Adam Byrd

Adam Byrd


I'm a songwriter with a passion to create the best songs possible. One's that are genuine and deep with emotion. The kind of songs that people hear and think you somehow knew something about them.

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My Kinda Trouble

Written By: Adam Byrd

Verse 1
Oh no, here comes that girl again, that makes me catch my breath
And the way she moves out on that dance floor always makes my teeth sweat
I know I should know better than to get to close to her
'Cause she's like intoxication and the night'll be a blur
The way she hangs on every guy the hazard's plain to see
But like a moth drawn to a flame I just can't let her be

She's like a raging fire with no hydrant in sight
Like getting lost on a country road in the middle of the night
She's like that good advice that I never heed
Just like a warning label that I refuse to read
By the end of the night she'll have my heart seeing double
Yeah that girl, she's my kinda trouble

Verse 2
She's knocking back the whiskey, keeping up with all the boys
Then she jumps up on that bar top and starts making some noise
She's showing off her tattoo, the one that's hard to see
And I'm getting drawn to that siren's song inside her calling me
I should make a break for it before she's all I see
But there's just something 'bout that girl that won't let go of me

Repeat Chorus

I've done all I can to loosen that girl's grip
But just like quicksand the more I try the deeper I get

Repeat Chorus

Yeah my kinda trouble...that girl, she's my kinda trouble
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