion of the proceeds of the sales from his “Change the World” Shirts to Charity.

Adam has previously donated $5.00 from every shirt sale to the Red Cross to aid in the Katrina relief. Now he has a new goal.

There is a young man he met named David Asher, who unfortunately was dealt a bad hand in life. David is battling cancer and does not have any sort of insurance. Seeing that David was in need, Adam decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from his shirt sales to help David. As Adam says “So instead of going through an organization, I figured I know exactly what I am helping with”.

How right he is. We donate to charities in the hopes that the money will be spent where it needs to be, but how can we be sure the right people are getting it? Organizations also generally direct a portion of donations into advertising and administration costs.

By bypassing the overhead of an organization, Adam has assured that David will get the money he needs for his medical bills, and he knows exactly where the money is going.

To us here at Speak Out, that is commendable in itself, however, Adam has gone one step further. He is trying to get involved with an organization called, which aims to battle global poverty and aids problems. He is in the process of expanding the portion of his clothing line that donates to help with this organization.

Adam’s vision in life is simple and yet complex. He wants to create art with a purpose that connects people. Although he has gone far, he still sees things “growing, building and expanding”.

How does one person help a world full of injustice and poverty?

In Adam’s own words, ”I am making a difference by donating money from my clothing line to help those in need. Teaching movement to kids and adults and if people connect to the honesty in my music then maybe that helps in some way. Can Music Movement and Fashion help the world? I think so. “

Why don’t we all go and visit Adam at his website; and help, not only support an independent artist, but to help support a cause to help others in need?

People helping people helping people… -

"Adam Baranello, Singer & Clothing Line & A&G Dance Company"

By: Liane Schmidt

Interested in great music straight out of New York City? What about an incredible clothing line? Or do you want to join his wonderful A&G Dance Company…what does Adam Baranello NOT do??!!
Adam Baranello, is also a lucrative entrepreneur and has started his own clothing line. Please visit the website linked to the picture below to add his collection to your wardrobe!

The words and support of fans and admirers are a true reflection of an artists work! Adam Baranello’s supporters love everything he does and their comments and messages of affection for him are growing by the DAY!! The current number of comments after day TWO of the post is 20!!!

From just a few readers:
(More comments from his loyal fans and friends follow below!!)

Shauna Says:
October 22nd, 2006 at 1:24 pm
Adam’s awesome! Don’t forget about his dance company, A&G Dance Company. Everyone should check out his page, buy his album, and get some shirts! Money from his shirt sales help fund the album. They’re hand-made, and you can decide for yourself what you want your shirt to say! Plus, his shirts are cute and comfortable. Go by his myspace site, say hi, and get to know a great guy who just happens to be a fabulous artist!!

Erin Says:
October 22nd, 2006 at 1:50 pm
I think is music is great. I like his clothing line too.

michou Says:
October 22nd, 2006 at 3:12 pm

Gail Says:
October 22nd, 2006 at 3:22 pm
I work with Adam and he’s an amazing person. Very talented, yet extremely humble. Also, he has a keen sense of business that is necessary to market his project(s) appropriately. Rock On Adam!

Who doesn’t love Adam?? People are buying Adam Baranello’s clothing line, and loving his music and dance company!! Check him out!! -


From Scratch (LP) released Nov 2006



Hi all....well I just released my debut album, From Scratch, under aJb pRoDuCtiOnS....what I am doing is completely is a lifestyle really, consisting of three key elements: Music, Movement, and Fashion. All of which create something unique and original...there is a small team of people who work with me and they are Awesome!!
My CD is currently selling around the world because of the tremendous support on I am also the first Independent Artist to be featured on KIIS FM and DJ JoJo Wrights website. Now it is time to perform and meet them all.