Adam Cadogan

Adam Cadogan

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I make high intensity, upbeat music that is created with the live show in mind. I want to connect with people and make them leave with a feeling of exceeded expectations and pride in local music. As of March 24/2013 I am ranked Number 1 on the Barrie area hip-hop charts on Reverb Nation.


I am an up and coming recording artist from Toronto/Barrie, ON. My music is a refreshing mix of new school meets 90's hip-hop. The honesty and humbleness shines through when compared to other artists in the genre. The music I make is atmospheric and reflective of my generation. I was raised by my aunt in Toronto who toured as a singer with Ashley MacIsaac. I learned an appreciation for the art and business of music at an early age and fell in love with the creative process and live performance.


Good Day (LP) - 06/12/2012
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To Whom It May Concern (EP) - 11/18/2012
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Set List

(Set list will be adjusted depending on length of time allowed)

Goodnight, Good Morning
When I Die
The Rush
So Faded
Just To Feel Like This
So Loud