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Adam Brookes

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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I have alot of main influences, a couple of years ago, I used to be a strictly RnB kid, I had such a closed mind, I turned a blind eye to anything that wasnt RnB and didnt give it a chance. I really loved Usher's music, my Mom, Auntie and Uncle would always play his songs, so I sorta grew up listening to him as a kid, not too fond of his new music though, he seems to have lost individuality. My Mom listens to so many different types of music, but me being the irritating, immature, closed minded RnB crazed child I was, didnt pay any attention to the music she played, which at the time I didnt know would be a huge influence on me.
I was in school one day, and one of my best friends Manaaf Hussain, came up to me and asked me if i'd heard Guns N Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine, I thought to myself, "that sounds so familiar" but I just said no, later that night, we were chatting on msn, he sends me a youtube link to the song, and that from that moment on I was hooked, I had such a thirst for Slash's finger blazing guitar solos, I started listening to more of their songs, Welcome to the Jungle, Dont cry, Novemeber Rain etc... which just lead me onto more classic rock bands and artists eg. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, and so many others. That whole phase, was so eye opening for me, it was such a good feeling, it taught me that I shouldnt be so closed minded, and because of that, it's actually what made me want to learn the guitar. I started having guitar lessons at the age of 14, by a dude that played in an AC/DC tribute band, and who'd actually played with them, Mick Stubbs, awesome guy. But they soon stopped as I had to have an operation, wont say why, thats a little too personal.
My whole classic rock phase went on for years, it was still my favourite genre, but my Mom started introducing me to Reggae, first Reggae song she showed me was Don Campbell - I can see it in your eyes, such a great song, still listen to it today, I do love Reggae, but I dont know many songs, obviously the cliche Bob Marley ones, but thats about it. One day I saw BOB ft Bruno Mars - Nothin on you, on tv, fast forward.. a long time, not too sure how long, my best friend Sequoia Harris O'Reilly showed me Bruno Mars' first single, Just the way you are, and I fell in love with it, and from then, I started listening to his music, bought his album, Im completely hooked, seen him live, when he speaks about his musical influences, he mentions motown often, which made me start listening to it, the old rock n roll, legends like prince too, I listen to all of the, people now, and its opened my eyes so much. Bruno Mars is the main reason why I started singing.
I think what sets me apart from other artists and bands is that, I have a good idea and focus on what good music is, and should be, as a whole, for example, one song might be in one genre, but it could be so good that, anyone could like it, and instantly recognise it, and unlike most artists in the charts today, I am actually good live, and Im a performer, I dont take it too seriously, I like to have fun, have a good time, interract with the audience.
Most artists will release a song, and when they do it live, they will do it exactly the same, no change, I dont see the point, I think the fun in performing live, is changing it up, experimenting with your songs and making different live arrangements, something which Bruno Mars always does, I got that from him.